Woweee! Miracles DO happen!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster Hadid's recovery from Lyme disease has continued with such a dramatic return to health that Yolanda has been able to return to modeling!

As we all know, so stricken was she by her crippling disease, that Yolanda was "unable to get out of bed for two years" and spent "14 months in her bathrobe" as her health went downhill after her diagnosis in 2012 (it's so weird that she was able to film RHOBH literally running around Beverly Hills on a treasure hunt and diving joyfully off the bow of a yacht during that time though).

Yolanda has strongly defended any inference from her co-stars about the severity of her disease. They (like the rest of us) we left confused by her bed-ridden, IV Instagram posts interspersed with snaps of her enjoying life to the max. She cried off a lot of Housewives events and could only manage to film a small portion of the Season 5 reunion before returning to her bed as she was so weak and debilitated from her "Lyme brain" .

And who can forget the <whisper> Munchausen's row, or the surprise of those close to her children when she claimed that two of them, Anwar and Bella, (who are managing to forge successful modeling careers) were also victims of the incapacitating disease?

It's hardly surprising that her situation was questioned when she was busted trying to manipulate situations to garner sympathy with pictures like this;

What a touching sentiment for her caring son (obviously his strength isn't compromised by his own Lyme disease). A shame that the picture from another angle tells a different story—just a fun moment between mother and son;

Then of course there was 2015 Lyme Disease fundraiser—a gala that David and Yolanda (then) Foster were honorary chairs of. Sadly they couldn't attend the event due to "the severity of her symptoms of Lyme disease".

The severity of these symptoms didn't seem to prevent her from visiting her family in Holland at the exact time of the event and posting a number of pictures in which she doesn't seem all that out-of-action. The pictures have subsequently been deleted after she was called out on on Twitter regarding her non-attendance at the event;

yolanda hadid recoveryWow—those symptoms look so severe!

yolanda hadid recoveryClearly bedridden.


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For some though, all became clear when news broke of her impending divorce from husband David Foster. Whether she was attempting to court public sympathy, get their pre-nup invalidated or just get some good old fashioned attention, the fact remains that she has made a miraculous recovery since her divorce.

As is well documented by Yolanda herself, she traveled the world trying out all manner of bizarre alternative treatments for her "chronic" condition that even doctors have come out and said is clearly fake misdiagnosed and does not exist in the form that she claimed to be suffering from.

Could it be that when David departed he took with him the cash that was funding these hugely expensive treatments? That maybe the treatments were counter-productive and confusing her to her body? Hmmmmmm....

Well whatever has happened, Yolanda was able to assure Bravo that she would be well enough to continue filming for the franchise. It seemed though, that much like the viewers and her fellow Housewives, Bravo had had enough of Hadid's illness and would only renew her contract for Season 7 if she dropped her 'battle to health' from her storyline. Yolanda refused and parted company with Andy Cohen and friends.

Fast forward a short month or so and Yolanda's miraculous recovery has continued to such an extent that she has now been able to return to her former career of modeling!

She posted to Instagram (where else?) a snap from a photo shoot, captioning it that she is getting back in action and the hashtag #GoodDay.

Thank goodness she had one of her 'good days' on a day that she had a modeling shoot booked!

Congratulations on your miracle Yolanda! Long may it continue!

Brandi Glanville return to Real Housewives...

Beverly Hills hottie Brandi Glanville has revealed that she would be open to signing on for another season of the hit Bravo show—IF the circumstances were right.

In an interview with Bustle, the 42 year old star said;

"I think that the only way I would want to come back is if I had a partner, you know if I was in love and I had somebody by my side to have my back.

I don't think the women would come for me so hard. I feel like they respect people who are married on that show and they don't respect other... I don't know. I just want someone to have my back and to be there because they love me."

That's not to say that her BFF's Yolanda Hadid and Kim Richards aren't there for her—they certainly are, but they have their own drama and arguments to deal with;

"Yes, Yolanda has my back.  Kim has my back, but they have their own problems...

It's not fun and a lot of the other friendships I don't believe are friendships, they're alliances.  I really wouldn't want to go back unless my life is in a different place."

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RHOBH Kathryn Edwards Brentwood estate is every bit as fabulous as you would expect—Take a tour!

If you've been watching Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and who hasn't?), you've surely noticed a few new faces, one of which is that of former model, Kathryn Edwards.

The 51-year-old (as per Page Six) is married to former NFL player Donnie Edwards, so you know this couple has plenty of money.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, he's got $12 million.

Enough said and enough to afford them a mega-mansion in Brentwood, CA and a second home in San Diego, as reports.

For now, let's stick to the gorgeous home we've seen on the show, near the RHOBH ladies who have their own human dollhouses which are just as fabulous.

The 411 on RHOBH Kathryn Edwards Brentwood estate:

The Edwards' home is worth millions and is nestled in a quaint community in Brentwood, surrounded by lush green lawns and flourishing foliage.

An elegant walkway leads up to their home which, as per Bravo, is adorned with a breathtaking double doorway and a luxe stone façade.

The ultra-modern kitchen boasts a magnificent middle island, top-of-the-line appliances, a marble floor, and plenty of room to gather and cook (or have your personal chef cook for you).

After some time in the kitchen, the Edwards' can kick it in the living room which has huge comfy couches, a big screen TV (perfect for catching the game), a wet bar, and expensive furnishings throughout.

Another sitting room is more elegant with a floor-to-ceiling window, interesting artwork, and more refined seating.

Of course, no former NFL player would be able to live without his man cave.

Donnie's got a great one with a full-sized pool table, another bar, and lots of masculine touches.

He can meet up with his wife in the master bedroom which is subdued in shades of cream and beige, or take a bath in their master bathroom which is even nicer than the bedroom, decked in marble with a step-up bath and plenty of sunlight.

Kathryn's got a walk-in closet to be envied, filled with hundreds of shoes and pricey designer duds.

Once she's dressed to the nines, she can relax on the heated patio with plenty of seating for all the Housewives to come by and get into petty disputes.

There's also a large pool and yet another bar outdoors for additional cocktails.

Trust us, she'll need them now that she's on the show.

Their home is a stunner and you must see for yourself.

Check out the gallery below to take a tour of RHOBH Kathryn Edwards Brentwood estate and plan how you're going to snag an NFL man of your own.

And, you can check out other celebrity homes here.

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Take a tour of RHOBH Kathryn Edwards Brentwood estate:

RHOBH kathryn edwards brentwood estate

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RHOBH kathryn edwards brentwood estate

House Tour Tuesday—Taylor Swift's West Village Townhouse… It's $38,000 a Month!

While his days on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are long gone, Paul Nassif is still a reality TV figure with his current success on E!’s Botched.

Jacked-up tummy tucks and lipo from third-world countries help make a Beverly Hills millionaire even richer, and we get to watch the transformations right from our living rooms!

Money Monday—How Much Is Kanye West Really Worth?

Sure, Paul’s marriage to ex-wife Adrienne Maloof went down the tubes, but when you’re the ruler of rhinoplasty, what’s a failed marriage in the scheme of things? Money can buy this fella happiness, especially when you get to spend your days with the ever-charming Dr. Terry Dubrow looking at uniboobs.

Money Monday—How Much is Brody Jenner Really Worth?

So yes, Paul is raking it in, and here’s how.

First and foremost, Paul is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and in a town like Beverly Hills, where the last time a brow furrowed, pigs flew to get their fat sucked out, a doc like Paul can earn hundreds of thousands daily.

Before his success on Botched, The Richest reminds us of Paul’s TV fame on the popular Dr. 90210. Along with that program, Celebrity Net Worth tells us of his other TV money-making appearances on NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, the Today Show, and many more. A little advice from a well-respected nose job gent goes a long way… right to Paul’s bank account!

Money Monday—How Much Is Kris Jenner Really Worth?

While it’s chump change compared to the cost for one cosmetic procedure, Paul also made some loot from his time on RHOBH alongside his then-wife, Adrienne. But his Botched series is sure to last longer, considering the rise in plastic surgery and the thirst for 15 minutes of fame for those who sell their souls to appear on the train wreck of a show.

Celebrity Net Worth claims Paul Nassif is worth a respectable $14 mil! Nose jobs, nips, and snips sure fill a wallet with plenty of plastic… in the form of credit cards, that is.


Kim Richards is facing jail in the latest chapter of her ongoing battle with alcohol.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was meant to present documentation to prove she's attended at least some of the AA classes that she was ordered to attend in her plea deal last October.

Kim Richards ‘Drunken Mess’ At Daughter’s Wedding—Sober Coach Quits

She is required to do 30 days community labor and 52 AA classes as a result of her shoplifting arrest and the judge is losing patience with the lack of evidence of her attendance.

Apparently she was unable to carry out the community labor due to a foot injury (despite being photographed in heels the red carpet), but there is no word on the reason for her no-shows at AA.

A probation violation hearing has been set for June 3, after which the judge could send her to jail if he determines she hasn't made enough attempt to attend her classes or do the community service.

Kim Richards Sobriety In Question—Trying To Score Xanax All Over Town

Kim has already been shown leniency by the court—she pleaded to two charges at the same time; her public intoxication arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April 2015 as well as the shoplifting incident.  She was allowed serve her sentences simultaneously but an arrest warrant was issued on Friday after her lack of proof of attendance.  The warrant was revoked however after a rep for Richards showed up in court and the June 3 hearing was set.




Who could forget the sassy and brassy Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

She gave us the immortal line "the morally corrupt Faye Resnick", she’s perky, peppy, and pissed on Kelsey (her ex) whenever she got the chance. Sure, he may have left her for a frisky flight attendant, but she was left with lots of money, property up the wazoo, and reality show fodder that raked in the ratings.

Money Monday—How Much Is Kevin Federline Really Worth?

We can’t say all of Camille’s millions are thanks to her ex—she’s had a pretty successful career over the years too. Celebrity Net Worth considers the blonde a model, actress, dancer, film producer, TV personality, and screenwriter. It’s a wonder she had any time to dish with Andy on WWHL with all she’s got going on!

The Richest reminds us that Camille has her first taste of “fame” as a dancer on Club MTV. Celebrity Net Worth notes how her career blossomed from there with roles on “R-rated erotic films” including New York Nights and The Naked Detective. Wonder where he kept his magnifying glass? Plus, she modeled for Playboy and other media.

Money Monday—How Much Is Kanye West Really Worth?

We loved Camille on RHOBH though these days she’s just a “friend” to the cast. Otherwise she spends time working for her production company, Grammnet Productions and spending Kelsey’s cash on herself and their kids.

Money Monday—How Much Is Kris Jenner Really Worth?

If Camille’s blond ambition was to strike it rich, she succeeded. The only club she’ll be found dancing in now starts with VIP.

Camille is one of them. She’s worth a whopping $50 million! Being an ex-wife pays better than staying hitched!