Interview and Photos by Jordan Edwards

Singer-songwriter Nova Miller released the single "Venus" on Friday (June 17). The track is a soaring ballad that showcases the strength of her voice.

Born in Sweden and based in Los Angeles, Miller boasts a five-octave range and an ability to easily shift between upbeat pop and melodic breakup songs. We talked to her about "Venus," the LA music scene, and being part of her home country's rich pop legacy.

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#WomanCrushWednesday | Nova Miller

A Swedish Singer, Actress, and Remarkable True Talent

"I'm super super lucky be surrounded by strong intelligent women (on) my team that take me seriously and care about me. We have to stand together and us girls have to support each other in order to make a change in the industry."

Women are killing it in the music industry, and song lovers couldn't be happier! In our column, #WomenCrushWednesday, each week, we'll feature an awesome lady whose tunes are blowing up our playlists and ask them about their musical journey.

Nova Miller is featured this week for her killer vocal range, instrumental talents, and acting abilities. With her new EP out and festival gigs all over the world, there is no stopping this girl. Find out what the challenges have been for her finding success at a young age and how you can get her trendy looks.

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