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The Inevitable Demise of ICED EARTH

The band has officially disbanded as a result of John Schaffer's extremist antics, but a look back shows that the warning signs were in plain view all along.

Jon Schaffer

Will Ireland/Future/Shutterstock

Jon Schaffer, the sole remaining original member of ICED EARTH, had been the glue that held the band together for the last 37 years.

As the band's main guitarist, songwriter, and producer, he crafted all of the group's biggest hits, including "Watching Over Me" and "I Died for You," and was even cited at one moment as being one of North America's great metal guitarists. He was also the one member that stuck it out with the group through countless line-up and name changes, and at one point he even built his own studio and office space to make recording sessions with the band more comfortable and relaxed.

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