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Mipso's "Moonlight" Is Perfect for A Summer Chill Session

Mipso recently released the official music video for their hit song "Moonlight" along with new summer tour dates.

If you aren't a fan already, you must check out the tasty twang and soft palpable poetry of North Carolina's hottest indie-americana band, Mipso.

You know the sort of music that takes you back to sweet youthful summers and warms your heart with the echo of the past? Yet still, you recognize that its only an echo and that those times are over. Mipso's "Moonlight" does exactly that. North Carolina's indie-Americana darlings Mipso have released the official video for their track " Moonlight," from their critically acclaimed new album Edges Run.

The video illustrates the familiar and all-too-human emotion of feeling alone, even while surrounded by those you love the most. Songwriter Joseph Terrell explains, "I wrote 'Moonlight' after a breakup while I drove all day back to North Carolina from where I'd been living in Boston. I was sitting in summer traffic on the worst highway in America in a rented minivan full of all my stuff, and I kind of just had to laugh. There's that voice in your head that wants to tell the world, 'I'm totally fine!' when you're anything but."

The video release accompanies the band's announcement of a run of additional summer tour dates this August. Venturing to the Western mountain states, Mipso bring their captivating live show to Montana, Colorado, and Utah.


They can also be seen playing festivals this summer, including the Blue Ox Music Festival in Eau Claire, WI, Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival, the Calgary Folk Festival, and Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, NC this September.


6/14/18 - Blue Ox Music Festival - Eau Claire, WI

6/16/18 - Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival - Croton-On-Hudson, NY

7/13/18 - Red Wing Roots Music Festival - Mt. Solon, VA

7/14/18 - The Down Home - Johnson City, TN

7/28/18 - Calgary Folk Music Festival - Calgary, Canada

8/1/18 - Yellowstone Brewing - Billings, MT

8/2/18 - Top Hat Lounge – Missoula, MT

8/4/18 – Sweet Pea Festival – Bozeman, MT

8/5/18 – Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Bellvue, CO

8/6/18 – Chautauqua Auditorium – Boulder, CO

8/9/18 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT

8/11/18 – Lake Dillion Amphitheatre – Dillon, CO

8/16/18 - Narrows Center for the Arts - Fall River, MA

8/17/18 - Green Mountain Bluegrass & Roots - Manchester,VT

9/6/18 - Hopscotch Music Festival - Raleigh, NC

9/15/18 - Whale Rock Music Festival - Templeton, CA

Mipso's fourth album, Edges Run, has received praise from critics and fans alike. The album's first two singles - "People Change" and the title track "Edges Run" have received over 5 million streams on Spotify so far, with placement on prominent Spotify Playlists.

Mipso has always been a creative democracy, and on Edges Run the band takes this ideal to greater lengths than ever before. "We'd all seen a lot of change in a short period," says Sharp of the time between the band's recent 2016 release, Coming Down The Mountain, and Edges Run - recorded in early 2017. "Three of us moved out of the Triangle area and into other places. We had relationships end and deaths of friends and family members." Those events alone could account for the deeply introspective themes on Edges Run, recorded during the dead of winter in Eugene, Oregon. "We were beginning to feel, probably for the first time, that youth was more behind us than ahead, and so I think we were all feeling different pressures closing in," says Sharp. So the band took a step back to consider their songs-in-progress — and took a leap of faith in traveling far from their North Carolina comfort zone to record in Oregon with producer (and bassist) Todd Sickafoose (Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird, Anaïs Mitchell). They carried with them into the sessions a desire to stretch themselves beyond previously known roads of composition and performance. For the first time, Mipso came to the studio with sketches of songs rather than fully-fleshed arrangements and decided to co-write songs together, also a first for the band. Call it a new level of confidence or a developing collective consciousness, but with five years as a band and hundreds of nights on the road together, with the release of Edges Run Mipso retains its traditional roots while becoming thoroughly modern, intuitive musicians with the ability to transcend conventions and embrace what lies ahead. "We have a better idea of what we can do, and how we want to do it," says Sharp.

Praise for Mipso's Edges Run

"Best New Music" – American Songwriter

"Mipso defy boundaries and limitations on " Edges Run," the entrancing title-track from their forthcoming record…" - Americana Music Association

"Mipso has discovered that rare chemistry of four people coming together and uncorking bottled lightning with every tour and trip to the studio." - Cincinnati City Beat

"Catchy and radiant, moody and meditative, [the songs will] touch you on many different levels." - PopMatters

" Edges Run...pushes the boundaries...while maintaining everything Mipso do really well. It's honest and... asks you to listen closely. The instrumentation is rich, while still convincing you that it's simple"- Red Line Roots

"...showcasing the group's tight harmonies and musicianship…[and] venturing further intoalt-country…territory." - Washington Post

"[Mipso's Edges Run] balances heavy heartbreak and introspection with poppy, good-times acoustic pop. It's a good spectrum for the quartet, in that it allows for a wide sonic and emotional range." - No Depression

"Mipso's stellar use of harmony and deep layers of sound bring out a level of maturity comparable to Neil Young, Fleet Foxes and Fleetwood Mac." - Triad City Beat

"'Artist You Need To Know' The quartet's winsome Americana is as catchy and easygoing as ever." – Rolling Stone

"[Edges Run] solidifies Mipso's position in the modern folk movement." - Amplifier Magazine

"Mipso separates from the pack with an introspective, at times dark set of songs that emphasize atmosphere over monolithic strumming and draw from folk, old-school country and modern pop with equal enthusiasm. It's the sound of a band embracing adulthood and finding its sound." - Bend Bulletin

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Megan Oots is Popdust writer based in New York City. She loves the sun, cooking, and playing with dogs.

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Woman arrested for molesting female passenger on flight (allegedly!)

A woman named Heidi McKinney was arrested on Sunday for allegedly molesting another female passenger on an Alaskan Airlines flight.

McKinney, 26, from Oregon was on the flight from Las Vegas to Portland when, according to a police report on The Smoking Gun, she touched a fellow passenger's breasts and genitals.

The woman alerted the flight staff who in turn reported ahead and police were waiting to meet the aircraft when it landed.

Passenger Jokes ‘I have Ebola, You’re All Screwed’ Is Removed From Plane In Cuffs

They interviewed the alleged victim who said that she had not consented to being touched and McKinney was arrested.  She was taken into custody and charged with third-degree sexual abuse—bail was set at $2500, however she was released on Monday afternoon after local prosecutors decided not to pursue charges.

There is no official indication as to whether McKinney was drunk on the flight, however another passenger on board who tweeted about the incident seemed to think alcohol was involved;

Virgin Flight Forced To Divert After Masturbating Man Tries To Open Exit Door

Heidi McKinney, who must be pretty mortified to find herself and her Facebook pictures all over the internet today isn't out of the woods yet. Even though she's not facing state charges, the case has been referred to the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office who will decide whether to press federal charges.  

She needs reminding what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and does not board the flight to Portland with you.




man masturbating in costume shop

A 36 year old man was arrested in Portland, Oregon at a Halloween costume store after shoppers reported seeing him jerking off to the photos on the outside of the sexy costume packs.

Nigel Smith was inside the Spirit Halloween Superstore when he was spotted with his tackle out, thoroughly enjoying himself whilst perusing the costumes. The female customer saw him "whacking off" and told a male member of staff who confronted him.

Heidi Klum Turning Into Halloween Jessica Rabbit Video Is Freakin’ Amazing

According to The Smoking Gun, Smith allegedly shoved the worker and tried to make a run for it before being brought down by the employee—whereupon Smith bit him (according to the employee).

Nigel Smith's mug shot

The cops were called and found Smith pinned to the ground outside the store by three men. In a specific and gross detail, the police report noted that officer Matthew Bigoni saw "a very noticeable wet spot on the front of [Smith's] grey sweat shorts, directly in front of his genitals". Smith said it was sweat. (Thank god he didn't go to an actual Halloween party—imagine how much 'sweating' he would have done if he had seen real life sexy ladies in the costumes.)

Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costume—The Wait Is Over!

Python pumper Smith was arrested and charged with public indecency—he's clearly a habitual public wanker as he also has a 2010 conviction for the same thing.

Props to the employee though—you've got to be really committed to your job to tackle a guy with his dick hanging out of his pants.

man masturbating in costume shop

man masturbating in costume shop

Guess what the charge for shitting in public is?

Littering! Offensive littering, more specifically. Ya know like, when you litter out of your ass.

If caught, the man who has been defecating all over Portland, Oregon stands to face a littering charge and an indecent exposure as well, as experts presume his buttocks were exposed when these heinous crimes were committed.

Kentucky Dude Digs Up Dad’s Grave So He Can Argue With The 40-Year-Old Corpse

"It's rare that someone defecates without their buttocks exposed," says a source that I just made up.

The “Portland Pooper” has been leaving his mark "all over the southwest part of the city in the last few weeks.”

And it’s not just in Taco Bell parking lots…

Did This Georgia Man Really Saw Off His ‘Sinful’ Penis To Stop Masturbating?

"It's pretty weird because we've got a couple of schools and a park here," one local resident said. "There are a lot of families around here and this is not the kind of thing you want to see."

“I think it’s really gross and shocking,” another resident, Britni Smith told KOIN-TV.. “I don’t know what to say about it.”

“I find it interesting that he has toilet paper with him, it’s very pre-planned,” Catrina Salazar, who works at the local Phix Hair Studio, opined. “You just don’t really know what to expect around here. People, they like do their own thing, they kind of march to the beat of their own drum.”

Wyoming Man Found With 30 Cow Eyeballs In His Rectum

Meanwhile, Sanchindra Nath, a gas station attendant claims he sees the pooper on the regular, pun intended.

"I think he's always over there in the bushes taking a dump and looking for pop cans," he said. "I mean, he's a creep though. He has to be to do something like that."

Man Shoots Party Guests For Refusing To Sing Happy Birthday To His Girlfriend

Creep, or Irritable Bowel sufferer?

You decide!

All Austin Moore wanted to do was take his friend’s hot Vegas Show Girl cousin to prom.

And after the Oregon high school student laid out the mad cap proposition on Instagram, the show girl, Mariah Rivera, was on board- provided her would-be date got 10,000 retweets.

Naturally, some of your more philanthropic celebrities were more than happy to assist Austin in this noble pursuit. People like Robin Leach, and I’m sure Charlie Sheen would have helped out too, were he sober enough to tweet.

Soon, the retweets were piling up and nearing the finishing line. That’s when Austin’s cock blocking principal Scott Coulter stepped in.

From KGW:

"All prom guests have to be 19 and under," said Regis High School Principal Scott Coulter.

"Austin's not in trouble," Coulter said. "We just laughed about it and I said this just isn't going to happen."

 According to The Oregonian, this abortion in justice has not broken the heroic young man’s spirit, though he concedes his friends are "pretty bummed."

Take heart, there’s still a shot she might attend the bitchin’ after party in Mitchell Tannenbaum’s parents' basement.

Stephen Williams Jr., 26, and 21 year-old Amanda Hancock of Glendale, Oregon, were arrested earlier this week at their home on charges of murder after their seven-week-old baby boy, Data Hancock, died of starvation.

But Amanda was lactating, so why would her son have died of starvation?

Because she was saving her milk to make “lactation p-rn."

An affidavit filed by deputies says the parents told cops they did p-rnography, which featured Amanda self-lactating while others paid to watch online.

“Stephen and Amanda both admitted there was no prenatal care, and they didn't go to any doctor's appointments," the affidavit reads. It also says that the couple showed indifference to the infant dying.

According to Williams, he never called a doctor because it was "Hancock's responsibility."

On January 22 an ambulance was called after the baby appeared unresponsive, but efforts to revive him failed.

An autopsy revealed that he had died of starvation.

“The charging document says the couple showed extreme indifference to human life in causing Data Toria Hancock's death by failing to provide him adequate food and medical care."

Disturbingly, the couple also has a 2-year-old son together, who has since been placed in child protective services.