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Glen Powell Is the King of the Rom-Com

Bringing back the Matthew McConaughey-Level Male Leads to Rom-Coms

For the girls who get it, just the name Glen Powell should cause a physical reaction. Not just for the Top Gun beach scene — or the Anyone But You shower scene — but because he’s the face of a new era: the great return of the mid-budget rom-com.

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Culture Feature

Matthew McConaughey: A Hero to Himself and a Governor for Texas?

Is a possible governor run part of the actor's effort to be his own hero?

Actor Matthew McConaughey walks the field before before an NCAA college football game between Texas and Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas

LM Otero/AP/Shutterstock

In 2014, Matthew McConaughey was at his peak — or so we thought.

The so-called "McConaissance" was in full swing. With starring roles in indie-darling Mud, oscar-bait Dallas Buyers'Club, Nolan's Interstellar, and the acclaimed first season of HBO's True Detective, he had successfully reformed his brand.

He was no longer just a handsome, shirtless goofball to be plugged into one romantic comedy after another. Suddenly he was one of the most respected actors working in Hollywood, capable of bringing an intense energy and originality to every role he touched.

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Welcome back to "Now in Theaters: 5 New Movies for the Weekend."

This week we have more live-action Disney and also Matthew McConaughey's bare ass.



Tim Burton's take on Disney's 1941 animated classic, Dumbo, looks...fine. Tim Burton's visual flair is certainly apparent, but that hasn't been enough to make his last few movies particularly interesting. There's some serious talent in the cast (Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito), but it's worrying that the trailer focuses on two generic, wide-eyed youths spewing schlock lines like, "You can do it, Dumbo!" I'm sure it's fine. Everything is fine. The world isn't on fire. Enjoy your live-action Disney reboot.


The Beach Bum

THE BEACH BUM Trailer # 2 (NEW 2018) Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey Movie

Matthew McConaughey plays Moondog, a prolific weed-smoker and sometimes poet who spends his days having sex and doing drugs in Florida. It's written and directed by Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers), so whether or not you enjoy The Beach Bum will probably come down to a few different factors. First, do you like Korine's distinct, hyper-colorful aesthetics and meandering plot lines usually full of unlikeable characters? Second, do you like Matthew McConaughey going all-out and showing his butt? And most importantly, are you very high?

A Vigilante

A VIGILANTE Official Trailer (2019) Olivia Wilde, Thriller Movie

A Vigilante follows Olivia Wilde in the role of a former domestic abuse victim-turned-vigilante who kills domestic abusers. But rather than dwelling on the violence, like most similarly conceived movies do, A Vigilante seems to focus more on the pain and darkness of Olivia Wilde's character. Wilde's performance is supposedly a real standout here, so if you're looking for a gritty, potentially upsetting denouncement of abusers this weekend, check this one out.


Screwball - Official

Screwball is a documentary about baseball. If you think that sounds boring, I did too until I watched the trailer. Damn, that's an entertaining trailer. Director Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys) recounts Major League Baseball's most notorious doping scandal in 2013, wrapping in star players like Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez. Many of the illegal activities seem to be rehashed by child actors dressed as adults, which sounds incredibly stupid but looks funny. If you have even a modicum of interest in sports or true crime, be sure to put this on your list.


Diane - Official Trailer I HD I IFC

Diane is an aging boomer who dedicates her time to helping others, thinking about her friends and trying to bond with her drug-addicted son (yes, that's Pete from The Office). But she's got some personal demons of her own to confront too, and she's not getting any younger. It's hard to tell exactly what the movie is about from the trailer, but it currently boasts a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, so if you're looking for a serious drama this weekend, keep it in mind.

Dan Kahan is a writer & screenwriter from Brooklyn, usually rocking a man bun. Find more at

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Film News

Red Band Trailer for 'The Beach Bum' Looks Pretty Lit

Everything looks better through a cloud of weed smoke.

In the new Red Band trailer for The Beach Bum, Matthew McConaughey stars as Moondog, a dude who lives near the beach, smokes lots of weed, and makes out with Isla Fisher.

It looks really good, especially if you like writer/director Harmony Korine's previous work. It's got all his staples–neon lighting, copious drugs, and lots of skin. Seriously, did you see Matthew McConaughey's butt? That's the real Beach Bum.

As with most of Korine's work, it's hard to gauge the film's tone from the trailer. It seems like this might be his take on a stoner comedy, but he's been known to genre-bend and there's a good chance this will end up a lot darker than it seems at first glance.

The supporting cast is pretty impressive too. There's Jonah Hill, Martin Lawrence, and Zac Efron, who's done a complete career 360º since High School Musical to become one of the coolest, most exciting actors working today. Plus, as is essential for anything involving loads of weed, Snoop Dogg will be there as well.

The Beach Bum comes out on March 29th, but until then, you can get into the right mindset by emulating Moondog and smoking lots of weed too. It's pretty much legal now.

Dan Kahan is a writer & screenwriter from Brooklyn, usually rocking a man bun. Find more at

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The 'Sorry to Bother You' Oscar Snub Is a Fucking Travesty

Now in Theaters: New Movies for the Weekend of January 25

Breaking Down the 2019 Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Film Lists

Now in Theaters: New Movies for the Weekend of January 25

What's coming out this weekend? Glad you asked.

Movie Theater

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

Welcome to the first edition of "Now in Theaters."

Never again will you be forced to ask yourself, "What movies are coming out this weekend?" We got you.


The Kid Who Would Be King:

The Kid Who Would Be King | Official Trailer [HD] | Fox Family

What if King Arthur was...AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KID?!?!? That's the premise of The Kid Who Would Be King, a modern day retelling of King Arthur with a Harry Potter twist. It's about a normal boy who finds the legendary sword Excalibur and, with the help of the famous wizard Merlin (also in the form of a kid), needs to form a new roundtable of knights to fight the evil villain Morgana. It's definitely cheesy, but the trailer looks kind of fun.


SERENITY Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway Movie

In this thriller, Matthew McConaughey plays a fishing boat captain whose ex-wife (Anne Hathaway) asks him to kill her abusive new husband. Honestly, this one just seems bland. The trailer feels generic and unexciting, which is surprising for a movie starring such talented actors. Expect some characters you don't care about to cross and double-cross and triple-cross each other in predictable ways. Maybe wait for Netflix.


In Like Flynn:


In Like Flynn is a biopic about Errol Flynn, the famous Hollywood Golden Age actor best known for playing Robin Hood in 1963's The Adventures of Robin Hood. Based on the trailer, In Like Flynn seems to portray its subject as more of a legend than a man, content to mythologize Flynn rather than deconstructing his humanity. That being said, if you're into old Hollywood films, this one might be an especially fun romp.

Never Look Away:

Never Look Away | Official US Trailer HD (2018)

This is a limited release run of Germany's entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards. Never Look Away (Werk ohne Autor) is a drama about two art students, Kurt and Ellie, who fall in love in post-WWII Germany, and their relationship with Ellie's father, a doctor who participated in the Nazi eugenics program. As you can probably gauge from the premise, this is sure to be a light, feel good film that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Just kidding; bring tissues.


JIHADISTS Documentary Trailer | In Theaters January 25,

A French documentary that asks the question, "What do Jihadists actually have to say?" It's an interesting look at fundamentalist terrorism that attempts to go beyond "they're evil monsters," parsing their ideology in pursuit of their motivations. That's not to say they're sympathetic. This one might make you angry and doesn't necessarily provide answers either. But sometimes insight can be gained simply by staring into the eyes of horrible men.

Dan Kahan is a writer & screenwriter from Brooklyn, usually rocking a man bun. Find more at

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