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Joe Rogan Is Right — Straight White Men Are Being Silenced!

Won't anyone please consider the plight of the straight white man?

Joe Rogan interviews Valentina Shevhcenko

By Dawid S Swierczek (Shutterstock)

I'm not supposed to be saying this.

I'm not really sure I'm supposed to be saying anything at all. Because the truth is... I'm a straight white man.

I know it's shocking. I'll probably be fired before I can finish typing this sentence. A straight white male being paid to voice his opinions in the year of our lord 2021 — and saying shit like "year of our lord" as if it weren't bad enough already.

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Culture Feature

Rudy Giuliani Debuts His Funniest Bit Yet: Melissa Carone

A comedy legend passes the torch to the next generation.

Rudy Giuliani

Photo by Nathan Posner/Shutterstock

2020 has been a huge year in the career of comedy veteran Rudy Giuliani.

He began his career in comedy back in 1997, when he supplemented his part-time gig as mayor of New York City with hosting duties at Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, he hadn't yet refined his craft to become the hilarious avant-garde performance artist we know today.

Recently, we learned that Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus, with the soon-to-be former president Trump wishing him well after contracting the "China virus." Speaking of absurd politicians, we look back on Giuliani's contributions to comedy.

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Borat Prime Video

Against all odds, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm may be the feminist film of the year.

Sacha Baron Cohen's film is about many things. One of these things is an aggressive deconstruction of the state of women around the world—or at least in two places: Borat's heavily satirized homeland of Kazakhstan, and the US&A (as he refers to it).

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Did Rudy Giuliani Get Seduced in a Hotel Room for "Borat 2"?

The former mayor of New York City has officially lit the last of his credibility on fire.

Rudy Giuliani

Photo by Nathan Posner/Shutterstock

Last week the New York Post published a story about "evidence" of corruption on a hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

Son of the Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden has not been secretive about his past, speaking openly about his struggle with drug addiction and acknowledging that his controversial role on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma—during the Obama-Biden administration—was most likely a result of who his father is.

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Film Reviews

"Trial of the Chicago 7" Is a Cautionary Tale for the "Radical Left"

Aaron Sorkin's new film tells a familiar story of a divided America that takes on new relevance in October 2020.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 - Netflix


At one point in Aaron Sorkin's new film, Trial of the Chicago 7, a crowd of protestors round a street corner and are confronted by row upon row of armed forces.

As they face down the police and the military, and someone with a megaphone begins telling them to stand back, I couldn't help thinking of some of the protests I attended in NYC this summer. The scene sent me straight back to a moment when protestors ran out over the Brooklyn Bridge towards rows of police. It's one of the many moments in the film—which takes place in 1968—that feel eerily reminiscent of 2020.

Though it takes place deep in the crosshairs of the '60s, Aaron Sorkin's Trial of the Chicago 7—which debuted on Netflix this weekend—is clearly meant to remind us of today's political landscape. From its underlying narratives about police brutality to its emphasis on the brokenness of the U.S. government and depiction of a fractured so-called "radical left," the film was clearly saved specifically for this moment.

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Weird Al Vs. Borat: The True Political Showdown of Our Era

Forget about Trump Vs. Biden, these cultural juggernauts are facing off in the political battle that will define 2020.

Weird Al Vs. Borat

Left photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock, Right photo by 20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock

Perhaps once in a generation, a moment comes along when a choice between two individuals is poised to reverberate through time, shaping the political landscape for decades to come.

Talented communicators who know how to energize their passionate followers, these towering intellectual giants know that they must eventually face off, head-to-head, in a terrifying battle for the fate of the world. Nonetheless, they maintain their dignified stances—barely acknowledging one another as they perform feats of persuasion that leave casual observers in awe.

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