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Cody Johnston's "Some More News" Is Essential Quarantine Content

Watching him slowly lose his mind might be the only way to keep your sanity


Cody Johnston is a news dude.

That's the official title listed on screen in each episode of his (almost) weekly YouTube series Some More News. It conveys the tongue-in-cheek formality of the videos which play on conventions of traditional TV news, with an anchor desk, lots of flashy graphics and sound cues, and increasingly absurd segment titles.

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No, That Is Not Derek Chauvin in a "Make Whites Great Again" Hat (But He's Still a Monster)

George Floyd is dead because Derek Chauvin ignored his pleas, but this picture is a distraction

After the release of graphic footage showing the violent arrest of George Floyd, who subsequently died, there has been a scramble to find more information on Derek Chauvin—the Minneapolis police officer responsible.

In a chilling echo of the Eric Garner case, the video shows Floyd continually pleading for relief, saying, "Please, the knee in my neck, I can't breathe, sir." Chauvin, meanwhile, refused to move even after Floyd went quiet, leading concerned bystanders to ask him to check the man's pulse. The video shows Chauvin's monstrous indifference, and it makes sense that people want to ascribe that behavior to a personal fault that might have kept him off the police force. But apart from some publicly available records of police incidents, there is little information on who Derek Chauvin is.

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