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Review: "Blame It on Baby" Proves DaBaby Is a One-Trick Pony

The rappers third outing rarely ventures into new territory


Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

When DaBaby's debut project dropped in March of last year, the Charlotte rapper was one of the most talked-about talents in Hip-Hop.

Tough as a wrecking ball, his spit-fire lyricism decimated everything in sight with laser-focused precision. "Suge" was a particular standout. Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, spit callous phrases about violence and sex with the sincerity of a pastor. As a result, his fans are devoted, they memorize the emcees every word as if it's religious scripture. He also offered fans comedic relief. He appeared at 2017's SXSW wearing nothing but a diaper, and during a performance at 2019's Rolling Loud, he threw bags of fake weed into the audience just for kicks. His music videos were equally juvenile. In "Babysitter," DaBaby and Offset, under the guise of a late 90s family sitcom, loosely star as irresponsible children who try to have sex with their new babysitter.

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Hott LockedN, Skooly, Sleepy Rose & Worl - Jefe Shit (feat. 2 Chainz) [Official Music Video]

Hott LockedN just dropped "Fake Beef," a collaboration with his label boss, 2 Chainz.

The release was accompanied by a visual directed by Paige Harmon. It's the latest of the #TRUsday singles, which have dropped every Tuesday since the start of 2020 in the lead-up to the release of 2 Chainz' label T.R.U.'s mixtape, No Face No Case.

T.R.U., which stands for The Real University, is a label founded by legendary Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz in 2019. It "posits a platform for personal success while providing a home to a rising vanguard of hip-hop talent from Atlanta's various zones," according to the press release.

With No Face No Case, T.R.U. has brought together a huge variety of rising and established talents, including Sleepy Rose, Skooly, Quavo, and more to create an intoxicating and heady collaboration, perfect for late nights and filled with equal parts rage and effortlessly undeniable star power.

Listen to the full mixtape here:


The Best Songs on 2019’s Worst Albums

We combed through the saving grace moments of 2019's biggest disappointments.

2019 has been an odd year for music.

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Offset Proves His Lyrical Prowess in "Red Room"

Though we still don't know why it's called "Red Room"

Offset - Red Room (Official Video)

Regarded by Migos fans as the most lyrically gifted, Offset's first single from his upcoming solo LP, titled "Red Room," is a harrowing, poetic expose that serves as an emotional catharsis for the rapper.

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Cardi B

David Fisher/Shutterstock

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief: hip-hop's most dramatic couple is back together.

Sources have confirmed to TMZ that Cardi B and husband Offset are not getting a divorce after all. According to TMZ, "Cardi's returning to the Atlanta home they shared before the breakup. We're told this is the first time she's been back to stay there with Offset and Kulture since December."

Prior to the news of the reunion, fans had already begun to suspect a reconciliation was on the way after Cardi posted "I wanna go home" over a picture of Offset and daughter Kulture on her Instagram story.

While sources say the couple is definitively back together, there are reportedly a few ground rules in place to prevent recurrences of Offset's unfaithful behavior. The Migos rapper has changed his phone number and is only using it for business and communicating with Cardi. He's also abiding by a "no groupies" rule, particularly this weekend at the Super Bowl where no female fans will be allowed near him.

He has a lot to prove to his wife after his infidelities went public in late 2018. While there were many alleged incidents of Offset being unfaithful, the incident that likely drove Cardi B to end the relationship was the leaked text messages between Offset and rapper Summer Bunni, in which Offset seemed to be attempting to plan a threesome with her and Cuban Doll. But Offset didn't take the break up well, attempting to win Cardi back multiple times, even going so far as to interrupt her concert to apologize, efforts that seem to have now paid off.

Whether the events surrounding the split was a publicity stunt for Offset's upcoming album or a genuine rift, it looks like baby Kulture has both her parents under one roof once again.

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