When R3HAB and Jason Derulo first stitched their music together on their first collab, they knew they had something special. Six years ago, two idols in their respective genres decided that not only could they make good music together with R3HAB's remix of Derulo's "Goodbye"...but they instantly understood this was the start of a lasting relationship where they'd create hit after hit for years.

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Now that we're in the wake of Taylor Swift's epic release of The Tortured Poets Department anthology, other artists have gathered the courage to release music yet again...I mean, the album literally broke every Spotify record in the book- already surpassing 1 billion streams in five days, she has the most streamed song and album in a single day. You get the point.
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5 Tracks That Inspired Maisy Kay

The new single 'Emotionally Unavailable' is out now

Video and Interview by Jordan Edwards

It's been nearly five years since we talked to Maisy Kay. In that time, the English LA-based singer-songwriter has developed a sound that shifts between dance and '80s flavored pop. She also teamed with TheFatRat for the Na'vi language viral single "The Storm."

Her latest, "Emotionally Unavailable," is built around a sunny synth pop chorus and pulsing Linn Drum style beat. It follows "Mascara Tears" and "Scared Together," recent singles with a similar vibe.

As you might expect, a wide variety of music has influenced Maisy. We asked her to break down some of her favorite songs in the premiere episode of our new series 5 Tracks That Inspired Me. But first, a few questions.

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R3HAB teams up with NJ-based trio A R I Z O N A for their new single "Feel Alive," a breezy, feel-good anthem anticipating summer.

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Dutch/Moroccan electronic artist R3HAB, a.k.a Fadil El Ghoul, hooked up with actress/pop star Sofia Carson on "I Luv U," via Disney/Hollywood Records.

"I Luv U" marks R3HAB's second foray into pop music, following "Flames," with ZAYN and Jungleboi. With nearly a billion streams, R3HAB has established himself as an international heavyweight.

Sofia Carson, R3HAB - I Luv Uyoutu.be

Carson signed with BMI as a singer-songwriter in 2012 and exploded onto the acting scene with her role in Austin & Ally, followed by Adventures In Babysitting, Descendants, and Spiderman. Her previous collaborations with R3HAB, Alan Walker, and Galantis established her as a go-to EDM partner.

"I Luv U" opens on a cool pop beat that ripples with Carson's affecting vocals, relating a tale of unrequited love.

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R3hab Teams Up with ZAYN and Jungleboi on "Flames"

A dazzling blend of electro-pop and gospel flavors.

R3hab, ZAYN, Jungleboi

R3hab, ZAYN, Jungleboi

Dutch-Moroccan DJ and producer R3hab, a.k.a Fadil El Ghoul, and Jungleboi ran into each other in London, in 2017.

Combining their talents, the two artists began working on a new song, "Flames," featuring an elegant piano, gentle electro rhythmic pulses, and a fat bassline, all topped by ZAYN's sumptuous voice.

R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi - Flames (Lyric Video)youtu.be

R3hab made big waves in 2017 with the release of his debut album, Trouble, amassing 500 million streams worldwide, followed by his sophomore effort, The Wave, collecting 250 million streams on Spotify. In 2019, he released "All Around the World," featuring A Touch of Class. The song hit gold and platinum in eight countries.

"Flames" reveals complex layers and intense emotional lyrics: "Well, well / You better run from me / You better hit the road / You better up and leave / Don't get too close."

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