Opāru Premieres Video for "Ghost To Follow"

Future-electro with dark ethereal undertones.


Morningstar Sargenti

Los Angeles-based dark dream-pop artist Opāru introduces the music video for "Ghost To Follow."

Opāru, aka Dianna St. Hilaire, who borrowed her name from the Japanese term for the opal birthstone, explains the song, "You are so strong and wise and powerful but you live in the shadow of who you really are so that people around you will accept you. You're so afraid that if you break through to your true beauty that you will lose those around you."

Opāru- Ghost To Follow (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Directed by Morningstar Sargenti, the video depicts a kind of watery dance against the stark vastness of the desert, as Opāru's haunting tones narrate her longing for liberation.

"I watch the world go by / For you / I'll be your ghost / And I still wake up alone."

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