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Since the release of her massive debut album Innocent Eyes in 2003, Delta Goodrem has remained one of Australia's most popular entertainers. She's scored several number one hits in her home country, starred in popular shows, and served as a coach on the Australian version of The Voice. American audiences may recognize Goodrem from the 2023 Netflix movie Love Is in the Air.
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Let me just start by saying that I actually hate romance, and I don't discriminate. I hate romance film, romance books, and romance television shows: the tacky plot, the cringe writing, the insufferable characters. But, to be transparent, I watch every single teeny-bopper love triangle show on the market.

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Laura Marano has a lot going on. She released her latest single "Boundaries" on April 14, and she's been busy filming movies for Netflix. Last year, she starred in The Royal Treatment, and soon fans can see her in Choose Love, the streaming service's first interactive romantic comedy.

Known for her role as Ally on Disney Channel's Austin & Ally, she's released solo music for several years. Recently, she reformed her sound, pushing it into different, more mature directions. Eight years removed from Disney, she's moved comfortably into the adult phase of her career.

Watch Jordan Edwards interview Marano and stream "Boundaries" below.

Laura Marano | It's Real with Jordan and Demi

For more from Laura Marano, follow her on Instagram and TikTok.


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