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Best Things We Bought This Month - April Edition

Oil cleansers, tote bags, and new shoes. Discover the best things loved by our editors

When I was in fourth grade, there was this boy who would always say “Happy White Rabbit Day” on the first of the month. And even though I just thought he was weird running around sayig ‘rabbit rabbit’ for hours on end, I silently say it to myself every time the first of the month comes around.

While I had no idea this was actually a real saying – see FDR and apparently even George Washington (am I the worst American?) – the phrase ‘rabbit rabbit,’ or wishing some a happy white rabbit day, is the equivalent of wishing them luck.

Now that May has officially come to a close, it’s time to wish each other endless rabbits and take a look at some of the best things our editors bought last month.

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Not Self-Obsessed, But Self Care

Korean Beauty Teaches Us That Skincare Is A Necessity

In terms of skincare, South Korea is a beauty juggernaut. Anything the United States has manufactured and invented pales in comparison to K-Beauty. It’s the mecca for the 10-step skincare routine, where a complex routine is as normal as brushing your teeth and getting dressed.

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I’m constantly on the lookout for the best makeup brands on the market…and it’s not solely dependent on what BeautyTok influencers tell me to buy. I try the product myself and get a sense of what works on me before making a sweeping judgment on the brand.

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I’ve been carefully curating my skincare routine for over a year now. Par for the course, skincare related TikToks have been flooding my FYP, selling me every trendy product on the block. Whether or not they work is a different question. I’ve fallen for gimmicks, traps, and cute packaging, but I’ve also found a solid 6-step routine.
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What’s With Justin Bieber’s Pimple Patches?

King-of-Chaos, Justin Bieber, has a new accessory: pimple patches

Justin Bieber

by DFree / Shutterstock

There’s a lot to say about Hailey Bieber. In fact, we’ve said it. TikTok’s beauty guru, founder of Rhode, and one of fashion’s favorite cool girls, Hailey is Gen Z’s muse. 2022 was the Year-of-Hailey — she even has a Forbes 30 Under 30 cover to prove it.

What’s most impressive is that Hailey, a nepo baby who’s been in the spotlight for eons, hasn’t shriveled under the weight of her married name. Somehow, she’s managed not only to maintain her individual identity while married to Justin Bieber — one of the biggest pop stars on the planet — but launch her name into the stratosphere.

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