On March 26, 2001, World Championship Wrestling went out of business.

The Atlanta-based promotion, acquired by media mogul Ted Turner from the Crockett family in 1988, reignited mainstream America's interest in professional wrestling throughout the '90s. WCW gained its popularity by signing former high-profile WWE talents like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. But it became the leader in professional wrestling with the creation of its Monday night WWE alternative WCW Monday Nitro, which aired at the same time as WWE's Monday Night Raw.

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Given the world's state of affairs, few moments surprise us these days. But waking up and seeing WWE Superstar Randy Orton and Soulja Boy trading insults on Twitter still managed to be the last thing anyone expected.

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Last night at WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, The Miz cashed in his Money in The Bank contract on Drew McIntyre and became the new WWE Champion.

Miz's championship victory took place after the main event match, wherein Drew McIntyre successfully defended his title. Afterwards, former United States Champion Bobby Lashley brutally assaulted McIntyre, and Miz took the opportunity to finish the job. Now The MIz is a two-time WWE Champion.

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These "WWE 2K20" Glitches Are Hilariously Bad

The newest AAA wrestling romp is an absolute disaster.


The new WWE 2K20 game isn't just bad. It's hilariously bad.

WWE 2K20 is so glitchy that it's borderline unplayable. Since the game's launch, people who made the mistake of pre-ordering have been getting far more enjoyment out of watching their favorite wrestlers' limbs tangled up in ropes than anything resembling and actual match.

The issues are so bad that Playstation is allegedly doling out refunds, and the official WWE 2K20 Twitter account is trying to control the damage.

These glitches are straight-up amazing.

Here's a referee kind of humping and then literally melding into a writhing Charlotte Flair:

Referee gets a faceful of Charlotte Flair Glitch (NSFW) (WWE 2K20) #FixWWE2K20 www.youtube.com

Here's someone trying to customize Becky Lynch, and instead accidentally ripping her entire face off:

WWE 2K20 - Insane Becky Lynch Glitch www.youtube.com

And here's a glitch compilation wherein wrestler decompose into flickering limb piles.

WWE 2K20 Glitches & Funny Moments Episode 1 www.youtube.com

Seriously, though. Stop pre-ordering games.