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Not This Again, Kim.

Kim Kardashian Buys Princess Diana’s Cross Necklace

Cue the “can she stop wearing famous icon’s artifacts?” commentary. It was just announced that Kim won Princess Di’s prized, diamond-encrusted, amethyst Attallah cross pendant. Ever the deal-maker, Kardashian nabbed it in the final 5-minutes of the Royal & Noble Sotheby’s auction at the bargain price of only $197,453. That’s double the pre-auction estimated price.

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Banksy's Shredded Painting: Publicity Stunt or Subversive Act?

After selling for $1.4 million, Girl with a Red Balloon self destructed.

Banksy Girl With Red Balloon

Photo by Robinson Greig (Unsplash)

Even Banksy is sick of Banksy.

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