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Kendrick Lamar Lyrics to Get You Through the 2020 Election

"To Pimp A Butterfly," Kendrick Lamar's most political album, feels as relevant in the wake of the 2020 Election as it did in 2015 … and lord knows we need it. Here's some Kendrick wisdom inspire you past the bleakness.

Between constantly refreshing election maps and giving too much mental space to Nevada and Pennsylvania, the circus of the past few days has made at least one thing unerringly clear: The United States is still a fundamentally racist country.

This, we knew. But after June's promises of radical change and widespread racial reckoning in the face of President Donald Trump's blatant bigotry, I have to admit I had a glimmer of hope for a landslide Joe Biden victory hope was quickly dashed.

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11 Great Political Rap Songs

It's a day dominated by politics, so let's dive in

As the 2020 election comes to an explosive finale, it's become increasingly clear that politics influence and infiltrate everything we do.

Some artists have always understood this and expressed their political beliefs through their music, especially rappers. Hip-Hop in and of itself is a political movement, and as the genre has become the world's most popular, there remains a divide between artists who have abused the platform for clout and attention *cough Lil Pump cough* and those who have used it to promote the ideals the genre has always stood for. Here are rap's most political creative forces and their most starkly political anthems.

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