Nik Richie Donald Trump endorsement mystery

When a reader drew our attention to Nik Richie’s sudden interest in politics, we knew something was up.

The douchebag took an unexpected break from his usual non-stop self-promotion at the weekend, to promote another douchebag for a change.

And, not just any old douchebag—oh no!

We’re talking the King of all douchebags—everybody’s favorite folically challenged, smug, misogynistic, butt sore little bully—Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Nik Richie Donald Trump—a true meeting of the minds

Richie went public with his surprisingly eloquent and well written endorsement, via Instagram on Sunday:

His finely coiffured hair and countless tweets lead nightly broadcasts and elicit the most passionate responses from both sides of the aisle.

Whether you hate him or wear one of his trademark “Make America Great Again” hats, Donald Trump (@realdonaldtrump) the most polarizing figure in the world.

How can one person be so loathed by both political parties yet revered by tens of millions at the same time?

The progressive left fears him for two major reasons.

First, he promises to speak honestly and repeatedly about Hillary’s countless scandals and disastrous record as Secretary of State and President Clinton’s record of infidelity and sexual predation.

His greatest threat to the left is his ability to expose the fragility of political correctness, the bedrock and most powerful weapon of progressive liberalism.

The RNC has seemingly allied themselves with the Democrats in a coordinated attack to #NeverTrump to preserve the current party structure and establishment insiders, even if it means they lose the election.

Trump’s followers are passionate and loyal for one simple reason, he gives them a voice.

The republican base has been marginalized and betrayed for decades. They’ve attempted to make their voices heard in multiple congressional and gubernatorial elections with landslide victories, only to witness the establishment politicians continuously cave and cozy up to President Obama.

Trump followers are looking for someone to reestablish a culture where it’s okay to say America is the greatest nation on Earth and where self-reliance and hard work are the surest ways to prosperity, not government handouts.

Trump represents a future where the will of the people rules, not distortions, name calling and political insiders.


Nik Richie Donald Trump—the motivation

So, what’s really behind Richie’s sudden foray into the political arena?

The 37-year-old usually doesn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything that doesn’t include him firmly at the front or center.

And, some may be surprised that a man named Hooman Karamian, would be so keen to endorse a candidate famed for his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

I mean, personally, I feel that unless your name is Running with Feathers, or Chief Navajo, or such like, you should just STFU about immigration into the USA.

Because, we’re all immigrants quite frankly.

Nik Richie Donald Trump—making 'Merica great again

But yeah, well, Hooman Karamian, is now known as Nik Richie—and despite his Persian heritage, he was born in New Jersey.

So, he’s ‘Merican through and through! Fuck the immigrants!

Oh, plus, he’s not a "scary" Muslim, so he’s doubly good when it comes to Trump’s rhetoric.

And, let’s face it, Richie is firmly in TeamTrump when it comes to misogyny and sexual objectification of women.

Turns out however, that’s all by the by—because political beliefs actually had nothing to do with Richie’s endorsement.

Nik Richie Donald Trump—politics, what politics?

We reached out to our source within the Lamas family to find out what was up.

And, surprise, surprise!

It was cold hard cash….and cold hard cash alone, that placed that Make America Great Again baseball hat on Richie’s despicable douche head.

The source tells Popdust exclusively:

Someone from the campaign team reached out to Nik last week to sound out his interest in endorsing Trump.

When you think of TheDirty’s core readership, and Nik’s public persona, it’s a no-brainer they would be keen to get him on board.

Nik doesn’t really give a damn about politics, but has always found Trump entertaining.

Trump’s bluster, posturing and talk appeals to Nik’s anti-establishment mindset.

The hatred of P.C. bullshit, the greed is good attitude, the self promotion, the bullying, never backing down, valuing women for their appearance rather than substance….

They’re kindred spirits in a lot of ways.

But, Nik wasn’t going to jump on the Trump train unless there was something in it for him. So, yeah, he struck a deal.

I don’t know the exact amount he was paid—but it was substantial, several thousand dollars.

Which is a pretty good pay out for putting a hat on and writing an Instagram post.

Popdust reached out to Richie to back-up our source’s claim—and he was uncharacteristically publicity shy.

All he would say on the matter was, “no comment.”

Perhaps, he’s afraid they’ll take his baseball cap away.

Meanwhile, although it’s impossible to factor in how influential the Richie effect has been, Trump scored a landslide victory in the New York primary this evening.

Trump, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Wayne Newton, Mike Tyson and Nik Fucking Richie….

If these are the people entrusted with “making America great again” then god help us all.

Do you believe Richie was paid for his endorsement? Vote in our poll now!

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Nik Richie Donald Trump endorsement mystery

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Nik Richie Donald Trump endorsement mystery

Frontpage Popular News

Mike Shouhed Chose Shahs of Sunset Fame Over His Marriage

'Till death? Not even close.

What price reality TV show fame? How about your marriage—and relationship—of 5 years?

That's the price Shah's of Sunset star, Mike Shouhed, was willing to pay apparently—well, at least the way his estranged wife, Jessica Parido tells it.

Lilly Ghalichi Talks Quitting 'Hostile' And 'Negative' Shahs Of Sunset

Shouhed has been crying into the microphone all over town, since Parido filed for divorce last November, after just eight months of marriage.

At the end of February, in an interview with Page 6, the 37-year-old claimed the divorce had been very hard on him, “emotionally, physically, mentally" and that he felt Parido had intentionally tried to hurt him.

This divorce was very hard on me. Emotionally, physically, mentally. I spent many, many days, that turned into weeks and months, staying at home and reflecting on my life. Focusing on myself. A lot of thinking, reading, meditating, yoga.
It's been very hard on me to watch Jessica move on and find a new boyfriend and really publicly announce that she's moved on. I feel that she did all those things because she was hurt and she wanted to hurt me.

Parido has been painted in a particularly unfavorable light since their split—with multiple accusations she was only with Mike for his “fame."

Nik Richie Schools Porn Star Kacey Jordon On Being Degraded By Men

Jessica has kept relatively mum since the break-up, but the 27-year-old sat down with pro-douche, Nik Richie, in an interview for his NRP podcast, to set the record straight.

The founder was upfront from the start, telling Parido, “I'm still siding with Mike because he is my friend and I see his angle."

Yeah, Ok Nik, because we're all still in fucking high school, right?!!

Oh, and it turns out that he and Mike are SUCH good friends that Shouhed un-invited Richie to his wedding at the very last minute, because there wasn't room.

Presumably, the 500 guests that did get to go were closer friends….

Reza From Shahs Of Sunset–Kanye Paid For Kim To Be On Vogue Cover!

Richie kicks off by badgering Parido over claims she used Mike for fame, and quizzing her about how real her relationship with his good "friend" actually was.

Richie, who clearly learned a thing or two about relationships and psychology from his Couples Therapy guru, the esteemed, Dr. Jenn Mann—goes on to claim the relationship appeared totally phony to him—like Parido was “cast" in the role of girlfriend specifically for the show.

Parido vehemently denies Richie's claim, insisting the relationship was “100 percent genuine" and that she first met Mike before the first season of Shahs had even aired.

Before the show was even out—before the first season even aired—I had just moved to LA, and I was out one night to dinner and he just happened to be there and literally since that day we've been together, and that was five years ago, so literally for the past five years its been a rollercoaster and I was there from day one. So, before he was even on the show, I met him, and that's something a lot of people don't know because they think I wanted to be famous, and I wanted to live this life—and it's actually the direct opposite.

Shockingly, despite appearing on the reality show for four seasons—from season 2-5—Parido insists she wasn't paid a penny by Bravo.

When you were on with Lilly, you said I got paid—I never received one penny from Bravo. Not one penny, and so, I was basically along for the ride with my boyfriend of the time, because I loved him, and he was part of the show obviously, he was a cast member—so I just happened to be in love with a man who was on a reality TV show, and that's how this whole thing unfolded. To be honest, my life feels like a show when I look back at it, and that's the sad part because not one piece of this was fake.
Like every single thing was genuine, at least on my part, and I know Mike truly loved me too, and it just happened, and we were in this world and there was all this drama surrounding us, and it seems like it was fake, but every single piece of our relationship was 100 percent genuine.

Richie—who married his wife, a whopping EIGHT HOURS after they first met—struggles to comprehend how the couple split after eight months of marriage, if the relationship was real.

Battle Of The Douches! Nik Richie Sued By Dan Bilzerian Over STD Story

He goes on to ask Jessica if she still loves Mike—she insists she does, and blames the reality TV cameras and press coverage for their split.

Of course I love him, and I always will love him. Always. I was with him for five years, I met him at 21-years old. I didn't know my head from my ass when I met him, and he really did teach me a lot and we grew up and we built something together.
And because it was in the media and so public it put such a pressure on us and I really do blame that as one of the biggest reasons we're not together today.

“So the TV show ruined the marriage?" Richie jumps in.

Yeah, and I would tell him that from the beginning, because season one, obviously, I wasn't on it, he had filmed it before we met. But I was with him for the past five years and I would tell him… the show is going to be the end of us. Because it brings people into your life, and they give opinions and they don't know anything about you.
So it really puts a pressure on your relationship that if you're not in that life, you'll never be able to understand.

Given that Richie is such a fame whore himself it's strange he appears unable to comprehend this simple basic fact.

Famed Adonis Nik Richie Calls Kate Upton 'Whale Wars'—She's Too Fat For Me!

However, after more back and forth, he gets down to the crux, “right, so Mike chose the show over you?"

“I guess you can say that," Parido concedes.

You can hear the budding Sigmund Freud share more of his wise insights by listening to the complete interview, below—then, vote in our poll!

farrah abraham better than kim kardashian

This probably won’t come as a shock to anyone, but you know Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom Og?

That bitch cray cray.

The 24-year-old mother-of-one sat down for an exclusive interview with The Nik Richie Podcast, and basically said she was better than Kim Kardashian.

Yep you read that right.

Farrah Abraham Wants To Boost Her Backdoor With Butt Implants

Well, if she meant at sex tapes, then she’s actually correct.

After all, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star proved to only be a two-input girl when she starred in the infamous 2003 “leaked” home made porn.

Farrah’s Back Door Teen Mom was far more daring, as the title suggests.  However Farrah insists that there are many ways that she has "surpassed" the queen of all reality TV.

Pot Stirrer

To be fair though, Nik Richie, who owns the scandalous website The Dirty, started the whole thing when he said:

"Everything's with you is a story, it gets picked up no matter what we do. You are like Kim Kardashian. Anything Kim Kardashian says, automatic news. Do you put yourself into that category of Kardashian?"

Then Farrah boldly busted out with this delicious nugget of narcissistic delusion. "I've been beating out Kim on a lot of things,"

Farrah Abraham’s Insane Angry Facade Cracks—Breaks Our Heart

"Do you think you've surpassed Kim Kardashian?" Richie asked.

"I think I've surpassed her in certain aspects," she bragged. "Then again, I conduct myself and my brand in a different way and my life in a very different journey."

"I think I'm doing very well, if not better," she adds.

Like…how? Financially? Parentally? Plastic surgically? How, Farrah? How?

Sadly, Abraham didn’t detail examples of her superiority, and so we’re left to wonder.

Big Bro Live Show Cut After Farrah Abraham Gets Into Physical Fight

She's so humble

Later in the show, Richie asks Abraham if she considers herself a "sociopath,” and she didn’t know what the word meant!

Lawd Ha’mercy.

Nik then assisted her by using less syllabic synonyms, like “self absorbed.”

"No, I'm not self absorbed,"she said before demonstrating exactly that. "I think, now I do acting and I'm doing films and stuff and people say I'm so selfless and that's why I'm so good at acting and they can't even believe it."

The full interview with Farrah is available in it's full glory on PodcastOne.

farrah abraham better than kim kardashian


farrah abraham better than kim kardashian

lilly ghalichi quit shahs sunset Lilly Ghalichi Talks Quitting Hostile And Negative Shahs Of Sunset

Lilly Ghalichi is opening up about why she quit The Shahs of Sunset.

The 32-year-old spilled all during an interview with founder, and fellow Persian, Nik Richie, during a recent NRP podcast—which you can listen to it right here on Popdust.

Reza From Shahs Of Sunset–Kanye Paid For Kim To Be On Vogue Cover!

The self-proclaimed “Persian Princess” is keen to set the record straight, following numerous reports that she was fired from the Bravo show.

The way Ghalichi tells it, life on the reality show off-camera was every bit as drama-packed and toxic as it appears on camera—and it’s pretty clear there’s no love lost between her and her former castmates.

Nik Richie Schools Porn Star Kacey Jordon On Being Degraded By Men

Did she walk or was she pushed lilly ghalichi quit shahs sunset

Ghalichi claims reports she was fired from Shahs stem from those castmates talking smack behind her back—alleging she was canned for being “too boring.”

But not so, according to Ghalichi, who insists she actually chose to leave the show shortly after production on the third season started—but was persuaded to stay on by producers until the end of filming.

Bravo Wants Nik Richie And Shayne Lamas On RHOC—But He’s Being A Diva Dick

MJ and everyone else is going on TMZ and talking about how I got fired because I was this and that," she says. "So Bravo did release a statement on and said it was my choice to leave the show and I’ve just publicly never said one way or another…

“I mean, I’m saying it now because I don’t think they will care this long out of it. But no, I quit the show in the middle of filming. I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore—it’s a very hostile, negative thing to be a part of it and I’m just not emotionally equipped for it.”

Pissed-Off Mom Hits Back At Nik Richie, Enlists Anonymous To Hack TheDirty

No regrets lilly ghalichi quit shahs sunset

Despite suffering through the real life Mean Girls for two long season, Ghalichi says she has no regrets over agreeing to appear on the show—although, she’s relieved to be away from the reality TV spotlight now.

“[It’s] very toxic, but I don’t regret doing the show," she says. "I think that although I had established brands in businesses, it definitely exposed me to a whole market of people who would never have known I fucking existed, but I definitely don’t regret quitting the show.. it was the best thing I ever did.”

Famed Adonis Nik Richie Calls Kate Upton ‘Whale Wars’—She’s Too Fat For Me!

Haters gonna hate hate hate lilly ghalichi quit shahs sunset

The fashion designer/attorney went on to talk about why she believes her castmates turned on her, claiming they’re the kind of people who are willing to do anything for a ratings boost—and not, as Richie tried to argue, because she is “skinnier and better looking” than them.

Oh Nik.....

Nik Richie And Dan Bilzerian Face-Off In Epic Battle Of The Douchebags

“I think that they just love to hate," Ghalichi says. "I think the difference between me and everyone else on the show is that I have a real life outside of the show, real responsibilities and businesses, Vs they have the show..

“So they take the show so  seriously, and they are willing to throw you under the bus, lie, kill, do whatever they have to do for ratings and I wasn’t… so I think that’s the difference between us.”

Nik Richie the savior lilly ghalichi quit shahs sunset

Richie, being Richie, had to interject himself into the story at some point—so he went on to claim that he was interviewed by producers, in a last bid attempt to keep Lilly on the show—because, duh, Nik fucking Richie is such a savior and protector—not to mention real life Shah, of course.

Is Nik Richie Broke? TheDirty Bad Boy Can’t Even Afford Disneyland Membership Fee

“They were trying to keep Lilly on the show, and Lilly says, ‘I’ll stay on the show if Nik comes on the show, because we’re both Persian,'" Richie explains.

“So I went through the whole session, and they kinda interviewed me and all this stuff, but Lilly’s mind was pretty much made up… she wasn’t going to do the show, and I even told you, you shouldn’t do the show."

"Lilly needed protection,” he continues. “Everyone was targeting her and they kept saying Lilly wouldn’t hang out with people—I wouldn’t want to hang out with them either. All they do is.. like, this Hispanic vibe. It’s not true Persian.”

Yeah, whatever, Prince of Persia.

Justin Bieber Faces Off Against Nik Richie Over Floyd Mayweather’s Penis—Yep, Really

Meanwhile, Ghalichi says that despite being offered her own show “many times” she has no desire to return to reality TV—because, she just wants to be a “regular family person.”

“I’ve been offered [my own show] many times now,” Ghalichi says. “I got very close to doing one, and I decided against it, because much like you [Nik], I want to be a regular family person, get married, have kids, and that just isn’t what you do on reality shows.”

Hahaha, more like desperate fame whore if you want to be like Richie.

Jonah Hill Vs Nik Richie—Actor Accuses King Of Sleaze of Trying To Ruin His Brother’s Life

What do you think about Ghalichi's version of events? Listen to the interview below, then sound off in the comments below, and vote in our poll!

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brandi glanvilles designer vagina

Brandi Glanville's tight, sleek and beautiful designer vagina got some serious douche injected into it today, courtesy of Nik fucking Richie.

The 43-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star sat down with the sleazeball for an interview that broadcast on Richie's weekly NRP podcast—you can listen to it right here on Popdust.

Happy Birthday Brandi Glanville — You Don't Look A Day Over Fabulous!

Richie was his usual insufferable self, with all of his tried and tested, blatantly obvious, compliment/putdown schtick on full display—I mean, seriously, Mr. Karamian? How about you put down that very well thumbed copy of The Game, for just one minute, and start acting like a real man for once?

Haha! That's just crazy talk, clearly.. because, what would a little, not-that-good looking, misogynistic douchebag like Richie, who has literally made a living out of shaming and humiliating women —many of whom he has probably already slept with, or, more likely, would like to sleep with given half a chance—be, without the manipulative guidance and tips provided by the book's author, Neil Strauss, back in 2005?

Brandi Glanville Calls Out Those RHOBH Cunts—Insists She Wasn't Fired

For a professional misogynist like Richie, learning how to trick and trap women for his own personal gain has got to be the holy grail—I mean, he even managed to land himself that smokin' hot wife, even though she is so clearly out of his league.

So, it's not surprising really that Richie continues to utilize the same old pick-up artist techniques, in his every day life, even now, even when he's actually not even trying to hook-up with some poor, unsuspecting female victim.

Brandi Glanville Is Putting Joanna Krupa's 'Fishy' Vagina On The Stand

Case in point, Richie's interaction with Glanville, early on in the interview—which displays perfectly The Game classic technique of throwing a jab, followed by a kind of redeeming comment, in order to put a woman down, then make her feel relieved that a man still wants her, courtesy of his semi-compliment.


Brandi Glanville Gets All Zen And Shit, Sends Love To Leanne Rimes

Thankfully however, Glanville saw straight through Richie's pathetic attempts at psuedo-psychology, and called him out on his shit.

And that is why we love you so damn much girl.

Richie kicks off by asking Glanville if she and Eddie Cibrian were sexually active at the time he was cheating on her with his now-wife, LeAnn Rimes.

“You were hot back then, you were young," Richie snipes.

“Were hot? Oh, thank you! Dick move…. dick move…" Glanville immediately shoots back.

Nik Richie Schools Porn Star Kacey Jordon On Being Degraded By Men

“Well, I mean, you're still good looking but I'm saying, you had the fake breasts back then…" Richie counters.

“I have them now.. I didn't have them back then..I got them after kids….they're really small, but I just wanted to fill up the skin and have what I had fuck up your body…" Glanville admits.

“Well, it sucks to be a female when you have kids right, so…" Richie says.

Battle Of The Douches! Nik Richie Sued By Dan Bilzerian Over STD Story

“Well you can get…. like, I got my vagina tightened, I got new tits, and so I'm good.." Glanville continues.

“That was the great thing when I saw you, my very first time watching The Beverly Hills Housewives," Richie interjects, before providing his much-needed seal of approval, “The sex gets better….for both parties especially douches like me who have small dicks…"

“You have babies, so think, like a little small canal, a seven pound human being comes out and it's kinda stretched out at that point," Glanville shares in her usual refreshingly candid manner. “And I needed a way to have Eddie never touch me again, so, it was kinda like i went to this doctor, i put it on his Ammex, and i got a new vagina and he never touched me again."

Hot Couple Alert! Is Brandi Glanville Dating Calum Best ?

“Its like, here, I'm brand new," she continues. “I have an Eddie free vagina, and now I will not go back.. because it was hard…. we were still having sex, i was emotionally involved, we were still living in the same house…"

Refusing to accept defeat at the first hurdle, Richie busts out with his The Game-taught techniques yet again, this time while discussing Gigi Hadid, the model daughter of Glanville's Real Housewives co-star, Yolanda Foster.

“Gigi's got a lot of moles, it bothers me," Richie says.

Brandi Glanville Slams Tori Spelling—What Goes Around Comes Around!

“Oh my god, this woman is perfection," Glanville shoots back, “You see this is the problem with men in LA…like, what is good enough? there isn't ever good enough."

“Well, she's a supermodel, you expect super things….I'm not saying she's not hot, but I'm saying she has work to do.. she could get there," the modern day Greek-God-on-Earth opines.

Keeping it real Mr Richie... keeping it real....

Nik fucking Richie—do us all a favor… put down The Game for one single, solitary moment, and take a good, hard, long, look in the mirror.

If you think that listening to Nik Richie's interview with Brandi Glanville would be less painful than sticking a red hot poker into your ear, then feel free to do so below—and, while you're weighing-up the two options, take a minute to vote in Popdust's poll.

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nik richie kacey jordon degraded

If anyone knows a thing or two about degrading women, it’s Nik fucking Richie.

The founder draws from his years of experience to school porn star, Kacey Jordan, on being degraded by men, during a recent NRP interview—you can watch the video right here on Popdust.

Battle Of The Douches! Nik Richie Sued By Dan Bilzerian Over STD Story

Jordan is currently cashing in on her brief tryst with Charlie Sheen, following his recent revelation that he’s HIV positive—and she discusses their beautiful love affair with Richie.

And what a beautiful love affair indeed—gives even Wuthering Heights a run for its money.

Famed Adonis Nik Richie Calls Kate Upton ‘Whale Wars’—She’s Too Fat For Me!

“So basically, I dozed off, this was right before the sex,” the 27-year-old tells Richie. “[Charlie] woke me up by blowing cocaine smoke in to my face. It was actually kinda funny….”

“No….It’s degrading actually,” Richie interjects.

“Ha, yeah,” the star of Every Last Drop #3 concedes, before continuing on. “I take a big breath, I look around, and I think, what happened?”

Jordan goes on to talk about how Sheen was so coked off his tits that he had to smoke some weed in order to get a hard on to fuck her.

Aw! Bless!

Justin Bieber Faces Off Against Nik Richie Over Floyd Mayweather’s Penis—Yep, Really

Quite frankly we were nauseated from just the 1.52 minute clip—but, if you’ve got the stomach for more, then head over to TheDirty for further aural torture.

Talking of aural torture—is it just us, or is Nik Richie attempting to morph into some kind of Howard Stern? Like, an unfunnier, less attractive, shorter, douchier, poor man's version of Howard Stern?

Hmmmm…. perhaps now Stern is nearing retirement age, Richie is angling to take over the reigns, although personally we’d rather watch paint dry than be subjected to even a minute more of Nik fucking Richie.


How about you? Vote in our poll!

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