We all know them.

That person who just waves off your gift-related questions and says, "I'll like anything you get me," who seems to always have the latest in everything, whose taste is so refined and specific that you just know that every gift you buy them is gonna end up collecting dust in the back of their closet. Whether they're your spouse, significant other, parent, or co-worker, we know one thing: They're a musician.

In the same way that musicians are perfectionists about their music, they're often the same way about the rest of their lives, from their tech to their clothes. This, of course, makes it incredibly hard to buy gifts for them. Sure, there's probably some music engineering software they'd love, or maybe a new guitar tuner; but how are you, a non-musician, supposed to know anything about that stuff? Fear not, while many musicians seem like enigmas, there are a few factors that they all have in common, which means there are some valentines gifts that your musical loved one is guaranteed to love no matter what.


There are two things you need to consider when clothes-shopping for a musician: comfort and cool-factor. Let's be honest: A big reason most people get into music is because of the look, which means that anything you buy has to be on-style. But it's also important to consider the kind of lifestyle a musician leads. Odds are, they spend a lot of time lugging around heavy equipment, crammed into vans, and rehearsing for long hours, and then after all of that, they have to be ready to perform. Luckily, you don't always have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Public Rec

Public Rec is all about stylish, comfortable clothes you can wear every day. According to their website: "We perfect the classics with custom-made performance fabric. A tailored fit. And design details that elevate 'good' to unquestionably better." We can absolutely attest to this. Every article of clothing from Public Rec is made out of durable, high-stretch, moisture-wicking, breathable material that wears like work out gear while looking like stylish staple pieces. Every musician deserves classic go-to pieces they can pair with everything and be comfortable in no matter what their busy day brings.

Pictured below:

All Day Every Day Pants

Go To Henley

Crosstown Bomber

Band Tees

There's nothing like a good band t-shirt to complete any musician's look. This website is a great source for officially licensed band merch from even the most obscure groups. Simply search your musician's favorite band or artist, and get them a shirt they'll never want to take off. Plus, paired with a Public Rec bomber, you've got a look that any musician will feel like themselves in.

Black Dress Code

This site is all about comfortable, basic black clothes made specifically for musicians. If your musician plays in an orchestra or other ensembles, it's likely they're required to wear all black for concerts. Now, with this site made for and by musicians, they have a range of durable and flattering options to rock comfortably all year long.


No, you're never gonna know exactly what musical equipment the musician in your life needs unless they tell you, but there are a few things that they're sure to use no matter what.

High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Unlike regular earplugs, these earplugs don't distort the quality of the sound. They just filter out harmful decibel levels, allowing your beloved musician's hearing to stay perfectly intact, even at the loudest concerts or gigs.

Pick Punch

Guitar players are always digging through their pockets looking for a pick, but with this pick punch, anything can be used to strum those strings. As long as they can find an old gift card or other plastic material, they're never without a pick!

Musician Hand Exerciser

No matter what instrument your loved one plays, odds are that they need to keep their hands strong and healthy to excel at their craft. That's never been easier than with this hand-grip exerciser, guaranteed to increase finger dexterity and grip strength with frequent use.

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RELEASE RADAR | His Dream of Lions premieres "Magic" exclusively with Popdust

PLUS--Zoey G, Ezla, Micky James, Benny Mayne, Dylan Dunlap, Ciaran Lavery, Sub-Radio, and Darci.

Chase your dreams.

These indie rockers live by this phrase. Their band name was inspired by Ernest Hemingway novel "The Old Man and The Sea" and the protagonist's ambitious spirit, moral intent, and reoccurring dreams. This vibrant passion and optimism is brilliantly reflected in His Dream of Lions music. Today they release another single from their EP Pseudo Star. You can preorder Pseudo Star here. Along with His Dream of Lions, today Zoey G, Ezla, Micky James, Benny Mayne, Dylan Dunlap, Ciaran Lavery, Sub-Radio, and Darci all release new music.

His Dream of Lions | "Magic"

The band's lead singer gets us excited with this phrase about their upcoming album:

"Pseudo Star is about that feeling. It captures that feeling not only with the subject matter of the songs, but also in the tonal extremes the record sits in between. Pseudo Star is funny, yet serious. It can at times be epic, and other times intimate. We're playing fun rock music that has moments that sound really empowering. However the lyrics, and the sentiments in the songs don't portray a confident or powerful person. Instead I sound unsure, and a little self-deprecating. Despite all this though, the point of Pseudo Star isn't to encourage listeners to revel in self-doubt, or self-pity. It's about effort in the face of uncertainty. It's hard to know where you're heading. And maybe we will always feel like were at the halfway point. Always feel like a Pseudo Star...But Pseudo Stars still shine, and that's more than enough reason to press on."

Today they premiere "Magic" with Popdust. The track does in fact sound magical. The light vocal line, floaty percussion, and powerful hook will put you in a great mood. The band said this about their track:

We love Disney music, and you'll hear it in this song. To me there's an emotional clarity that Disney music has, and a very specific sense of longing that plays right along with the subject matter of this song (Wanting to be something more, to surpass expectation...) Additionally this song draws a lot of influence from artists like Phil Collins and Toto, specifically the Tarzan Soundtrack and Africa. We always wondered, "what would it be like if MCR wrote a Disney song?" This is our take on that on that thought experiment.

I love hearing their insight on the track because it makes perfect sense and I love even more that they wrote a song inspired by Disney music. Like Disney music, the song feels epic and up-lifting. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get after watching a Disney movie? I feel like you walk away from this song with the same feeling.

Best for: Cheering yourself up on a rainy day.
Perfect if you like: Imagine Dragons

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Zoey G | "Runaway"

Multi-instrumentalist and songstress Zoey G just dropped her new track "Runaway" along with this powerful music video. The song is the perfect, powerful pop ballad. It feels almost anthemic in nature embracing the instinct we sometimes feel to "Runaway" from our problems. The exotic and fun look of her environment gives us some major wanderlust.

Best for: Throwing away all of your cares on a Saturday night.
Perfect if you like: Alessia Cara

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Ezla | "Skeletons"

Nashville based artist Ezla entrances us with her latest single "Skeletons." Ezla is known to be a spear header in the hypnotic pop genre. "Skeletons" just adds to that. The song is infectious and gritty in all of the best ways. The straight-up confrontational lyrics will get stuck in your head and become your mantra against the skeletons in your closet.

Best for: Saying BOY BYE.
Perfect if you like: Bebe Rexha

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Micky James | "Give it to Me Straight"

Glam rocker Micky James just released his new power jam "Give It To Me Straight." I'm obsessed with this track right now. His revival of classic glam rock is perfection and feels like exactly what we're missing in the music industry. While the song feels carefree it also feels super cynical and in your face. It's the perfect song to blast on the highway.

Best for: Road tripping
Perfect if you like: The Rolling Stones

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Benny Mayne | "bounce"

This track has the kind of beat you feel in your bones. A classic for lack of a better term, "love making jam," Benny Mayne reflects on our society's hook up culture by encouraging his conquest to just have fun. Interesting.

Best for: Feeling yourself
Perfect if you like: Justin Bieber

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Dylan Dunlap | "Microphones & Lights"

Dylan Dunlap's voice is stunning. This song is beautiful and introspective. Anyone who is an artist can relate to hiding behind your art. The song grows, waxes, and wanes intricately.

Best for: Sunday night at home
Perfect if you like: Sam Smith

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Ciaran Lavery | "To Chicago"

Popular indie rock artist has just released "To Chicago." This song is a classic love song. Sweet and simple, but intricate in details "To Chicago" captures the feeling for falling in love beautifully.

Best for: Putting on your loved one's mixtape.
Perfect if you like: The Plain White T's

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Sub-Radio | "What We Are"

Sub-Radio comments on our culture's struggle to commit and define relationships. In this powerful banger, Sub-Radio asks the question, "What are we?" In the song they explore all of our set backs when thinking about getting into a relationship.

Best for: Dancing it out
Perfect if you like: DNCE

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Darci | "At Least"

Anonymous artist Darci drops another new single. I love the vocals on the track. They are almost hypnotizing. The track has amazing detail and almost feels a little bit sci-fi. I'm going to need this song on Stranger Things pronto.

Best for: Stranger Things Season 3 please?
Perfect if you like: Aftertheparty

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