Morgana Takes Human Form In Persona 5 The Royal

Atlus teases Morgana's new form in Persona 5 The Royal

Everyone's favorite talking cat sidekick is back for Persona 5 The Royal––now with a brand new form.

In Atlus's original Persona 5 game, Morgana swore he was actually a human and not just a standard housecat (who could also control the spirit of the master Spanish swordsman, Zorro). Nobody really believed him, but oh how wrong they were!

Amongst other new features teased in Persona 5's upcoming definitive edition — including fresh content and revamped PS4 Pro graphics — Morgana's human form has finally been revealed.

Currently referred to as "Handsome Man" in the Japanese trailer, this "new character" has bright blue eyes just like Morgana and wears a black cardigan with a collar-like necklace. He also refers to himself with the Japanese term "wagahai," the same obscure form of "I" used by Morgana.

All your favorite Phantom Thieves will be returning to PS4 in 2020 (or October 2019, if you're in Japan). But if you can't wait that long for your next dose of Persona5, Joker has just joined the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Morgana makes an appearance too (albeit in his cat form).

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