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It's Elle Darlington's World...We're Just Living In It

A Rising Popstar In The Making Talks Her New Music & More!

Elle Darlington has all the makings of your classic popstar: a whimsical, dynamic vocal range, the songwriting prowess to make any song an instantaneous pop hit, and a high-energy aura that's both contagious and compelling.

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Premiere: James Worthy Revels in His Obsession on "Tick Tock"

Featuring Big Gipp of Atlanta's Goodie Mob, the new track is Worthy's follow-up to his viral hit "In The Dark"

Tick Tock

Coming off the viral success of his track "In the Dark," James Worthy has returned with "Tick Tock," a slinky bedroom anthem that today is premiering exclusively on Popdust.

The sultry song features a multifaceted guest verse from Goodie Mob's Big Gipp, as Worthy serenades a love interest who has become an obsession. "Pinot grigio 'cause it's your favorite wine, I remember cause you stay on my mind," he croons. When Gipp enters, he drowns his lover in lavish luxury; "rubies, emeralds, and pink stones," he raps. "2021 five hundred with the Benz on it
Taupe ass blue coope, five colors." The duo's chemistry on the track is immaculate as they trade verses as smoothly as a fine wine.

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Interview: Chiiild's Yonatan Ayal Wants To Connect With You

The singer talks about his new song "Gone," and Chiiild's new album Hope For Sale

Peter Hou

Whether he's just sitting on his couch with close friends or crafting psychedelic indie-pop as Chiiild's frontman, Yonatan Ayal believes that fluid dialogue is the key to an amazing piece of art.

"Faith is all about that exchange of energy," Yonatan told me. "When you haven't seen somebody for two weeks, and then you finally meet up and show them what you've been working on. There's an exchange there that sustains you until the next time." So after a year filled with isolated days and lonely nights, the question remains: How can Chiiild tap further into that exchange? How deeply can music resonate?

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Tamika From "School of Rock" Is a Full-Fledged R&B Artist Now

With clips of the 2003 comedy going viral, it warms our hearts to see its child stars succeeding IRL.

Whether you consider yourself hardcore or not, it's an indisputable fact that School of Rock holds up.

Richard Linklater's 2003 musicomedy, starring Jack Black as the lovable, yet irresponsible Dewey Finn, is still just as hilarious and heartwarming as it was nearly two decades ago. To this day, Twitter will every once in a while go down a rabbit hole of School of Rock nostalgia, cementing our undying love for the film — an occasionally making us wonder what its child actors are up to now.

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Chase Atlantic

Fearless Records

When Chase Atlantic got stuck in Los Angeles last March, they decided to make the best out of a bad situation and get cracking on a new album.

The Australian-bred trio, comprised of Christian Anthony and brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave, was gearing up for a world tour when the pandemic indefinitely grounded them in LA. To cope with their collective unease, they hit the studio and frantically started creating. Beauty In Death emerged, a glossy collection of alternative pop songs that is by far the band's most cohesive record.

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Happy birthday, Jacquees!

The self-proclaimed "King of R&B" turns 27 today, and celebrated the occasion in style a few nights ago with close friends and family. The R&B crooner has put out a steady stream of music for years now, but those who only know him for his singles are missing out on a massive catalog of fantastic contemporary R&B music. Here are some of the young singer's best deep cuts that only the true fans know.

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