Actress Sharon Stone arrives for amfAR's Inspiration Gala Los Angeles, in Los Angeles

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Over the weekend, The New York Times Times shared an interview with actor Sharon Stone, and it touched upon her long career in Hollywood and her forthcoming memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice.

Set for publication on March 30th, the memoir covers Stone's 63 years of life, from a difficult childhood in Meadville, Pennsylvania to studying creative writing as an undergraduate prodigy at 15 and then through four decades working in the film industry. But the central event of the book is a stroke and brain hemorrhage she suffered in 2001, an event that transformed her life and her career.

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"Durte Dom," Former Member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault

A woman under the pseudonym Hannah alleges Internet personality Dom Zeglaitis forced her into having sex with him while she was too drunk to consent, during a bit filmed for David Dobrik's channel.

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Content warning: This article contains mentions of rape.

A young woman has accused Dom Zeglaitis, the Internet personality known for his appearances in YouTuber David Dobrik's massively popular vlogs, of rape.

Insider reports that the woman, under the pseudonym Hannah, joined her friends in November 2018 to record a video with the Vlog Squad — Dobrik's group of friends who have somewhat become reality stars in their own right. Hannah alleges that before meeting Dobrik and Zeglaitis, the latter had told Hannah's friends he was interested in "hooking up" with them. Zeglaitis had often been portrayed as a womanizer and sex addict in Dobrik's vlogs.

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This week rapper T.I. and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, were accused of sex trafficking and forcing women to take drugs.

These accusations stemmed from a social media post from Tiny's former friend, Sabrina Paterson. Paterson alleged that T.I. pulled out a gun and put it to her head. Soon after Paterson's claims made their way to the world, multiple stories of T.I. and Tiny drugging and coercing women to engage in sexual acts started to surface.

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What We Can Learn From Emily Ratajkowski's New Essay

The model has accused photographer Jonathan Leder of sexually assaulting her in 2012.

Emily Ratajkowski, NYT Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur, and Model


Content Warning: The following article contains depictions of sexual assault.

Emily Ratajkowski isn't one to stay silent.

The model and actress, who's perhaps most widely recognized as "the girl from the 'Blurred Lines' music video," has used her platform over the past few years to engage in notable activism. She was spotted at Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles earlier this year and has been a loud advocate for women's rights, even serving as a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood.

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The Upsetting—and Unsurprising—Fall of Burger Records

After an outpour of anonymous sexual assault allegations, the Orange County indie rock label has shuttered.

Content warning: The following article contains brief descriptions of sexual assault and harassment.

Every few months to a year, a wave of sexual assault allegations aimed at men in the music industry pour into Twitter.

As relatively high-profile rock bands like Brand New, Pinegrove, and Real Estate came under fire for allegations of abuse and harassment over the past couple of years, more and more people—namely young women—have felt empowered to share their own stories of trauma at the hands of men in the music industry. It's become such a common occurrence that some Twitter users have dedicated ongoing threads to calling out these band members, prompting fans to half-jokingly claim they're quitting listening to music altogether.

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Netflix Logo

Photo by David Balev (Unsplash)

When it comes to movies from bygone eras, we often say: "They'd never be allowed to make a movie like that nowadays."

TRIGGER WARNING: Sex crimes and discussion of sexual assault
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