Why Did It Take so Long to Free Brittney Griner?

Brittney Griner is free. What next?

Brittney Griner

By Keeton Gale / via Shutterstock

Brittney Griner, WNBA Star arrested and held in Russia since February, has finally been set free.

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Film News

Did the Tampa Police Department Even Watch "Minority Report"?

The New Tampa PD initiative is startlingly similar to the dystopian film.

Turns out we're in the "Minority Report" timeline!

via 20th Century Fox

So what was it all for?

Why did we all have to squint through the dimly lit cinematography of Minority Report, watching Tom Cruise get his eyes gouged out and being forced to root for a cop, if we, as a society, weren't going to learn the one lesson it was trying to teach us: that you can't predict crime.

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Culture News

Cops Using Taylor Swift to Undermine Your Civil Rights

Police are trying out a new tactic to prevent videos of misconduct from going viral.

Do you get nervous around police?

Is it because they carry guns and are rarely held accountable when they harass, harm, assault, or even kill people?

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Music Features

The Worst Things Kid Rock Has Done

Kid Rock is once again in trouble for being the worst

Kid Rock


Kid Rock continues to be a shithead.

The disgruntled 50-year-old "rocker" was filmed hurling homophobic slurs at audience members during a performance at the FishLipz Bar & Grill in Smithville, Tennessee on Monday. "You fucking f*****s with your iPhones out!" he yells out to a person filming his performance.

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Virginia rapper Bugzie The Don – born Antionne DeShaun Brodnax – is paying a heavy price for using the Capital Riot to promote his mixtape.

The buzzing rapper hoped to use D.C. protest to help kickstart his music career. He released his album The Capital on March 4 and shocked many when his cover art featured the rapper sitting atop a police SWAT vehicle near the Capitol steps smoking a blunt.

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Culture Feature

​The US Is Fighting a Disinformation War — and Losing

A report declassified by the National Intelligence Council last month explains exactly how foreign powers tried to influence Americans during the 2020 election. Spoiler alert: Things don't look good.

Russian Hacker

Dmitry Nogaev | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The report, titled Foreign Threats to the US 2020 Federal Election, was compiled with help from every corner of the intelligence community.

The CIA, FBI, INR, NSA, DHS, NIC, and the Treasury Department were all involved in its preparation. The bombshell report has the weight of the entirety of US intelligence behind it – and it reveals a lot.

WYFF The National Intelligence Council AssessmentWYFF NBC 4


First, the good news: They found no evidence that any foreign power directly interfered in our election infrastructure. That means they believe that there were no successful cyber attacks on the technical aspects of the election, including voter registration, casting and counting ballots, or reporting results. The results of the election are completely secure.

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