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Because Dean Cain Sucks: MAGA Superman Is Dead

Dean Cain is no longer allowed to have anything to do with Superman. We're retconning him out.

Update: This week Dean Cain was on Fox News, complaining about "wokeness and anti-Americanism" in the recent Ta-Nehisi Coates-led Captain America comics, which featured Captain America decrying the way marginalized Americans are often sold a dream before they're "handed a raw deal."

Never mind the fact that Captain America has a long history of this kind of criticism, or the fact that Dean Cain praises America for "constantly striving for a more perfect union" — an effort that is literally impossible without vocal criticism of the nation's flaws. The more important point is that Cain has no authority to speak on superheroes, because we already erased him from Superman history.

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Culture Feature

14 Celebrity Endorsements That No One Asked For

Not every endorsement is about a paycheck.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The world of celebrity endorsement makes for some strange spectacles.

From Penelope Cruz dressed as Mario, to Snoop Dogg rapping about Hot Pockets, it sometimes seems like celebrity's will back any brand that offers them a paycheck. But that's not the case with the celebrities on this list.

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14 Celebrities Who Shared Their COVID-19 Stories

The coronavirus clearly cares little for fame.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Coronavirus

When the coronavirus first began to sweep the world in early 2020, few could imagine that in November we'd still be fully immersed in it, living in a world ravaged by fire, disease, and chronic governmental ineptitude.

Today the United States has reported more than 250,000 COVID-19 deaths, and that number shows no sign of decreasing. The virus has spared no one and nothing, and Hollywood and the entertainment industries were hard-hit, with even some of the world's largest and wealthiest stars relegated to their beds, forced to turn to Instagram for sympathy and updates.

Here are some of the most famous people to confess that they received a positive COVID-19 test. It's likely that many other famous people had the virus and either were never diagnosed or chose not to share their stories. The list also doesn't begin to cover the tragedy of all those who died from the virus, or the agony felt by those whose lives were torn apart by the pandemic and other crises in 2020.

But even these few stories are testimonials to a virus that proved itself to be far more powerful than mankind's most renowned figures. And, if the fact that Tom Hanks is still isolating is any proof, it's not over yet.

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Film News

Robert Pattinson Has Tested Positive for COVID-19

Pattinson began filming on "The Batman" two days ago.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson seemed to be having a moment during COVID-19.

He starred in a charming cover story for GQ that labeled him "The King of Quarantine." He wandered around with a camera and won the hearts of a generation of fans. He was cast as the starring player in Christopher Nolan's The Batman.

But even Batman couldn't combat 2020's arch nemesis: the global pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. On September 3rd, Vanity Fair reported that Pattinson had tested positive for COVID-19, according to a "well-placed source."

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Director Christopher Nolan, (The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception) Is known for his stunning visuals, heavy use of practical effects, and mind-bending plots.

The new trailer for Tenet makes it clear that his newest film—scheduled for a July 17th release date—is no exception. A spiritual successor to Inception, the film plays with time and physics using the concept of time inversion (i.e. reversing cause and effect to move backward in time) to orchestrate elaborate, bewildering action sequences. It's basically the music video for Coldplay's The Scientist converted into a shoot 'em up movie where guns catch bullets. "Tenet," being a palindrome, serves as the codeword for the secretive organization that uses inversion as part of an elaborate plan to "prevent World War III" and save the future from a terrible and mysterious fate.

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Robert Pattinson Is "Barely Doing Anything" in Quarantine–and That's Beautiful

Our newest Batman explained why he refuses to work out in his new GQ cover story.

Robert Pattinson is being a good civilian by maintaining social distancing and continuing to isolate himself.

His quarantine situation is pretty nice, too. Before stay-at-home orders commenced in London, the actor was hard at work portraying the title hero of the upcoming film The Batman. As reported in his recent GQ cover story, he's currently holed up in the apartment the film crew rented for him, eating food provided to him by the film crew. Pretty sweet deal! But even with so much time on his hands, our favorite one-time vampire doesn't seem to be feeling the productivity pressure that some Instagram bloggers have been pushing.

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