So You Got Laughed Out Of Dimes Square. Here's What to Wear Now

Underrated Menswear Brands You Need to Know for Spring 2023

There are certain stores I tend to avoid in SoHo…well, I try to avoid SoHo altogether at this point - as it’s now been dubbed the “New Times Square.” But when my hand is forced at making the unavoidable trek to the undeniable fashion mecca of NYC, I sidestep a certain sidestreet in fear of running into specific groups.

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Since September, every Sunday has been reserved for football. It’s the only subject anyone can talk about: the all-consuming, seemingly endless football season that has America in a chokehold…and I’m no exception.

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If there’s one thing the Venice Film Festival proved, it’s that Hollywood is back. That’s right — stars are openly feuding, Tom Cruise is back to doing his own stunts, and red carpet style was finally up to par again.

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Finding quality activewear for the summer is no easy task, especially if you're a guy. While women have plenty of affordable options for high-quality gear, where does that leave guys? Scrambling at the bottom of the barrel for literally anything that looks presentable but doesn't cost an arm and a leg, more often than not.

Just recently, however, Fabletics—a subscription-based membership for workout and loungewear clothing—has caught our attention. Fabletics has done the impossible by creating a line for men chock full of versatile and comfortable workout essentials perfect for the hotter months ahead. Whether you're on your way to the gym or just lounging at home (you deserve it anyway), everyone needs a strong rotation of performance activewear.

Now is the perfect time to try it out since they're granting an exclusive deal to their new VIP members: 2 pairs of the comfiest shorts you'll ever try for only $24 or a new favorite pair of sweats for only $29.

Fabletics offers a short quiz to help you figure out which styles are best for you, but we decided to make it even easier and give you a quick look at some of their best-sellers.

The Franchise Short

If there's anything Fabletics Men is known for, it's their ubiquitous Franchise Short. This best-selling product is constructed from an ultra-durable recycled polyester blend that's even coated with sweat-wicking and anti-stink technology for some of those harder workouts. It's finished off with multiple pockets, including bounce-free hidden storage for your phone, making these some of the best utility shorts on the market.

The 24-7 Tee

Every man needs a versatile, quality t-shirt that they can turn to regardless of the occasion. For any man, a cotton t-shirt is a wardrobe staple and Fabletics has seemingly perfected this otherwise ordinary garment. This particular tee is made from Fabletics proprietary touch Hybrid365 fabric complete with anti-stink and sweat-wicking technology for all-day, everyday wear.

The Only Short

Fabletics' take on men's golf shorts will become your summer go-to with their lightweight, eco-friendly fabric that's high stretch and has a liquid-resistant coating. You get all the storage you need with side pockets, zipped pockets, and back pockets to keep your phone and wallet. Plus, dress it up with a belt to go from a round of golf (or any other sport) to a summer night out.

Fabletics Men
New VIP Member
Get 2 Pairs of Shorts For $24

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The Front Row Sleeveless Tee

Every guy needs a sleeveless essential and this is it. Fabletics takes tanks to the next level with anti-stick, sweat-wicking, breathable fabric and it comes in 6 great colors to work with every fit. This is a great tank to throw in your gym bag and go.

The Active Hat

Summer means more sun and that's when you need Fabletics' The Active Hat. This hat is packed with all the tech you need from the front mesh padding to absorb sweat, built-in perforations to keep you cool, and 360° reflectivity for visibility. With the heat turning up, ditch the hair gel and get ready in a flash with Fabletics Men.

We know what you must be thinking at this point—how can Fabletics be this good while being this affordable? Here's how it works: for $49.95 every month, you will have access to new arrivals every week with 20-50% off, free shipping and returns, access to the Fabletics Fit App with trainer-led on-demand workouts. 'Skip the Month' by the 5th of each month, and you won't be charged. If you don't 'Skip', your payment method will be charged $49.95 on the 6th of each month and you will receive one VIP Member Credit valued at $49.95.

Your VIP Member Credit goes into your account to spend or save. It can be used on purchases up to $80 and you have an entire year before the credit expires!

But the cool part is that if you don't like the outfit you can send it back for an exchange.

You can start building a quality wardrobe full of stylish and functional activewear with little work and a ton of guidance. If you're tired of rocking those battered and stained sweats, then switch to Fabletics today to get your activewear game on lock.

Limited Time Offer! Get 2 Pairs of Shorts For $24 When You Become a New VIP Member