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76 Petitions to Sign Right Now for the Movement for Black Lives

Pour some coffee, get comfortable, and get ready to sign.

Take a few minutes and add your names to these petitions, most of which have been copied and pasted directly from this BLM resource doc and this one.

100 percent of the credit for this list goes to the creators of these documents, petitions, and movements. The organizers also note: Please do not donate to and never sign anything circulated by Shaun King (both are notorious for failing to fully distribute the funds they've raised to the people they promised to give to).

Prospective allies: Don't let signing petitions be the end of your advocacy work. Call, email, donate, talk directly to people in your life and to your representatives, and get involved in the fight for justice. Signing the petitions is easy, but fighting for change is the hard part.

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