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How are we halfway through June already? It actually seems illegal how fast the summer passes by, there's so much I want to accomplish in no time whatsoever. But enough about me, the main point here is that we're looking at the weekend once again.

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Your Weekend Playlist: New Music To Listen To

The holidays have arrived...

It's a week before Thanksgiving, which means we have been thrust into the holiday season whether we were ready or not. While you're gearing up to see your family and friends for your obligatory annual catch-up conversations, we need new music now more than ever. Because there are travels to be completed, and soothing is needed.

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Every few weeks, I get the same text from one of my friends: "Jai, I need new music. I'm tired of my rotation of usual playlists." And to be honest, a little sigh emits from my mouth every time...why? Because I have a Weekend Playlist article every. Single. Week.

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When I was younger, I knew of two ways to get music: the legal way, paying $0.99 (and then $1.25) for songs on iTunes, and the illegal way, paying $0 to download the pirated versions on Limewire...Don't lie, you had your ways, too.

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling a bit lackluster this week. It may be because of the raging illness I've been fighting- and I know I'm not alone here...but there is truly nothing I need more than the weekend and new music.

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Ty Dolla $ign, The Gorillaz, and Bruce Springsteen have all returned.

Those scouring the internet for new music won't have far to look as a magnetic pop star, a genre-defying cartoon band, and a New Jersey rock icon have all released amazing (and long) projects today. But more in-depth inspection will always lead to rewarding results.

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