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6 Political Rock Bands to Soundtrack Our Collective Anger

Here are some groups that can serve as the blood-pumping soundtracks to our collective riotous energy and despair.

Pussy Riot

"Superstition taking all of us for a ride, minds overtaken by the signs of the Right."

On "Tentative," System of a Down's Serj Tankian lets loose his paranoia and vitriol but remains consumed by hopelessness. "No one's gonna save us now," he bellows over wavering guitars. While penned in 2005, "Tentative's" vexation feels all too relatable in 2020. While we take to the streets to protest racial injustice or to social media to compel voter turn-out or educate conservative cousins on the reality of climate change, the efforts often feel like we're screaming into the void.

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