Ryan Montbleau releases new EP "Wood"

Ryan Montbleau is recognized for being a mesmerizing folk singer with an organic, gritty sound.

Now, he has released the first of four upcoming EPs. Entitled Wood, this four-song body of work features striking acoustic tracks layered with gentle grace and bold heart. The reflective offering explores topics such as perfectionism, the expectations placed upon men and women, and finding appreciation in the little things.

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Ryan Montbleau and Tall Heights Cover “Helplessly Hoping”

"What a message and sentiment right now during a pandemic when every day is such a roller-coaster of emotion. All we can do is helplessly hope. The song's message will always resonate but it feels especially true right now."

Ryan Montbleau

Press Photo

Massachusetts artists Ryan Montbleau and Tall Heights team up on a beautiful version of CS&N's "Helplessly Hoping."

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