PAUZA Explore Old Havana in "Se Vende" Music Video

Cuban electronic duo give fans a look into life in their home country.

Cuba's first female electronic duo, Zahira Sánchez and Paula Fernández, otherwise known by the name PAUZA, have returned with a colorful and engaging music video for their latest single "Se Vende."

The video also features the 2018 "Best Alternative Music Album" Latin Grammy-nominated rapper and lyricist, Telmary.

The video is set in the lively streets of Havana, focusing on Telmary and her forays around the city. Viewers witness the Havana-based duo follow the rapper around the city as she dances in the streets, interacts with various street vendors, and raps about everyday life in Cuba. "'Se Vende' has a Havana-based soundscape," says PAUZA. "We wanted to create a soundtrack to pair with how we live as Cubans daily."

According to the duo, the clip, which was directed and produced completely on their iPhones, is meant to highlight the streets of Old Havana in their splendid glory. "We wanted to give viewers a brief look into life in our country!" the duo says of the video.

The music video for "Se Vende" skillfully matches the timeless and delightfully uplifting Cuban sound expressed in the song. PAUZA's re-interpret the cultural current of house music by infusing pure Latin rhythms, demonstrating why they're a force to be reckoned with in the house community.

Telmary's swift and direct Spanish lyrics seductively wash over a downtempo conga infused beat that brings the track to life. The flourishing and prominent trumpet arrangement acts as the strong and consistent base for both the track and the video, complimenting Telmary's overlaying infectious vocals in a charming fusion of the old and new.

Check out PAUZA's music video for"Se Vende" below!

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