What I love about Fridays isn't that I get to log off work early (well, maybe a little) or that I have an excuse to attend happy hour...it's that I'm guaranteed new music. And now that we are fully in June, artists are churning out albums and singles to get us through the summer months. This week, especially, is a hot spot for new bangers for your playlists.
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Jordan Edwards/Popdust

In a crowded field of young pop artists, Zach Hood stands out.

In just a couple of years, the Alabama native has built an entire world of pastel aesthetics, illustrated cover art, and songs perfect for a late night at home. It's not an attempt to jump on the sadboi trend. It feels genuine, and fans have followed. "Isabelle" is his most popular track, but several of his songs have more than two million streams. A catchy hook can land an artist a hit. It takes purpose to build an entire catalog.

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What is Yassification? How to Yassify Yourself

Yassification is the latest meme to emerge from the pop culture hellscape . But does it signify something larger?

Try explaining “Yassification” to anyone who hasn’t noticed the ridiculous illustrations whirling about social media and you’ll be hard pressed to make your translation understood.

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Break Up: A Brief History of their Relationship

Were they really dating? Why did everyone think they were a PR couple? And why did everyone hate them?

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Senorita Video

via Shawn Mendes on YouTube

Ladies and They-dies, we're free! Late last night, in the evening of November 17, 2021, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello announced their breakup via a joint statement over Instagram stories.

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Harry Styles, TikTok Boys, and the Exciting Evolution of Men's Beauty

Brands are finally realizing that Gen Z is not here for archaic gender roles

Look at him. We love him.

Harry Styles at Capital's Summertime Ball 2022 By Matt Crossick_Global_Shutterstock - Look At Him. We Love Him.

Harry Styles has done it again.

Gracing the cover of Dazed magazine, Harry has gone viral for his gender-fluid outfits and his full embrace of eccentric fashion choices. This comes as he launches Pleasing, his beauty brand that celebrates individuality and beauty through nail polish and skincare.

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