Figure Out What Skincare Works For You With FaceTory

Find a skincare routine that actually works for your skin

Here's what no one's going to tell you: you gotta do a ton of research to find a skincare routine that actually works for your skin.

There are no corners you can cut here, unfortunately. No matter how many skincare videos you watch, or how many of Zoe Kravitz's beauty essentials you add to your own routine, no routine is one-size fits all.

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6 Products I Want From Zoe Kravitz’s Vogue Beauty Secrets Video

Zoe Kravitz finally leaked her skin routine and it was everything we could have wanted

via Vogue

One of my favorite pop culture moments is an iconic Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande interview with Popstar.

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6 Sunscreens to Buy Instead of Johnson & Johnson's Neutrogena and Aveeno

Johnson & Johnson's Aveeno and Neutrogena sunscreen recall is shaking up Hot Girl Summer

Oh to be Sunscreen Jack

Despite the trends going around TikTok and Instagram that dictate you need to look and be a certain way to participate in Hot Girl Summer (we're looking at you, "That Girl"), all you really need is good vibes, a vaccination, and SPF.

The cardinal rules of skincare are: Drink water and wear sunscreen. Every celebrity insists these are their secrets to keeping a youthful glow and, while they're not the only factors, they are important.

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All of Rihanna’s “Fenty Skin” Products, Ranked

Of course you want to add Fenty Skin to your skincare routine, but which products?

Rihanna with the new Fenty Skin Eye Cream

via Fenty Skin

In 2020, Rihanna released Fenty Skin, the skincare side of her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. Like its sister brand, Fenty Skin premiered with tons of celebrity promotion, a Rihanna skincare video, and lots of fanfare. And it lived up to the hype.

Fenty Beauty is famous not just for its celebrity mogul, but for its game-changingly wide shade range which has since inspired many makeup brands to step it up when it comes to inclusivity. Rihanna went the opposite way when it came to innovating for Fenty Skin — instead of releasing a high volume of products, she opted to release just four.

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Aging is a natural process, but that doesn't mean we have to like it.

There is nothing we can do to stop it, but slowing down its effects? That is something we can work on.

'Collagen' is a term we hear from every beauty influencer's lips when asked about their skincare routine. So what is collagen? It's a natural protein that is produced by the body to help your nails grow faster and reduce fine lines making us look young.

We have tried every type of product; creams, vitamin E and C, and homemade remedies. So what is the best form of collagen? We're fans of supplemental powders.

We set out on a mission to find the best collagen powder for women. There's a ton of them out there, but one that we kept seeing people raving about is the Collagen360™ by StopAgingNow®.

So we decided to compare the Collagen360™ by StopAgingNow® to other generic collagens to see if it lives up to the hype


  • Both promote collagen production for improved skin firmness & elasticity
  • Both are ingestible, meaning they work from the inside out and reach the deepest layer of your skin.
  • Both are easy to use-- simply add to a hot or cold beverage


  • Flavored collagen supplements can be overly sweet, whereas StopAgingNow® is completely tasteless, meaning you can add it to anything
  • StopAgingNow® contains Hyaluronic Acid to help keep the skin hydrated
  • StopAgingNow® has been shown to increase collagen by 65% in 8 weeks
  • Stop Aging Now® contains Verisol®, an advanced peptide complex of Types I and III collagen that reaches the deepest layers of your skin
  • Generic brands are prone to using factory-farmed bovine protein, whereas StopAgingNow® uses 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine protein

What Your Skin Needs

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StopAgingNow Overview

Collagen360™ Complex works from the inside out. Their incredible, unique formula contains Verisol®, which is an advanced peptide that reaches the deepest layer of skin. It's shown to increase elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. StopAgingNow® has added Hyaluronic Acid for its amazing skin hydration that helps prevents dryness and irritation.

StopAgingNow® uses a two-pronged approach; the first being the increase in production of amino acid building blocks for healthier skin. The other counteracting the inevitable loss of collagen production in your skin over time, making Verisol® the magical component.

All the ingredients in the Collagen360™ Complex are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine and are 100% non-GMO and gluten-free, making it that much safer and natural.

Collagen360™ is made in an FDA inspected and registered facility to meet the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines.

You can either get a one-time purchase of Collagen360™ or you could auto-ship and save. Just select a frequency and it arrives at your door.

Generic Collagen Powder Overview

We scoured through so many other collagen supplement brands, all promising amazing results. But we couldn't find any guarantee that their bovine is grass-fed. This means it could contain a lot of toxins as well, and you would have no way of finding out.

On top of this, no other brand we found contained Verisol®, an advanced peptide complex of Collagen Types I and III. When taken orally, it works on speeding up the production of collagen, meaning you will see and feel better results faster. Why is this accelerator such a key component of StopAgingNow®? In a study of women aged 45-65, Verisol® was taken daily for 8 weeks, leading to a 32% decrease in wrinkles around the eyes after only 4 weeks.

Most other generic collagen supplements make loose claims about how their product will look and make you feel, so we like that StopAgingNow® actually has the stats to back up their product.

Lastly, we found a lot of other collagen supplement brands had a distinct sweet flavor, which made it harder to incorporate into our existing routines. We love that with StopAgingNow®, you can't even taste it.


Collagen is hot right now, and it's no secret why. But with a lot of hype comes a slew of products all riding on its coattails. So many brands only care about jumping on a buzzword and trying to appeal to the masses. After doing our research, we found that StopAgingNow®'s Collagen360™ was the only supplement that gave us complete transparency into their ingredients.

The easy-to-use nature, the pure grass-fed bovine, and GMO-free ingredients completely sold us. Not to mention the next-level ingredients like Verisol®.

We knew it was something we could put our trust in. We know that all their products are natural and healthy. We cannot go back to something we just picked up off the counter that was on offer this week. If you need collagen supplements, we highly recommend Collagen360™ Complex by StopAgingNow®.

2020 was the year of Zoom calls, loungewear, and no makeup. So, naturally, our attention turned to skincare. Our editors know good skincare, and we're always looking for new brands that are disrupting the space.

There are so many brands out there all promising miracle-like results, so when we're introduced to a new one, it takes a lot to get our attention.

When we heard about FIOR (meaning "true" in Gaelic), and their simple yet effective approach to skincare, we wanted to know more.

FIOR is a luxury skincare line born through the collaborative efforts of leading medical professionals, top beauty brand creators (FIOR's founders have worked with brands like Glossier, Benefit, Estee Lauder, Kylie Cosmetics, and Proactiv just to name a few), and renowned skincare expert and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Tornambe.

This all-star team used their years of skincare expertise to formulate the perfect harmony of ingredients to maximize our skin's natural illuminating potential. FIOR recently launched two incredible, clean beauty products; The Clarifying Cleanser and The Radiance Serum which are formulated with plant-based and science-backed ingredients with the added power of CBX.

Each product has a unique formula designed to target specific skin woes and improve your skin's look, feel, and overall health. The Cleanser nourishes your skin and contains sunflower seed oil that's rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. The Radiance Serum replenishes your skin and promotes collagen production with the help of Oleic acid.

But what all of these products have in common is an innovative ingredient you may not have heard of: CBX.

Quick science lesson- there are over 60 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and instead of hand-picking just one or two of these components, FIOR uses all of the powerhouse properties of CBD with other cannabinoids like CBDA and CBG to deliver an ultra-hydrating skincare solution- what they call CBX. It's all about finding the perfect ratio of ingredients, and CBD has the perfect blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that your skin needs to be at its very best.

FIOR's CBX has natural anti-inflammatory components that will soothe any irritations and keep your skin looking radiant. It's gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types.

CBX is just one element that makes FIOR different. Staying true to their name, all products are vegan, free-from animal testing, and contain zero parabens, phthalates, sulfates, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, or synthetic dyes. Fior believes less is more--our skin doesn't need a long list of harsh, overly clinical ingredients. Fior is the luxury skincare for instant and continued results we've been dreaming of.

FIOR is new to the space but already generating quite the buzz- "I've used the best skincare and facial products from all over the world, ranging from $50 to $500, and these rank at the top. I love the feel and appearance of my skin after using these products!", with so many others, "surprised to see such a quick impact, with my skin notably calmer with additional glow."

So whether you want to tackle redness, reinvigorate tired skin, or achieve overall radiance, FIOR is our top skincare pick for 2021. Plus, the Cleanser and Radiance Serum are just the beginning. Sign up now to stay in the know about the latest products and get 10% off your order!