I’ve been playing golf for 5 years now and I’m on the constant lookout for fresh ways to level up my game. Whether that’s watching YouTube tutorials, hitting the range late at night, or practicing with my putting mat — there’s always room for improvement.

My swing feels good, but my iron shots are inconsistent and I can’t seem to break 275 yards with my driver. After playing a round with my friend Max, I was super impressed by the look, sound, and performance of his new PXG clubs.

It was definitely the best I’d ever seen him play — outdriving me almost every hole and hitting way more greens in reg than usual. Max kept yapping about how great the fitting process was at the PXG store, which had me questioning whether my PING clubs were holding me back.

But I was a PING loyalist … there was no way PXG could outperform my trusted set that I’ve been using for years, right?

I figured I had nothing to lose by booking a fitting online and heading to my local PXG store to test out Max’s claim that they’re “the best clubs in the game.” I’m fully committed to breaking 85 this season, so I was desperate to try anything to improve.

My Experience With PXG’s In-Store Fitting:

When I stepped into the PXG store, I was immediately blown away by the modern design and massive hitting bays. My master fitter, Josh, greeted me with a cold beverage and we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of my game. I opted for the full bag experience, which covers irons, drivers, and putters.

Interior of the PXG Store and the massive hitting bays.

Josh started the one-on-one fitting process by having me hit my current 7-iron in order to establish a baseline. Although my distances were solid, the dispersion of my shots were not up to par. The Trackman technology allowed me to see every precise statistic like ball speed, club speed, attack angle, spin rate, club path, and my personal favorite — smash factor (a measure of energy transfer between club to ball).

I hit a variety of different shafts (both graphite and steel) and clubhead combinations until we found the setup that works for my swing. Comparing the stats between my PING 7-iron to PXG’s GEN6 7-iron was night and day. My dispersion went from a 15-yard standard deviation to only 5-yards — breaking 85 was on the horizon.

A pure strike with the PXG GEN6 Iron.

Next up, driver time. It’s my favorite club to wield and a strong point of my game, but I was struggling to get the distance every golfer craves. I hit my PING G425 driver first so we could see how PXG’s clubs would compare. Josh was confident that the PXG Black Ops Driver could help me hit bombs, but I still doubted it.

Lo and behold, the first PXG drive I hit goes 280 yards (20 yards further than my average). I thought maybe it was a fluke, but swing after swing proved that the Black Ops delivers insane distance.

Although my swing speed was the same, the results were massive. Not to mention it sounded like a missile every time I hit the ball, which really boosted my confidence. It’s safe to say that the hype surrounding PXG’s breakthrough club tech is real.

A peaceful transfer of power.

By this point, I realized that PXG makes some extraordinary irons and drivers — but what about their putters?

The PXG store has an entirely separate room dedicated to putting, where I tried out a bunch of different head, shaft and hosel combinations. This impressive amount of customization ensures you’re getting the most optimal setup. And since putting tends to be my Achilles heel, I was shocked to see balls consistently dropping in the cup. I loved the look and feel of the Battle Ready II putters and settled on the Mustang blade-style model.

The in-store putting green and Battle Ready II Mustang Putter.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed by the PXG store, their club technology, and the in-depth, personalized fitting process. Throughout the session, Josh made me feel comfortable by complimenting my good shots and explaining each part of the process.

Although I thought my PING clubs were great, PXG blew them out of the water. Now, with my new arsenal of clubs, I’m pretty sure I’ll finally break 85 (and maybe 80, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

A balanced and nourishing diet is essential for maintaining and promoting optimal dog health. Our editors are also dog parents, so it’s our duty to make informed dietary choices that support our dogs’ day-to-day well-being.

While researching dog food brands, the term “human-grade” kept popping up. But what does it actually mean?

Human-grade dog food is made from ingredients deemed suitable and safe for human consumption. It‘s subject to the same FDA and USDA regulations governing the manufacturing, packaging, and quality of food for humans. In other words, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your dog.

Something else we discovered along the way: just because you see “human-grade” on the bag doesn’t automatically mean the pet food in question is nutritious or safe.

With so many options available — fresh, dry, wet, canned, freeze-dried — navigating the world of human-grade pet food can be challenging. Three brands consistently receive stand-out customer reviews: Ollie, The Farmer's Dog, and Maev. Are they worth the hype? And if they are, which is the best? We compared them according to the same objective criteria, and one brand clearly came out on top.

No spoilers. That said, here are the results...


Let's start by tackling the obvious question: Just what do these brands provide dog owners – and most importantly, your pups?

Ollie’s recipes are made from human-grade ingredients and cooked in human-grade kitchens. They offer dry, gently baked dishes as well as fresh, slow-cooked recipes but it’s not raw.

The Farmer's Dog food is made from whole, human-grade food. Freshly cooked pre-made, pre-portioned servings, but also not raw.

Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog both provide a balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals tailored to individual dogs' needs.

Maev is a raw food, which is an unprocessed, human-grade mix of lean protein, vitamin-rich organ meat, fresh produce, and personalized supplements. No high-pressure or high-temperature processing like Farmer’s Dog or Ollie.

Where Maev stands out is – once again – how it’s prepared. Dogs are biologically primed to eat raw meat, which is why a raw food diet is so good for our canine companions. High in moisture content and flash-frozen to preserve all of its nutritional value, Maev is low in carbs and high in protein. The perfect food to help your dog live its best life.

So Maev takes the cake in this category!


Most human-grade dog foods like Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog arrive fresh. And because they donʼt use preservatives, you must treat it like real food. When you open the box, you need to place a few packs in the fridge and store the rest in the freezer.

When you’re ready to feed your dog, you have to put it in the fridge to thaw. The Farmer’s Dog asks that you defrost in the fridge for 12 hours and Ollie suggests that you thaw it in the fridge at least 24 hours before it hits the dog’s bowl. All this freezing and shifting to the fridge for defrosting is such a pain.

But the good news is….Maev’s 100% unprocessed dog food is flash-frozen raw, so it stays in the freezer until you’re ready. There’s no mess, no prep, and no thawing necessary. It’s super easy to serve: simply shake, open, and pour right out of the bag.

It tumbles into the bowl in a colorful cascade of tasty dog food. No filler, no additives, no toxins, no mess. You can actually see the real ingredients for yourself. It makes feeding time such a breeze for busy pet parents.


Ollie is the winner with 5 options: pork, beef, chicken, baby shrimp, veg, as well as 2 offerings — both dry dishes and slow-cooked recipes.

The Farmer’s Dog has 4: turkey, chicken, beef, and pork.

Maevspecifically focuses on two options — beef and chicken. What makes Maev different is that your dog’s food can be customized for their particular needs by selecting supplement toppings like Weight & Digestion, Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat, Anxiety & Calming. So while Maev has less protein options, they focus more on health goals.

In terms of variety, we’ve got to give this one to Ollie.


Ollie's nutritionally balanced recipes support healthy skin, coat, and immune function. Their recipes are formulated for digestibility and can reduce the risk of food sensitivities.

The Farmer’s Dog promotes healthy weight management and sustained energy levels. The use of real food ingredients helps lower the risk of food intolerance and digestive issues.

Maev does all of the above but also bolsters your dog’s oral health; helps with hip and joint issues; eases canine anxiety issues; and can help your pup’s early development, which improves trainability and recall.

It’s clear that Maev is a serious player. Their dog food features USDA lean proteins, whole fruits and vegetables, and scientifically-studied supplements that support what Maev calls The Big 7: Essential Health Benefits for your dog:

  1. Weight & Digestion - Gut Health + Better BMs
  2. Hip & Joint - Mobility + Reduced Inflammation
  3. Anxiety & Calming - Balanced Energy + Less Hyperactivity
  4. Skin & Coat Health - Softer Fur + Less Shedding / Itching
  5. Immune Function - Gut Barrier Integrity + Less Allergies
  6. Oral Health - Plaque Removal + Better Breath
  7. Early Development - Trainability + Recall

Most dog parents see, feel, and smell results in 28 days or less.

All brands have a number of benefits, but Maev is actually redefining dog food. So, our top choice here is Maev!


One of the biggest aspects of selecting the right dog food is having a trusted vet endorsement.

Ollie's team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the development of their dog food products. Ollie's vet-designed recipes meet AAFCO guidelines.

The Farmer's Dog’s dog food is complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards — and okay to feed for all life stages. Recipes are formulated by on-staff, board-certified vet nutritionists based on decades of research and veterinary hospital practices.

PhD vet-formulated, Maev works with veterinary nutritionists, food scientists, and engineers to elevate your dog care and fill every bowl with maximum nutrition. Maev’s raw food is AAFCO-Approved and rigorously tested for E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Micro (APCs).

With a promise of 100% transparency and traceability, you can always trust and depend on Maev. That’s why Maev gets our vote here.

And The (Best Human-Grade Dog Food) Oscar Goes To… Maev

It wasn’t an easy decision. But after a thorough evaluation of all brands, Maev is our top choice overall. Its simplicity and quality provide your dog just the food they need to be your bright-eyed, shiny-coated, energetic friend-for-life.

What Sets Maev Apart:

  • Customizable raw diet for all stages of your dog's life
  • 100% USDA-certified, human-grade, raw diet built by veterinarians
  • Meets AAFCO industry requirements
  • Made in the USA

Maev’s flexible subscription means no more lugging home huge sacks of dog food. They’ll deliver as much and as often as you need. And if you’re worried about freezer space, simply split your subscription. You can add, swap, modify your orders, or unsubscribe at any time — completely hassle-free.

Maev’s human-grade raw food is unprocessed, vitamin-rich, super fresh, and totally safe — precisely the balanced nutrition your dog deserves.

FOR OUR READERS: Get 15% OFF Maev with your first purchase! Follow this link to shop before they sell out!

Editor's Note:As a parent juggling work, home, and the diverse tastes and dietary needs of my three young kids, finding the ideal school lunch felt like a never-ending battle. But then I found Super Sammies. Read on to discover how this yummy treat transformed my kids’ school lunches and made life so much easier.

My Life Before Discovering Super Sammies

Managing lunch preferences — and allergies! — for my three children was a challenge. One kid is obsessed with strawberry-flavored treats, and the others detest them. And Poppy, my 5-year old, breaks out in a rash when she even looks at peanuts. That’s why we send them all to a nut-free school to be safe.

The universal love in our household? Jam-filled, crustless sandwiches. Despite my efforts to prep this delicious lunch, it’s impossible with my full-time job and household chores.

When I looked up brands that offer ready-to-go crustless sandwiches, I noticed that most have a boatload of sugar or contain GMOs — not something I want my kids to get hooked on. And due to Poppy’s sensitivities, I’d have to read all the labels so she won’t have an allergic reaction.

I needed something that checked all my boxes when it came to school lunches — meals that are nutritious, allergy-free, and tasty! This isn't too much to ask, right?

My Life After Discovering Super Sammies

Enter Kelly, a friend and fellow mom who couldn't stop raving about how super Super Sammies are. Although I trust Kelly, I hesitated. I worried that Super Sammies might be a downer just like the other brands I’d explored. But Kelly assured me that they’re a fantastic alternative — and healthier.

So I dug deeper and noticed that Super Sammies are GMO-free and contain 58% less sugar than leading crustless sandwiches — already a win, in my opinion. Using 100% whole wheat bread, sunflower seed butter and all-natural ingredients, these are the perfect lunch for kids.

Even better, there are no peanuts or tree nutsfabulous for Poppy. Made with creamy sunflower seed butter and real fruit spread, I trust that Super Sammies are 100% safe for my kids. And with 8g of protein, they’re on another planet from the typical chocolate bars and junk my kids used to munch on.

Super Sammies are a sensational, nut-free spin on the classic PB&J. And they just dropped 3 awesome flavors: Strawberry Smash, Choco-berry Bliss, and Blueberry Blast. This way, each kid gets their favorite, and there are no fights.

They’re such a hit in our household that they’re the go-to lunch every day of the week. And since my kids attend a nut-free school, they can eat their Super Sammies without worrying about anyone having a nut reaction.

Final Thoughts

Thank you, Super Sammies, for coming into our lives. I truly appreciate the clean ingredients, the whole wheat bread, and that there’s way less added sugar. My kids absolutely adore the taste.

For parents in search of nut-free school approved lunches that are both satisfying and healthy, these crustless wonders are a must for an easy meal anytime, anywhere.

So, go with Super Sammies :yum:! They'll make your kids’ lunch battles a thing of the past!


Since bursting onto the golf scene, PXG has become a favourite amongst players seeking high-performance and ultra-forgiving, custom-fit golf clubs. Tee to green, PXG well and truly has you covered with golf gear, accessories and a range of stylish (yet super comfy) golf and lifestyle apparel.

So, when I found out PXG offers a mobile fitting experience at golf locations around the country, I was all over it. As a sports editor, I had to have a bash at this unique offering, and here's the tea:

What's the Deal with PXG's Mobile Club Fitting?

I'm a keen golfer, hitting the greens as often as I can over the past few years. But, truth be told, I'm a bit pants at seeking out help.

The dream? A top-notch set of clubs. The nightmare? Wandering aimlessly around a random pro shop, too petrified to ask for help.

So, when the chance to try PXG's mobile fitting came up, I was on it faster than you can say "fore!"

How Does PXG's Mobile Fitting Work?

Duration: Roughly 2 hours

Think of it as the difference between snagging a suit off the peg and having one meticulously crafted by a tailor. With a custom fitting, you're getting a set of clubs that work with and for your unique swing. And trust me, I need all the extra help I can get when I hit the links.

Booking is simple. Pop over to PXG's website, pick your location, punch in your details, and voilà, you're booked in. They've teamed up with a heap of golf clubs and ranges across the country, so you're sure to find a spot that's convenient. I picked a place a stone's throw from my house for a fitting one glorious afternoon.

Don't forget to bring your current clubs (if you have any) and kit yourself out as if you're gearing up for a full 18. We’re talking golf glove, golf shoes and anything you’d typically bring to play!

My Experience

Right off the bat, I was greeted by PXG's mobile fitting maestro, who rocked up in a sleek black van. It was clear I was in for a treat.

He laid out the plan, diving into the science behind their clubs before we hit the range. The PXG van is a veritable Aladdin's cave of wonders on wheels, stocked with a huge selection of shafts, trackman gear, club heads, and more.

Then, we hit the range. I warmed up while my master fitter watched my swing with a 7-iron. He then began to build different combinations of PXG golf clubs for me, perfectly combining a recommended shaft with different heads and weight configurations. With each swing, Trackman tech is used to snag a bunch of data points, all the while tweaking and fine-tuning the clubs to find the perfect fit for my game.

What I Learned

PXG's mobile fittings aren't about overhauling your swing; they're about enhancing what you've already got. It's not about fitting you to the club, but the club to you.

We went through a thorough process of trial and adjustment. By the end, I had a list of PXG club specs that were custom-fitted to me, and a set of personal stats that had my golf mates green with envy.

Final Thoughts

Going in, I was a tad sceptical. But with the fitter’s expertise, combined with PXG's uncompromising quality and performance-enhancing club tech, the mobile PXG fitting has made a convert out of me. I might still be a greenhorn on the green, but I'm now a PXG devotee for life.

PXG might be new to these shores by golf’s standards, but they’ve quickly taken the industry by storm with their custom fit, performance-enhancing golf clubs and stylish activewear.

I had a go at their mobile fitting. A belter of an experience where a PXG fitter meets you at a local golf club or driving range and works with you to tailor everything to your particular swing.

PXG has over 20 retail stores across the pond in the U.S., so when they invited me for an in-store fitting at their flagship South London location, I was all over it.

What's the Benefit of PXG's In-Store Fitting?

Each session is one-to-one with a PXG Master Fitter. Being in store, you get private access to an indoor, top-of-the-range golf simulator. You’re not put off by any bad weather, and the sim technology accurately tracks your swing stats, including ball flight, spin and trajectory.

To do that, PXG uses a nifty bit of kit called Trackman tech to suss out your swing and make sure the club is properly set up to get that ball flying long and straight down the fairway!

They aim to knock your scores down, make the game more enjoyable, and give your skills a leg up by matching you with clubs that are spot-on for your game.

How's It All Work Then?

Duration: You're looking at about 2 hours of your time (just a bit longer than a 9-hole round)

Booking: Easy-peasy. Hop onto PXG's website and book a slot online. I picked the London Store store, but they also have loads of mobile fitting locations around the country.

The Lowdown:

PXG's got 4 different fitting sessions:

  • The Full Bag Experience (2 hours)
  • Woods Fitting (1 hour)
  • Irons Fitting (1 hour)
  • Putter Fitting (1 hour)

I went for The Full Bag Experience (top choice if you've never been properly fitted before).

It's a deep dive, data-led fitting that finds the best clubs to boost your game. You get a detailed analysis of your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter.

They measure everything from carry and total yards to club speed and the smash factor. Bring your current set, your golf shoes, and whatever else you feel comfy playing in. Although it's all happening in a simulator, the aim is to replicate being at a range or out on the course.

My Experience

PXG's London South store is something else. From the moment you walk in, you know you're in for a treat — from the sleek leather chairs to the state-of-the-art sim, it’s a golfer’s dream.

Straight away, a PXG Master Fitter welcomed me, and we sat down for a chat about how it all works and what I was after, club-wise. The Master Fitter was a diamond, making me feel right at home.

Then, it was down to business. I stretched and warmed up with my clubs while PXG’s Master Fitter watched me swing my 7-iron to get a sense of my current game.

From there, it was a bit of trial and error with different PXG club and shaft combos, finding the perfect match. The Master Fitter explained every tweak, making sure I understood not just which club was best but why.

After hammering away with my 7-iron, we took a breather on the store's putting green (yes, it’s in the shop) for a fitting there, too.

Putting's got more to it than you'd think! I tried out various heads, lengths, grips, and weights. Then it was back to the bay for a go with the hybrids, woods, and drivers. That was the most fun part – testing top-notch clubs to see how far you can send the ball.

If you find your game-changing fit, it takes about 10 days from placing your order to having your custom fit clubs delivered to your address. You walk out with your Trackman stats (sent by email), and, of course, you’re going to want to browse and bag some incredible accessories and apparel from the PXG shop while you’re there.

What I Learned

Improving at any sport means practice and having the right kit. If you're serious about upping your golf game, a custom golf fitting is worth the investment.

PXG's mission is simple: to offer the best golf gear out there so you can play better and enjoy the game more.

After a solid 2 hours trying every type of club they offer, I'd say mission accomplished.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what other customers reckon about PXG's in-shop fitting:

Final Thoughts

PXG's in-shop experience is top-notch. From the setup to the one-on-one service, it's a level of attention I've only ever seen given to pro golfers.

For a stats lover, seeing all the data points and watching my swing on a big screen was mind-blowing (and gave me loads to think about).

If you're keen to improve your golf game, no other brand offers this level of insight into your swing and the clubs to match.

There's an old saying, "A bad workman blames his tools." After being fitted at PXG, that thought will never cross your mind again.

Growing up, our dog Rover felt like the center of our family memories. As an adult, I really missed the comfort of having a dog in the house. Last year I finally moved into a building that allows pets, so I decided it would be a great time to adopt a puppy. I fell in love with Mia, a little Corgi the second I laid eyes on her. She was so tiny, and the minute I picked her up I knew I just had to have her! I got her a nice, soft bed and did some research on what kinds of food would best suit her breed. As a new "dog mom" I wanted to give Mia all the best. I was comparing puppy pics with some of my coworkers (yes, she has her own Instagram) and one of my friends had a bunch of pictures of her Shih Tzu with these super cute toys, like smiling plushie dumplings and a chinese food box, that I hadn't ever seen before. I asked where she got them, and she told me about BarkBox, a subscription box that delivers new treats and toys to your door every month.

BarkBox sounded like the perfect way to spoil Mia a little and get her some new toys so that she would feel at home in my apartment. I only live a 5 minute walk from work, so I'm able to sneak home to take her out for a walk, but I wanted her to have some toys that would keep her entertained when I was away. I went online and saw that BarkBox includes 2 squeaky toys and 2 bags of treats in every box. Plus, as a new subscriber, they gave me a free Blink Camera, so now I can watch Mia play with her toys while I am at work! What really got me hooked was that each month has an adorable theme, like The Squirlz or Barkbuster Movie Night. When the first box arrived at my door, the theme was so cute that I think I was more excited to play with the toys than Mia was! We got the "Sniff The Roses Flower Shoppe" themed box, and the "Mi Amour Macarons" multi-part toy and the rope-pull "Tulip Tug" were her clear favorites.

Mia also went crazy for the bags of chicken-based treats. I love that all of the treats are all-natural and made in the U.S and Canada. You hear so many horror stories about what's actually in dog's food and kibble, so it's great to trust what you're feeding your dog is safe. I used these treats as a training reward which made Mia super motivated to learn!

Mia is almost 8 months old now, and has loved all but one of the toys she has gotten in her monthly boxes. She didn't respond well to one of the toys from her last box, and the team at BarkBox sent us another one, no questions asked. Bark has the best customer service, plus you can customize all of your boxes to your pups liking. Having BarkBox delivered to my apartment every month has been so convenient, and she plays with the toys so much more than she ever did with stuff I bought her from Petco.

She has a little corner in my living room where her bed is, and every night before she goes to sleep, she lines her bed with all of her favorite BarkBox toys. Our monthly box is only $20, and has been worth ten times that because of how much it has helped us bond. I'm taking her home to meet Rover for the first time in a couple of weeks -- he's an old dog, and I'm not sure he'll be able to handle Mia's never-ending energy, so I'm ordering him his own BarkBox to my parents' house to keep the fighting over toys to a minimum!