Marianas Trench Extend U.S. Tour for Their Edgar Allan Poe-inspired Album

Canadian pop-rock band extend U.S. tour to promote their latest album.

Canadian pop-rock band Marianas Trench has announced that they will be extending their Suspending Gravity U.S. tour with additional shows in September 2019.

The tour will include material from the band's latest studio album, Phantoms, as well as performances of fan-favorite songs from previous double platinum and gold-selling albums. "The shows should be pretty similar to the last U.S. run that we did. This time there'll be a few new tricks up our sleeves production-wise," shared Marianas Trench drummer Ian Casselman. "We love touring the U.S., and I find that the people are just very nice down here. They're very friendly, and our fans are great. They're very gracious people, so playing for them is always a treat."

This past autumn, Marianas Trench fans got a preview of Phantoms through the energetic first single from the album, "I Knew You When." The song's spirited nature is indicative of the album as a whole, while lyrically it reflects Phantoms' overall theme of dealing with memories of past relationships.

Lead singer Josh Ramsay explains, "I wanted to set an album from the perspective of someone descending into madness as he inhabits a house haunted by the ghost of his former love. I looked to Edgar Allan Poe for inspiration. Strangely, the date he was rushed to the hospital preceding his death was October 3rd, the same day our first album was released, and the same date I was once to be married. Even more strangely, we finished this album on January 19th, his birthday. I'm not one for superstition, but that does feel oddly serendipitous."

The shows are set to be held at venues that will give fans more of an up-close-and-personal live experience. "I hope that our fans get out of our shows what they want to get out of it," Casselman expressed. "Music is such a personal thing, and Josh's lyrics are autobiographical. We work hard on the art and creativity aspect of it, so Josh doesn't like to say what a song is about to fans and I get why. I know people are curious, but if you didn't let them discover it on their own, it could ruin the music and meaning that you can find for yourself."

The tour will make its way up and down the East Coast before heading West and wrapping up on September 29th at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA.

Check out Marianas Trench's music video for "Glimmer" below and be sure to listen to Phantoms, and catch them on tour. Check out the dates below.

Marianas Trench - Glimmer


Tour Dates

Sep-11 London, ON Western Fair

Sep-13 New Haven, CT Toad's Place

Sep-14 Providence, RI The Strand

Sep-15 Brookville, NY Tilles Center PAC

Sep-17 Cincinnati, OH Madison Theatre

Sep-18 Louisville, KY Mercury Ballroom

Sep-20 Joliet, IL The Forge

Sep-21 Milwaukee, WI The Rave

Sep-22 St. Louis, MO Delmar Hall

Sep-24 Dallas, TX Canton Hall

Sep-25 San Antonio, TX The Vibes Event Center Showroom

Sep-27 Phoenix, AZ Van Buren

Sep-28 Las Vegas, NV Brooklyn Bowl

Sep-29 San Diego, CA House Of Blues

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