Billie Eilish's Next Collab? Air Jordan

The singer is joining the exclusive ranks of female Jordan collaborations with her neon green Jordan 1 sneakers

Billie Eilish

By Fred Duval / Shutterstock

Billie Eilish is booked and busy.

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5 Most Anticipated Air Jordan Releases Coming in April

Get ready for Easter pastels, UNC blues, and retro rereleases

It's a good year for sneakerheads.

Despite a year spent mostly indoors with no one but your housemates and your pets to see you flex your shoe game , the resale sneaker market boomed. With coveted drops happening exclusively online, some people panic-selling rare grails, and even the NFT bubble making collectibles all the more coveted, sneakerheads managed to thrive over the pandemic.

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Image via Nike

I never thought I would be writing an article like this.

Because I am not asneakerhead. Far from it. But Nike has just announced their GO FlyEase, hands-free sneakers. And as soon as I saw them, I knew that I had to have them.

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