Katy Perry - Never Worn White (Official Music Video)

International pop super star Katy Perry seems to have just dropped some massive news—along with a new music video to accompany her love ballad "Never Worn White."

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Rico Nasty Show Us How She Works and Plays "Hard"

It's one of the Maryland rapper's many new singles of the year.

Photo by: arstyy / Unsplash

As long as she's been recording music, Rico Nasty has found her success in not caring what others think of her.

On the heels of April's Anger Management mixtape and her cameo in the music video for the world's favorite country-rap crossover hit, "Old Town Road," the Maryland rapper is celebrating her momentum. She's inimitably feisty, relentlessly angry, and most of all, dedicated to the hustle. Or, in her words, she goes "Hard," the title of her latest single.

Rico Nasty - Hard [Official Video]www.youtube.com

In this context, "Hard" describes many things Rico exemplifies in the wake of her accomplishments: her work ethic, her marijuana, her set of wheels, and—ahem—something a little more X-rated. Her unmistakably gravelly voice feels as unrestricted as ever, joyous with pride in her own "started from the bottom, now we're here" prose. "How the f**k did I get rich when I was just poor? / All of these blessings, I'm thankin' the lord," Rico boasts with gratitude, though she knows her fame wasn't a total accident: "I work hard so I get to play hard." Entirely unbothered by the haters, "Hard" sees Rico reveling in a plethora of material acquisitions—designer duds, heavy chains, men who "dig [her] like a graveyard"—but the most rewarding matter is knowing that she got here all by herself.

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Blood Cultures Release Magnetic Video "Broadcasting"

The mysterious New Jersey indie-electronica outfit pairs a vibrant and arresting music video with a cut from their latest album, Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs.

Pouty Cowboy

In the wake of their 2019 LP Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs, the New Jersey psych-pop group Blood Cultures has released their new video for "Broadcasting."

"Broadcasting" sounds massive in its electronic scope, melding distorted industrial indie-pop with the band's anxious lyrics. "When this ends the way you know it will / with a bang, will you be laughing still?" Blood Cultures asks in a far away falsetto, crafting a vibrant yet troubled sonic narrative to challenge the listener. The video, directed by Saleem Barbados, embraces that same kind of high-strung juxtaposition, featuring Bharatanatyam dancer Anjali Mehta as her evocative choreography plays out against the harsh squat buildings and corrugated metal of Brooklyn.

"I was raised in New Jersey, after my parents immigrated from Pakistan," Blood Cultures says of the track. "Growing up with one culture inside your home, and another one at school, in your community, and in media is a hard thing to navigate in terms of understanding who you are and where you belong, if anywhere. The struggle for identity is almost a guarantee for any first-generation-American, but when we present those struggles with pride, it becomes a lot easier to see that we're not alone in facing them; that these feelings are universal." Mehta's embodiment of the explorations in "Broadcasting" feels beautifully vital, deepening the song's questions of belonging and isolation in a magnetic visual dialogue.

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Future Generations Heads to the Beach in "Just Pretend" Video

The Brooklyn outfit's latest offering is a sweet and diverting trip to Coney Island harnessing pleasant slacker energy.

Britnee Meiser

Future Generations' new music video is a jangly romp, its lo-fi fantasy boosted by the easygoing charm of the track "Just Pretend."

The Brooklyn band's latest single is a sweet slacker lullaby, carrying notes of Tame Impala and Belle & Sebastian Frontman Eddie Gore's voice floats in and out of clarity as a marimba-like trill dances under the brisk psychedelia of the track: "Every time I think I've got it figured out / I find a new way to remember how to doubt," Gore laments, his vocals splitting and reassembling over the beat. There's a sadness to the track, as it indulges in the feeling of being cast about in life's waves, but the gentle and sunny production allows that anxiety to just be a moment in time.

Future Generations - Just Pretend (Official Music Video)www.youtube.com

The video features the band enjoying a lazy day on Coney Island, traipsing about the boardwalk with ice cream cones and dancing goofily to the backing track. The stoner rock of "Just Pretend" is tailored perfectly to the setting, making a trip to Luna Park a true escape from reality. Even in the video, the uneasy lyrics come off like a brief darkness that's passing by. "Just Pretend" is another solid offering from Future Generations, a track happy to embrace the present for what it is.

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GRAE Releases New Music Video for "Fade to Black"

The Canadian pop artist's latest video is a contemplative exploration of childhood and pain, with balanced songwriting and powerful sound.

Courtesy of the Artist

GRAE's music video for her latest single, "Fade to Black," has stirring visuals complementing the track's dark, spacious sound.

The Canadian artist just released her debut EP, New Girl, an infectious, hard-edged pop affair, a project that closes with the pensive sadness of "Fade to Black." The song, featuring a ghostly drawn-out piano dancing through a string arrangement and booming synths, is a retrospective on GRAE's frayed relationship with her mother. She recalls moments of pain and fear amid childhood innocence. "This is no way for a child to live," GRAE whisper-sings to a mother struggling with alcoholism, just before the chorus pulls the song's curtain back. What's particularly affecting is that the song does not feel embittered or resentful: GRAE's vocals are measured, and her songwriting is generous. The track is an even balance between pain and love.

GRAE - Fade To Blackwww.youtube.com

The music video smartly gives the song room to breathe. Old childhood pictures and home videos of the artist as a little girl flicker across the screen, interspersed with visuals of GRAE now as she's lost in thought. With muted colors and a bare bones narrative, the video feels deeply contemplative, allowing memories and moments to speak for themselves. The emotional stakes of "Fade to Black" are high, but that makes GRAE's gentleness even more meaningful.


Adrian Chalifour Ponders Loss in "The Collapse" Video

The Canadian artist releases a video for his latest single, a transparent and stark confessional track on loss and grief.

Courtesy of Adrian Chalifour

In an exclusive Popdust premiere, Adrian Chalifour shares the video for his newest release, "The Collapse," with Popdust.

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