We all remember how mortified we felt in 2019 when Adam Levine and Travis Scott started bouncing around the stage together, Levine strumming a few power chords on the guitar, trying to excite a crowd that he knew was vehemently disinterested in him.

But the embarrassment we felt for the Maroon 5 frontman's dated rocker boy antics didn't distract us from seeing the performance in its shirtless, misogynistic entirety. There's a particular sort of dread that comes when celebrities clash–when fans' rose-tinted glasses come off and we witness something highly anticipated dissolve into a debacle. We can't look away, as much as we so desperately want to.

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Fast is back in rap, you know. If it wasn't clear from Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now," in which the R&B singer-turned-rapper traded rapid-fire verses with Busta Rhymes and Lil' Wayne (and later, even Justin Bieber), it's certainly obvious now, as veteran Missouri rapper Tech N9ne has invited eight of his most limber-tongued friends from all over the world for an old-fashioned hip-hop drag race on posse cut "Worldwide Choppers," a song from his upcoming All 6's and 7's album.

The nine total rappers take turns over the song's grungy, choppy beat, with a female voice introducing each by intoning their home country or city. The full cast of characters, aside from Tech: Ceza (Turkey), U$O (Denmark), JL (KC), Yelawolf (Alabama), Twista (Chicago), Busta Rhymes (New York), Twisted Insane (Kansas City), D-Loc (California).

All impress, but it's Busta who draws the best reviews, with XXL even wondering if it's the 38-year-old machine-gunner's best verse ever.

Check out the nine rappers "light years ahead of [their] peers," and let us know if you think any of 'em can hold candle to Busa Busss.

Tech N9ne - Worldwide Choppers (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twisted Insane...) | OFFICIAL AUDIO www.youtube.com