teen punches spanish prime minister face

It’s always great to see teenagers get passionate about politics.

However, when that passion translates into sucker punching your country’s prime minister bang smack in the face, it may be just a tad too over passionate, perhaps?

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I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s been many a smarmy, lying, self-serving piece of shit politician that I’ve fantasized about punching out, but fantasy and reality are really two different things.

Not for one 17-year-old Spanish boy though—he lived out the fantasy to the full, in truly spectacular fashion—landing an epic left hook, that even Mike Tyson would be proud of, square on the Spanish Prime Minister’s face.

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It all went down Wednesday night as Mariano Rajoy went walkabout during a campaign stop in Pontevedra, Galicia, as he gears up for the Spanish general election this weekend.

Rajoy was busy pressing the flesh, mingling with the hoi polloi, when the teen struck, hitting the politician so hard that he broke his glasses and left bright red visible marks on the side of his face and neck.

According to Spanish newspaper, El Pais, the assailant, who has been identified as Andrew VF, approached the leader of the currently ruling right wing People’s Party government on the pretense of taking a selfie with him, before smacking him in the head instead.

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The teen was immediately wrestled to the ground, arrested and hauled off  for questioning by cops, who he reportedly told, "I am very happy to have done it.”

A police source told El Pais that the teen is linked to En Marea, a left-wing electoral coalition formed to contest Sunday’s elections—however, the group, who is known popularly as The Tides, has denied that claim.

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Whatever his political affiliation, if any, one thing’s for sure, a shit ton of Spanish youth will be firmly championing the teen attacker—Rajoy is wildly unpopular among the country’s Millennials, scoring a favorability ranking even lower than that of fascist former dictator, Franco—due to his commitment to stringent austerity measures, and a youth unemployment rate of 51 percent.

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A 25-year-old wine specialist died Monday after becoming overcome by fumes from a fermentation tank, falling in and drowning.

Nivea Perez's body was discovered by her uncle, famous winemaker Raul Perez, on Monday at his warehouse in the Spanish village of Salas de los Barrios.

Nivea graduated for college with a chemistry degree and had been working with the family for two years.

Emergency workers theorize that she slipped and fell while she was observing the fermentation process and that she was too intoxicated by the fumes to pull herself out before she suffocated.

The New York Times had nothing but praise for the "beguiling,” albeit murderous reds of the Bierzo region, with particular attention to the "great purity and definition" of Raul Perez's wines.

Perez was also the secretary of the Socialist Youth of Bierzo, and in honor of her tragic death, they suspended their campaign activities for a day.

Let's hope poor Nivea had no idea what was happening!

The USA is making progress when it comes to LGBT rights and equality, but the fact remains that nearly 50% of Americans still think gay relationships are “sinful.” It’s worth noting that in another poll, those same 50% percent were among the worst dressers with the ugliest homes.

It’s not surprising that many other countries put the U.S. to shame when it comes to equality and LGBT human rights. But what is surprising is that the world’s most LGBT- friendly country is Spain…a country that’s 88% Catholic! Literally 93% of Spaniards considered homosexuality either “morally acceptable” or a “non-issue,” and they’ve had legal gay marriage since 2005. This wave of acceptance ran across the Atlantic Ocean to Argentina and Brazil, who became the first predominately Catholic countries in notoriously machismo Latin America to approve same-sex marriage. When last we checked, there have been no apocalyptic plagues.

In 2000, The Netherlands was the first country to legalize gay marriage in the world! It’s also home to Amsterdam and it’s the world’s largest exporter of beer, which officially makes it the coolest country ever. Likewise, the Caribbean Netherlands are among the most progressive and most LGBT- friendly islands in the Caribbean. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao have become popular spots for gay destination weddings.

Meanwhile, how about South Africa? Africa isn’t exactly known for its LGBT-friendliness, however, South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution was the first in the world to make discrimination, based on sexual orientation, illegal. Plus, it was the fifth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage…. are you listening Uganda?!!

And let’s not forget about Canada, eh? Our neighbors to the North amended their human rights law back in 1996 essentially banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation nation wide. (The U.S. is still working on that.) Then in 2005 they passed gay marriage legislation without residency requirements, so same-sex American couples could run their rainbow flags across the border and get hitched.

Prague in the Czech Republic is quickly becoming Europe’s new gay capitol. For Czech people, being gay is a complete non-issue. They simply don’t care about sexual preference, perhaps in part because 90% of Czech people have no religion and they aren’t wearing their judgy-pants held up by a bible-belt.

While same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Germany, the country is the first in Europe to draft a law allowing for parents of children born without “clear gender-determining physical characteristics” to choose neither male nor female on the birth certificate, but option “X.” This option hopes to greatly benefit intersex children who now have the right to choose their gender for themselves as they grow up instead of their parents being forced to make an impossible decision for them at birth. Brilliant, Germany.

In the grand scheme of things, the older countries of the world tend to be wiser and more progressive, and we’re still the immature teenagers of the group with acne and raging hormones.

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As far as inappropriate selfies go, this one is right up there with the misguided teen who posted a smiling pic of herself outside two rows of dormitories at Auschwitz death camp.

In another dark twist on the social media photo trend, a gravedigger from Guardamar del Segura in southern Spain, has been suspended after a selfie surfaced on WhatsApp of him posing with a corpse he had just exhumed.

Identified only by his fist name, Clemente, the goofy gravedigger was snapped grinning next to the propped up, mummified body of a man, who had died 23 years ago, along with the corpse’s nephew, grinning on the other side, reported the Local.

Bizarrely, the deceased's niece was the one who actually took the photo and then shared it online, after arranging for the body to be exhumed, and the grave plot extended, so her the body of her late uncle's wife could be added to the family tomb.

While the deceased's niece and nephew didn’t seem to mind their uncle becoming a social media hit two decades after his death, Guardamar del Segura officials most certainly did—believing the highly inappropriate selfie of an employee wearing his official blue polo shirt, still lightly covered in dust from digging up the body, emblazoned with the town's coat-of-arms, didn't exactly reflect well on their town.

"It was silliness with no justification whatsoever and we will have to take a decision," a representative said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the case has been referred to the civil guard and Clemente has been suspended from his normal duties and assigned to other tasks.