17 "Mean Girls" Memes to Celebrate October 3rd

On Wednesdays, we wear pink — but on October 3rd, we also look at memes

14 years ago, Tina Fey graced us with a cinematic masterpiece called Mean Girls.

Cady Heron, played by Lindsey Lohan, is a transfer student from Africa who has to adjust to life in an average American highschool. The movie follows her mishaps as she attempts to infiltrate the "Plastics," three of the most popular girls in school.

Mean Girls has many iconic moments, like the scene where Cady is asked by her crush, Aaron Samuels, what day it is. She responds, "October 3rd." Now, Oct. 3 is known as Mean Girls day.

So sit back in your over-sized pink shirt and enjoy these 17 memes that Mean Girls has graced us with over the years.

1. Steve Harrington is a Cool Mom™

2. When Mean Girls fans are already parents


3. Sully gets mean

4. For when you need to feel sad

5. For when you spent your entire paycheck at Sephora


6. You can't change my mind

7. Mom-agers are the coolest moms


8. For when you need to be extra

9. Regina George if she went to Hogwarts


10. Guilty pleasures are nothing to be ashamed of


11. The OG clique


12. Am I being obvious?


13. When you're indecisive about which meme to post today

14. When your plan fails


15. For the politically inclined

16. Even superheroes are dumb sometimes

17. And now, you can focus on Halloween