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Jordan Peterson (Still) Wants to Tell You How to Live Your Life

Will his new book demonstrate growth or humility in light of recent life events?

Jordan Peterson: “There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didn't work" | British GQ

Have you been feeling rudderless lately? Struggling to find direction?

Well all who wander may now rejoice, for the savior has returned. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is back to direct your life and make publishing employees cry.

He has made a career for himself as a passionate advocate for personal responsibility. Well, it's either his personal responsibility shtick or his hysterical concern for the future of free speech — with particular emphasis on his refusal to be "forced" into using people's preferred pronouns.

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Why We Deserved That Abysmal Jordan Peterson v. Slavoj Žižek Debate

From presidential debates to masturbatory stand-offs between self-aggrandizing personalities, we only tune in to public discourse to sate voyeuristic impulses, not intellectual ones.

Jordan Peterson

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What we know as debate today is a Trumpian debacle of factual errors and logical fallacies that affronts common sense but makes an excellent drinking game.

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