"I Can't Teach My Son ​How to Be Black" - Jack Learns a Lesson on "This Is Us"

Jack Pearson, America's Favorite Dad, shows how a good man and a good father can be totally ignorant, and sort of a d*ck.


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This Is Us isn't sugarcoating the tough questions in Season 4, whether that's regarding Cassidy Sharp's (Jennifer Morrison) PTSD, the reality of teenage parenthood, or Randall Pearson's (Sterling K. Brown) adolescent struggles as a black adoptee in a white family.

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An Ode to Randall Pearson and His "This Is Us" Adoption Story

No parent is perfect, adoption is a lifelong journey, and Sterling K. Brown is a marvel.


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On paper, This Is Us has all the staples of the perfect, corny family drama that networks like NBC love to exploit: saccharine speeches about family solidarity, impromptu monologues about inner demons, and a sappy instrumental soundtrack.

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What Are Kate's Relationship Demons on "This Is Us"?

That feeling when your older boss looks up your address and appears on your doorstep, uninvited: RUN


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What do you do when the co-worker you've started making out with at work suddenly shows up at your door to have dinner with your family?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Lonely Island Pulled a Lemonade

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience is the baseball parody musical that the Lonely Island calls a "visual poem."

Last night, the Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone) teased a Netflix surprise that turned out to be a visual rap album, reimagined from the perspective of the Oakland A's Jose Canseco (Samberg) and Mark McGwire (Schaffer).

The baseball-themed musical-comedy, titled The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, dropped at midnight on Netflix alongside a full original album.

Rest assured, if you haven't gotten a chance to watch the full 30-minute Netflix special, which the Lonely Island boys are calling a "visual poem," they've uploaded two of the videos on YouTube: "Uniform On," a high-energy rap intro that boasts of taking steroids, and the, uh, performance issues that can come along with it; and "Oakland Nights," a slightly smoother cut that features Jenny Slate and Hannah Simone as working girls who don't "date ball players," and Sterling K. Brown as Sia. McGwire adds, "The greatest aphrodisiac is physical fitness."

The Netflix release comes ahead of their first-ever U.S. tour next month. The comedy troupe's debut album, Incredibad, came out over a decade ago. Since breaking out through their SNL skit masterpieces, the "I'm On A Boat" singers haven't stopped creating. The Bash Brothers special is the first filmed project they've put out since the 2016 mockumentary, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Behind the scenes, the Lonely Island guys have helped produce some of the best new comedy series. from PEN15 to the enormously funny sketch series, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.

The full album is available on Spotify, and while it's full of their signature, absurdly vulgar irreverence, it's actually a pretty solid collection of songs. Sonically, it's an impressive range of tracks––no matter how ridiculous––featuring the amped-up Beastie Boys-styled rap of "Let's Bash", the pulsating "Focused AF," and the mumbly, SoundCloud-rap reminiscent "Focus on the Game." Lyrically, they sing about everything from bench-pressing bikini babes on "Bikini Babe Workout" to roid-raging about puka shells on "IHOP," which transitions to the funky pastiche "IHOP Parking Lot" featuring Haim & Maya Rudolph (honestly, a standout bop). The album ends on the autotuned warble of "Daddy," a song that gets oddly emotional, despite being about little league days.

Of course, part of the excitement is closely tied to the nostalgia that the Lonely Island brings out in all of us. They came up in a time when being on the Internet felt more innocent, when goofy music videos about Jack Sparrow and premature ejaculation were enough to make us laugh––simpler times. the Lonely Island videos were among the first online SNL content to go viral. This is all to say that as much as the Lonely Island are a remnant of the mid-aughts parody video culture, they're also really talented comedians who know how to write some solid bangers. Kudos, boys.


TV's Most Accurate Depictions of Mental Illness

Rather than glamorizing a correlation between art and despair, these shows portray the unlikeable, unattractive, and unsexy aspects of a self-destructive personality.

Joey King from THE ACT by Hulu

Photo by lev radin (Shutterstock)

From insane villains to mad geniuses, media has alternated between stigmatizing and romanticizing mental illness.

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Film News

Who's the New Character in the "Frozen 2" Trailer?

No matter who's joining the cast, Olaf is the best dim sidekick since Ben Affleck to Matt Damon.

Princess Elsa and Anna from Frozen 2 Magical Journey

Photo by Faiz Zaki (Shutterstock)

These marines are going to lose their minds when they see the new trailer for Frozen 2.

Disney demonstrated their global domination when it paused everybody's Wednesday by releasing the first teaser trailer. In 1:59 minutes, we see Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) channeling her inner action hero as she battles the sea with her powers. Scenes of Anna (Kristen Bell) racing toward an icy cliff reveal the sisters have been separated once again. Meanwhile, Kristoff (Jonathan Geoff) and Sven appear to be racing towards an emergency that the sisters can probably handle on their own, but their efforts are appreciated. Olaf (Josh Gad) also returns as Disney's best enchanted inanimate object since Rex in Toy Story.

Frozen 2 already seems like a promising follow-up to the original's $1 billion phenomenon. While it's only a teaser, we get a reminder of Elsa's penchant for dramatic costume changes (like the one that stole the hearts of these marines in the original) and that family will fight against the odds to be together. "Let It Go" composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez return to provide the music that will haunt our dreams for the next year and a half.

Excited buzz surrounds an unfamiliar character who appears in one frame of the trailer. Disney's confirmed new additions to the cast include Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood, so perhaps the mysterious character is Woods'. Whoever she is, we hope she's welcomed by the Arendelle royal family better than Meghan Markle's been received by the Windsors.

Frozen 2 will debut Nov. 22.

Frozen 2 | Official Teaser

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