Jessie Antonick fronts the New Orleans "cosmic folk" band Pony Hunt.

Courtesy of Pony Huny

Rigid gender norms suck. Pony Hunt's cosmic doo-wop rules.

Today, the New Orleans indie folk outfit shares a new track called "Stardust" — premiering below — which finds bandleader Jessie Antonick turning her own gender journey into something tender and heartfelt and uplifting.

"I'm a sunset ocean haze / sinking into the floor," Antonick coos in the song, a wide-eyed, doo-wop-tinged folk number. "As I lose my mind again / it rides through an open door / singing stories of a girl / who dream speaks 'I am a boy.'" The final refrain is especially affirming: "Rise from the water as you are," Antonick sings, her voice swelling as she repeats the line.

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