Why We Deserved That Abysmal Jordan Peterson v. Slavoj Žižek Debate

From presidential debates to masturbatory stand-offs between self-aggrandizing personalities, we only tune in to public discourse to sate voyeuristic impulses, not intellectual ones.

Jordan Peterson

Photo by Tony Norkus (Shutterstock)

What we know as debate today is a Trumpian debacle of factual errors and logical fallacies that affronts common sense but makes an excellent drinking game.

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Stop Trying to Podcast the Revolution

Trendy, mindless, and devoid of context—podcasts like Chapo Trap House and Red Scare are the perfect mockeries of political dialogue for Millennials and Gen-Zers flocking to socialism like it's a brand.

Social Action

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At a time when reading the news can feel like a dirty litmus test of your values (how upset are you by headlines like, "Millions to Die Prematurely in Asia, Africa by 2050?"), planting your flag in one political camp can feel more convenient than impassioned.

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