Prince William Is Exactly Right to Warn About Healthcare "Heroes"

The label sounds nice, but it can be a burden for people who didn't sign up to be heroes

With Mental Health Awareness month wrapping up, Prince William, AKA the Duke of Cambridge, has just released a new TV documentary on the topic.

Entitled Football, Prince William, and Our Mental Health, much of the documentary focuses on some of the pivotal struggles from Prince Williams own life—from the tragic loss of his mother Princess Diana to his fears about becoming a father and his supportive relationship with wife Kate Middleton. But in the lead-up to the documentary airing, William gave an interview on BBC's the one show, and took the opportunity to address more current and general mental health issues. Of particular note were Prince William's comments regarding healthcare workers, urging people not to label them heroes.

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Hear Fritz Hutchison's New Album "Wild Wild Acres"

Watch Fritz perform at 3PM on Popdust's livestream on Saturday, May 30th.

Fritz Hutchison just released his debut album, Wild Wild Acres.

It's the kind of album that will make you want to lounge in a hammock all day or ride a horse across the country or just drop everything and howl at the moon—it sounds like that kind of freedom. Hutchison is alternatively blunt and sincere, a trickster with a performative flair and a penchant for sunny hooks.

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Director Christopher Nolan, (The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception) Is known for his stunning visuals, heavy use of practical effects, and mind-bending plots.

The new trailer for Tenet makes it clear that his newest film—scheduled for a July 17th release date—is no exception. A spiritual successor to Inception, the film plays with time and physics using the concept of time inversion (i.e. reversing cause and effect to move backward in time) to orchestrate elaborate, bewildering action sequences. It's basically the music video for Coldplay's The Scientist converted into a shoot 'em up movie where guns catch bullets. "Tenet," being a palindrome, serves as the codeword for the secretive organization that uses inversion as part of an elaborate plan to "prevent World War III" and save the future from a terrible and mysterious fate.

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