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RELEASE RADAR | Backstreet's back after six year hiatus

Plus new music from Paris Monster Girl Wilde, 8 Graves and more

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RELEASE RADAR is here to give you the breakdown of the top singles, albums, and videos of the week, so you can head into your weekend with a new list of killer tunes.


Girl Wilde | "Fake Louis"

We've been keeping an eye on Girl Wilde over the last few months. In her latest single she caught us by surprise, backing powerful vocals and signature pop beats with some serious guitar.

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WOLVES | "Shoulder to Shoulder"

LA indie pop trio WOLVES timed the release of their latest single perfectly. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the track "Shoulder to Shoulder" pushes for a united front in the fight for equality.

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8 Graves | "Numb"

The latest single from future grunge duo 8 Graves takes a dark turn. According to singer Brent Carpentier, the track " [is] about how feeling nothing sometimes can be even scarier than being in pain."

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LOVA | "My Name Isn't"

In her new single, Swedish pop artist LOVA is fed up. "It is nothing new that us women are tired," she said. "Tired of living in the background of men, tired of having to raise our voice to be heard, tired of feeling afraid late at night, tired of always adjusting for men who cannot keep their hands and mouth under control."

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🌟 PREMIERE 🌟 | Gordy | Truth Be Told

Gordy - Truth Be Told (Official Video)

Though he grew up in Botswana, producer turned singer/songwriter Gordy was influenced by the likes of Deadmau5 more so than the local music surrounding him. However, you can hear a bit of both in his latest track.

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Gunnar Gehl | heartbeat

gunnar gehl -

17 year old Gunnar Gehl is an old soul. He uses his music to reflect on the small moments in his life, as seen in his latest video.

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🌟 PREMIERE 🌟 | Pixel Grip | Plastic Enemies


In their latest video, synth pop duo Pixel Grip pairs carefully crafted choreography with sparse drums and soft vocals to create an otherworldly experience. Keep an eye out for their full length album, Heavy Handed, out this April.

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🌟 PREMIERE 🌟 | St. Humain | Emotional Sauna

Singer/songwriter St. Humain is keeping it real in his genre-bending debut EP. "My songs are always about something in my personal life and I don't write what I can't relate to," he shared,"because I think that at the end of the day we're all human and are in need of some real authentic connections. Honesty is the motto here."

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Michael McArthur | Ever Green, Ever Rain

The latest EP from Michael McArthur isn't quite folk, or pop, or even strictly soul--it's an unheard of combination of all three. "I've always done things a little differently," joked the singer/songwriter.

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Paris Monster | Lamplight

Garage funk, grunge pop, whatever you want to call it, the first full-length album from Paris Monster glues it all together with a synthesizer.

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Backstreet Boys | DNA

All puns aside, the ninth album from the beloved 90s icons the Backstreet Boys boasts a dozen meticulously produced tracks and never before heard harmonies. They didn't need to it, but with this album the boys have proved that they really can sing.

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