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Kim Zolciak Reveals Huge Raise for Show ‘Don’t Be Tardy’

The reality television star and her daughter are raking in around a combined $1.7 million

Kim Zolciak managed to become a standout star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta — and now she's making bank in her own show, Don't Be Tardy.

Zolciak and her daughter just finished filming season 7 of their show and an unknown source just revealed their salaries. The source said the duo negotiated more money to come back and thus, got a raise.

Bravo is giving the mother-daughter duo a raise that would even keep me on the show — Zolciak is now making $125,000 an episode which amounts to about $1.5 million for the season. Her daughter, Brielle Biermann also got a raise — she's now pulling in around $16,000 per episode, amounting to around $192,000 for the season.

A couple months ago, Zolciak made a scene after making racist comments on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She stated her belief that racism isn't real and before that, called NeNe Leakes' home a 'roach nest.' Zolciak later said that her coworkers always play the race card and that she makes no association with her words and racism.

Kroy Biermann, Zolciak's husband and Biermann's adopted dad, also got a cut of the deal. During his career in the NFL, Biermann didn't really need to be paid that much by the show — however, now that he's out, he renegotiated his deal with the show and became executive producer, along with Zolciak.

Don't Be Tardy came to be when she met Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann whom she married in November 2011 — the show itself follows Zolciak for the two months leading up to her wedding. Colin Cowie, a celebrity event planner, helps the duo and different problems arise to entertain viewers, such as Zolciak's mom not wanting to come.

After the first initial season, we follow Zolciak and Biermann around in their new lives — two new baby boys and then two more twins in the next season. It also seems like with the exception of her oldest daughters, the couple is naming their children with 'K' names — Kardashian jealousy anyone?

We don't know if the show will be renewed for an eighth season but with these new raises, it'll probably happen — who knows, maybe by that time Brielle will be a big enough star to host her own show.

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Khloe Kardashian appeared on Chelsea Handler's Netflix chat show Chelsea and revealed that not only did she hate her entire experience on Celebrity Apprentice, but that she does not think Donald Trump would make a good president.

Handler, who is an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, gathered together a number of ex-Celebrity Apprentice contestants to find out if the Republican candidate was actually real or if his whole persona is just an act. Khloe was joined by Real Housewife favorite, Nene Leakes, singer Clay Aiken and comedian Lisa Lampanelli.

Funnily enough, none of them are going to be appearing on stage campaigning for a President Trump anytime soon.

Scroll down to watch the video...

Kardashian didn't even want to appear on the 2009 season, and she was even more pissed when she was fired for nothing to do with her work on the show, but her 2007 DUI. During the boardroom discussions, Trump learned that Khloe had not been able contribute to some of the previous week's task due to having attend a mandatory class regarding the DUI.

Trump, ever the barometer of morality, said;

"I hate people who drive under the influence. I know three families who lost children to drunk driving."

Kardashian dished to Chelsea;

"My mom wanted me to do it and I hated every minute of it. It's just something I would never do. I'm put in these situations I would never be in in real life. I went to home school, I don't know how to do a fucking PowerPoint. I don't care. What is that going to prove in my real life? I'm just stressing myself out and then dealing with him and about to be fired, I was like, 'Fuck you, I don't need this'."

When Handler then asked her if momager Kris Jenner thinks a Trump presidency would work, Khloe replied;

"I don't think so, no."

Handler confirmed she asked about what Jenner thinks because then we know what Khloe thinks (love the shade) and Khloe confirmed;

" I don't think he would make a good president."

Nene Leakes meanwhile, revealed that she had been approached by Trump's people who asked her to reach out and try to connect with black voters (as he has done with notorious Apprentice contestant Omarosa). Nene said;

"They sent me an email and asked me to speak at one of his rallies. I didn't."

Handler said; "You didn't want to represent him?"

"No." replied Leakes to huge applause.

All the guests agreed that Trump was pleasant enough on a personal level, although Lampanelli said his misogyny was obvious in the boardroom;

"Trump is effing crazy, because in that boardroom he will say some crazy stuff to the women. We all know he loves beautiful women. And at the time I wasn't the gorgeous thing I am now, as I lost 107lbs...

...The things he said in the boardroom to the women were so funny, and at the time I felt so left out because I was kind of a battleaxe, He would say to every girl in the boardroom, 'Oh Teresa (Giudice) you look so beautiful today. 'Oh Aubrey (O'Day) you look more lovely with every passing week,' except for me. And then he says to me one day: 'Lisa. Doesn't Teresa look beautiful today?'"

Aiken said that he believes Trump's campaign is about proving he can win rather than believing in policies that he wants to see through, but that he suspects the controversial candidate will probably win, which "is frightening to me."

You're not alone Clay.

On another completely shallow note—LOVING this combo!

Watch all the guests including Khloe Kardashian giving their opinion on Donald Trump as President...

nene leakes money worth

It’s no secret that NeNe Leakes is very rich, bitch.

She’ll tell you that herself.

But for a gal who started her now-soaring career as an exotic dancer (AKA stripper), NeNe has arrived (snap)!

Money Monday—How Much Is Rob Kardashian Really Worth?

All the peaches in Georgia nene leakes money worth

She’s a multi-millionaire who is tall, talented, over-the-top, and has enough money to buy all the peaches In Georgia (and then some).

Married (twice) to her hubby Gregg, this diva is unstoppable.

She’s a reality star, was an actress on TV shows including Glee and The New Normal, an author, a TV host, designer, producer, and professional shade thrower, making bank and getting more bling every step of the way.

Money Monday—How Much Is Kris Jenner Really Worth?

Her credits are extensive, so here’s a taste of what Mrs. Leakes earns by being her fabulous self…

Popdust breaks it down....

Let’s start with RHOA nene leakes money worth

While NeNe made $750,000 per season for the reality show in 2013 as per The Richest, she renegotiated with Bravo and got that paycheck up to $1.5 million in 2015.

Good work, Ms. Leakes!

She must have learned her money-making skills as a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice with our possible next President (gulp), Donald Trump.

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Cinderella to Fashion Police nene leakes money worth

More recently, Mrs. Leakes hit the Great White Way, starring in Broadway’s Cinderella, earning her thousands, not to mention rave reviews.

Plus, she’s the latest sit-in host on Fashion Police, making money for ripping apart other celebs.

NeNe also has a successful clothing line, has written a book, and makes appearances regularly, putting extra dough into her already bursting bank account.

Money Monday—How Much Is Khloe Kardashian Really Worth?

So, what's the $$ happs? nene leakes money worth

The world eagerly waits to see what the lovely Linnethia Leakes will do next.

But, one thing's for sure—with her tremendous track record, it will pad her purse even further.

NeNe is worth $12 million.

TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS!!! nene leakes money worth

Take that, wig!


nene leakes mediterranean villa

Yes, NeNe Leakes, we know you are “very rich, bitch” now that we’ve seen your fabulous, almost finished home in an exclusive gated community in ritzy Duluth, Atlanta worth over $2 million.

We’d all love to be “Housewives” if we can spend our days luxuriating in a nearly 10,000 square foot McMansion, as listed on Zillow.

House Tour Tuesday—Lisa Vanderpump’s Absolutely Fabulous Villa Rosa

With plenty of bedrooms (six) to have Andy Cohen and a few additional Bravo-lebrities over for a stay, the home also features 2 ½ giant bathrooms, arched openings, a grand curved staircase, a double-height living room (well, NeNe is quite the giant), and a separate master bedroom wing (fancy). Polished Roman vein cut travertine tile floors are seen all around the home.

You have arrived Mrs. Leakes!

House Tour Tuesday—Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s $20Mill Mega Mansion

The enormous kitchen boasts a giant island for food preparation (likely by a hired caterer) and marble everywhere, a lavish dining area, a sprawling family room, and an entertainment area fitted with kitchen #2 and a bar.

We all know how those Housewives like to get turned up on the regular.

House Tour Tuesday—Beyonce and Jay Z's New Orleans Mansion

The backyard is home to a lovely swimming pool and relaxing porch with views of local golf courses. She’s also got a tennis court, basketball court, a 4-car garage, and deluxe sprinkler system.

The home sits on an acre of property. We’re not surprised NeNe’s hubby remarried her – he’s got it made shacking up with his twice over bride.

Looking At 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner’s $2.7 Mil House Can Seriously Fuck Your Zen Up

This Broadway broad’s making owning a home fit for a queen The New Normal.

Take a peek inside NeNe's stunning home—and check out other stars’ fabulous homes here

nene leakes the view awkward

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate…

And, NeNe Leakes was definitely feeling the hate this morning when she appeared on The View.

The 47-year-old dropped by the talk show to promote her second stint on Broadway—playing Matron “Mama” Morton in Chicago—but shit soon got super awkward after she started verbally sparring with Joy Behar—you can watch video right here on Popdust.

Whoopi Goldberg Farts On The View

It all started off pleasantly enough, with the ever-fabulous Leakes making a suitably fabulous entrance on stage, and hugging each of the five hosts individually.

Things soon get a little awkward however, as Behar gives Leakes shit about how her heavy jewelry injured her shoulder while they were hugging.

Fired ‘The View’ Producer Sued Rosie O’Donnell This Week For Bullying

But, a major chill started to suddenly blow through the New York studio during a discussion about why NeNe chose not to appear in season 8 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta—and, if she would consider returning for season 9.

Leakes admits that she found season 7 “really hard” and that there were times when she felt “really ganged up on.”

“I can handle myself, you know that,” NeNe explains. “But it’s not cool for everyone to come at you at once, it’s not cool, it’s not fair, for everyone to come at you at once, and everyone try to make you appear to be something that you’re not.”

The View Turns Battle Of The Divas As Massive Egos Collide

“You’re making a cameo later in the season, are you not?” NeNe is asked. “Is this strategy, that you may be coming back?”

“Is there a contract involved here perhaps?” Behar interjects.

Cue major eye roll, with added dramatic hair flick for good measure.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck—Why I Will NEVER Return To The View!

“You know Joy loves to dig honey,” NeNe retaliates. “I’m only saying, maybe, maybe not..Housewives has been very good to me. The platform has been amazing.

“It’s opened up many doors and opportunities for me, as you can see. And lots of girls would like to imitate the NeNe Leakes brand.”

“She’s very modest isn’t she? Very modest,” Behar digs. “No wonder you’re friends with Donald Trump!”

“You know, I don’t have anything against Donald,” NeNe responds, attempting to laugh it off. “I like Donald, I think he’s very true to who he is… I didn’t say I was voting for him honey, I said I liked him.”

NeNe Leakes Calls Claudia Jordan ‘Half Breed Whore’, Has Lost Her Mind

Cue another hair flick and very dramatic head turn away from Behar.

Oh snap!

But, the awkwardness—and tension—ramps up yet further, after Behar gives Leakes shit about not having any furniture in her new house.

Leakes explains it off as being “a security measure” but Behar just keeps on digging, digging, digging.

NeNe Leakes Is Beyond Delusional and Tacky, Blasts Wendy Williams

In typical NeNe fashion, the reality star-turned-actress wasn’t going to let sleeping dogs lie—and, after finishing the interview, she took to social media (of course) to air her grievances, tweeting:

Just sat with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don't belong. The HATE was so real & SAD.

In very UN-typical NeNe fashion though, she quickly deleted the angry tweet, presumably to prevent any further drama occurring.

Who says a leopard can’t change its spots?

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It's happening!

Bravo has announced a new show starring Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak.

The weave tuggin' frenemies were in NYC last week to talk about their upcoming show Nene and Kim:  The Road To Riches which will follow them on their adventures as they take a road trip around the USA.

Now, you may remember, the last trip they took together, in an RV to Miami in 2011, resulted in the huge argument which put the final nail in the coffin of their onscreen friendship (NeNe accused Kim of treating her assistant Sweetie like a slave).

Don't be expecting the old fireworks though. Both Nene "I am very rich" Leakes and Kim "Can you pour some wine in my coffee cup?" Zolciak have moved on from those dirty laundry airing days. The two ladies have become considerably more media savvy since their last appearances together on Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 5, when Kim quit the series halfway through as she really couldn't be assed with all the fighting since she was too busy producing babies at a rate of knots.

They were originally genuine friends though and have since made up behind the scenes, with Kim, and husband Kroy Biermann, attending NeNe's nuptials to ex-hubby, Greg Leakes, in 2013.

What the show does promise to deliver is the hilarious one liners from the divas and the same banter between the two of them that we saw from Season 1 of RHOA—should be good!