Jules Wainstein splits from husband after he's caught cheating...

Real Housewives of New York newbie Jules Wainstein and her husband Michael are divorcing after she caught him out in an affair.

Life&Style report that "she caught him sneaking around with another woman" and filed for divorce on May 16.

The couple have been married for eight years and her rep confirmed the split to US Weekly;

"It has nothing to do with the show.  They had issues for a while but Jules was blindsided by this."

Jules, 35, who made her debut on the Bravo show during the current season (eight), learned her husband was allegedly having an affair and called time on the marriage.  They have two children, Rio, 8, and Jagger, 5.

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carole radziwill money worth

The Real Housewives franchise should seriously consider removing “Real" from its name. We all know plenty of housewives and few, if any are millionaires and none of them are friends (except maybe in their heads) with Bethenny Frankel.

That said, there's no greater guilty pleasure than flopping on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and watching our fave Housewives like Carole Radziwill shop, swig Sauvignon, and shoot the shit in their fancy homes and dining out at impossible-to-get-into 5-star restaurants.

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Living large doesn't come cheap though, so luckily Ms. Radziwill is loaded. Like, really loaded. Here's how the slender and saucy single gal lines her well-filled wallet…

The Richest calls Carole a journalist, author, and television personality. Sounds right, but let's not forget, or may I enlighten you with the fact, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth, that Carole was married for 5 years to Prince Anthony Radziwill. Yes, a Prince! Whose mother happened to be the sister of former first lady, Jackie Kennedy. Sadly, Anthony passed away, but surely he left Carole with a huge, no, ginormous wad of money.

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But Carole's no slack. She was a journalist for ABC for years and even covered the Gulf War. Since then, she's had bestselling books and continues to write novels, and as per Celebrity Net Worth, she's got a column in Glamour magazine.

Of course, Bravo pays their Housewives some would say too well, hundreds of thousands per season, and Carole must love the loot. She also engages in reality-related appearances, shoots, interviews, and all the other Bravo-esque promotional hoopla which further increases the funds in her giant bank account. Now how exactly can I become a Housewife?

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Carole Radziwill is worth a whopping $50 million as per The Richest! More money = more money for this Bravo billionaire.

carole radziwill money worth

Carole with her mother-in-law and sister of the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Lee Radziwill and also Carole and her late husband Anthony Radziwill on their wedding day.

Bethenny Frankel  is your original Real Housewife success story.

The show that launched a thousand feuds certainly served the Skinny Girl well—she seized the opportunity to launch her brand, find a husband and baby daddy before sailing off into the beckoning Hollywood sunset.

Then it kind of imploded.  The marriage split, the talk show got cancelled and Bethenny has returned to her roots and the show that once “embarrassed” her:  Real Housewives of New York City.

Frankel sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this week in a half hour special and filled us in on the current state of her life and the fact that she will never get married again.  Ever.

She quit the show four years ago to spread her wings.   She'd had a horrible falling out with ex BFF Jill Zarin on the show (Zarin is not currently returning) and explained her leaving;

“There was a point I was a little embarrassed to be a Housewife.  Now, coming back I feel I’m proud to be doing it again.  I feel like it is a different show…it seems honest.  It seems real.  It seems a little…old school.”

She described her reasons for returning;

"I don't think people really know me anymore. Even when doing a talk show, it was very controlled. I felt like I was directing traffic.

I didn't realize how liberating this is... to be exactly who you are. It's who I am which is so scary. It occurred to me recently. I'm a professional reality star. This is like, my calling... I just feel comfortable in this."

As is well documented, Bethenny, 44, has been in a BITTER divorce battle since she her 2010 split with ex husband Jason Hoppy, with whom she shares a daughter, Bryn, 4.  In her usual candid way she said;

"The power struggle between men and women [exists], and [it is hard] when the woman is the breadwinner.  I think fame, attention and money does not bring out the best in everybody.  I think that money, in may ways, is the root of all evil.

People should be in relationships with people that really accept them and understand them…[Jason and I] brushed [issues] under the rug.”

Attempting  to not inflame the situation she continued;

“I don’t want to come in here and start trashing the situation, its not good for anyone.”

Well Jason clearly felt trashed.  Hoppy’s attorney said that he and his client were “exploring  their legal options” after the interview, which troubled them.

Jeez Jason, let it go and stop whining!


NB—In case you hadn't guessed, this Popdust writer for one cannot WAIT to see Bethenny back in action!

Bethenny Frankel was reportedly chastised by a judge for wearing her daughter's pajamas.

As Popdust previously reported, the former Real Housewives Of New York star caused outrage after posting a picture of herself wearing four-year-old daughter Bryn's Hello Kitty PJs. Bethenny was accused of encouraging anorexia and promoting eating disorders, but she dismissed the criticism at the time, saying Bryn was the one to ask her to put the clothes on.

But the judge dealing with Bethenny's divorce from Jason Hoppy doesn't agree. At a recent appearance in court to hash out the division of her $55 million fortune, Justice Ellen Gesmer told the 43-year-old off, reports Page Six.

“No more pajamas!” Gesmer warned Bethenny's attorney Allan Mayefsky, who tried to explain the picture had been a joke.

“It’s not a joke. Her child is not a joke,” Gesmer responded, adding that the whole thing was “ridiculous” and showed Bethenny's bad judgement. According to the judge, even her OWN friends were calling her about the controversial picture.

Considering Bethenny has admitted to having eating disorders in the past, we're going to agree with the judge that it was incredibly poor judgement on the Skinnygirl mogul's part.

Man, those Real Housewives are having a hell of a time in court this week...


Ramona Singer is no longer a full-time cast member on the Real Housewives Of New York.

When the show returns for season 7, Ramona will instead be a "Friend of the Housewives", much like LuAnn de Lesseps was for season 6.

"Bravo is casting the show around Heather Thomson and Kristen Taekman and Carole Radziwill," a source told Us. "[When] Ramona carried the show, that is why ratings plummeted, they think."

The source added Ramona's soaring paycheck of almost $600,000 per season was one factor in her demotion.

The others probably had a lot to do with Ramona's behavior at the season 6 reunion, where she was rude and closed-off with Andy Cohen and refused to answer questions about her marital split from Mario Singer.

Aviva Drescher has also been canned but that's NO surprise.

Hang in there Ramona - going part time might be a blessing in disguise!

It wouldn’t be an episode of The Real Housewives if there weren’t tears, screaming, and some good ol’ fashioned name-calling!

Here’s Popdust’s ranking of the top craziest fights, insane meltdowns and berserk brawls—with videos.

8. Brandi Glanville Vs. Kim and Kyle Richards—Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Word to the wise: don’t mess with the Richards sisters! The claws came out at game night when Brandi Glanville accused Kim Richards of using crystal meth. This bomb was dropped after Brandi watched Kim make several trips to the bathroom throughout the night. Prior to the drug usage claim, Kim and Kyle Richards lashed out at Brandi for her poor parenting skills after her son peed on Adrienne Maloof’s lawn. Kyle screamed that Brandi was “trashy and classless” so Brandi fired back at her saying, “at least I don't do crystal meth in the bathroom all night”. Ahhhh, meth accusations…. Classic comeback.

7. Tamra Barney Vs. Jeana Keough—Real Housewives of Orange County

Wives throwing wine! Here we have a showdown between veteran OC housewife Jeana Keough and the resident troublemaker Tamra Barney. While at Vicki Gunvalson’s “end of the summer” bash, the two women got into a heated argument regarding comments that Jeana supposedly made about Tamra to the press. Tamra went as far as sending a cease and desist letter to Jeana. These housewives ain’t playin! Jeana told Tamra she was going to “throw her ass in the pool”, so Tamra threw a glass of wine all over Jeana. Orange County----the land of bleached hair, fake boobs, and women of pure class. Right……

6. Nene Leakes Vs. Kim Zolciak—Real Housewives of Atlanta

The former BFFs went AT IT during a trip to Miami with their fellow housewives. Kim Zolciak decided to bring her assistant, Sweetie, along for the vacay. Nene Leakes felt it was no longer a girls’ weekend because Kim brought along people on her payroll. The two went at each other’s necks after Nene infamously said Kim treated Sweetie as her slave. Nothing like a good bus brawl!

5. Kelly Bensimon Vs. The World—Real Housewives of New York City

In this infamous incident, Kelly Bensimon lost her mind on Bethenny Frankel. The two had an ongoing feud all of season three, but shit really hit the fan when the ladies were on vacation in the Virgin Islands. Kelly accused Alex McCord of "channeling the devil” and believed that Bethenny was trying to kill her. She made dozens of bizarre comments and referenced Al Sharpton so many times that we’re still confused. Then, she pretended like everything was fine and ran around the house like an uncaged zoo animal offering jellybeans to the ladies. Moral of the story kids: don’t do drugs.

4. Kim Richards Vs. Kyle Richards—Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Richards sisters famously had a screaming match in a limo during the first season. Kim accused Kyle of stealing her "goddamn house".  Kyle then screamed at Kim reminding her about all the help (aka money) her husband had lent to her. In addition, Kyle called her an alcoholic. It was an all out screaming match that ended with both women crying and visibly upset (even if their Botox-filled faces didn’t move).

3. Vicki Gunvalson Vs. Gretchen Rossi—Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi never really saw eye to eye, but they made do for the many seasons they spend alongside each other in the OC. Slade Smiley, Gretchen’s deadbeat boyfriend, infamously called Vicki “ugly”. He even went as far as to compare her to Miss Piggy. Naturally, Vicki ripped both Slade and Gretchen new assholes at a 80s themed party.

2. Adriana de Moura Vs. Joanna Krupa—Real Housewives of Miami

These two Miami beauties came to blows at a charity event (class acts, right?) over an argument about none other than Girls Gone Wild scumbag Joe Francis. Adriana de Moura was originally arguing with another housewife over comments she made to the media, so Joanna Krupa stepped in. Joe Francis claimed that he had slept with both Krupa and her sister. Joanna swore it never happened. Adriana said, “Joe Francis was right, they're just Polish immigrants trying to get a plate to eat food in.” Joanna cornered Adrianna until she socked her in the face----because that’s just how these Housewives roll.

1. Teresa Giudice Vs. Danielle Staub—Real Housewives of New Jersey

In quite possibly the most memorable moment in Housewives history, Teresa Giudice flipped the table in a fit of rage during an argument with Danielle Staub. The ladies went at it when Teresa revealed Danielle’s secret book to the party. She famously called Danielle a “prostitution whore” and then proceeded to flip the entire dinner table. PAY ATTENTION, PUHHLEASE!