No More Music From Megan Thee Stallion...For Now

The rapper took to IG Live to air her grievances with her current label

After an exceptional 2019, Megan Thee Stallion announced in an Instagram video that she will be unable to release new music in the foreseeable future due to complications with her label.

She claims that her label, 1501, took issue with her seeking out management from Roc Nation and refused to renegotiate "Hot Girl" Meg's contract, despite her asking nicely. Meg was only 20-years-old when she signed with 1501 and says she didn't fully understand the details of her contract.

Now, as a result of her apparently big ask, 1501 has refused to let Meg release any new tunes, and she claims that the motive is strictly based on greed. "It's really just a greedy game," she says. "I wasn't trying to leave the label, I wasn't trying to not give nobody money that they feel like they're entitled to. I just wanna renegotiate some s*it." Meg's label has since responded to the allegations via TMZ, with 1501's co-founder Carl Crawford claiming that he "discovered" Meg and helped to launch her career. While he claimed everything was good between the label and the artist, Meg has stated that their attempts at civil re-negotiation have gone "left."