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Stockholm, Sweden-based singer-songwriter Nápoles drops a new single, "Circulate," following her previously released debut single, "Slowzy."

Talking about "Circulate's" genesis, Nápoles says, "The inspiration comes from my everyday life. I wrote 'Circulate' at a time when I was thinking about the universe, space and how everything is connected." Slow, low, and chill, the track interlaces plush soul, hip-hop, and R&B with tints of cool jazz aromas.

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Discrete and Chris Collins

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Swedish producer Discrete teamed up with Chris Collins on "Better Days," from his forthcoming debut EP, EXPLORE.

Discussing the track, he said: "I met a fifteen-year-old Chris Collins five years ago, and we must have written hundreds of songs together since then. Other projects sent us in different directions, but we reunited in the studio last fall. We wrote 'Better Days' from start to finish in 17 hours straight." Iridescent synths buoy Collins' smooth vocals, as he narrates the collapse of a long-distance relationship.

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Frida Sundemo Premieres “Anything”

Shimmering, atmospheric electro-pop.

Frida Sundemo

Linnea Sundemo / Joel Humlén

Swedish synth-pop artist and actress Frida Sundemo announces her new single, "Anything," from her forthcoming EP, due in May, via Cosmos Music.

"'Anything' is about never giving up, not for your own sake or for the sake of the ones you love," shares Frida. Multi-talented, Frida is also a medical student and debuted her acting skills in the film Kill Your Friends. "Anything" boasts a syncopated rhythm highlighted by Frida's ethereal vocal harmonies.

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Janice Prix Explores Maternal Loss on "Nobody Would Know"

The indie-pop group boast dark choruses, aching lyrics, and flickering guitars.

Janice Prix

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Indie-pop outfit Janice Prix premieres the music video for "Nobody Would Know," the title track from their new EP.

"Nobody Would Know" probes the loss of familial connection from the viewpoint of a mother whose selfishness and childish behavior have alienated her children. The band explains, "The song is based upon stories from within our own families. It's about lonely people that have no one left to turn to and nowhere to go. They want to talk, but nobody wants to listen."

Janice Prix - Nobody Would Know (Official Music Video) youtu.be

Based in Trollhättan, Sweden, a town dominated by punk and metal, Janice Prix, made up of Richard Henry (vocals), Viktor Kivi (guitar), MK (bass), and Victor Hillström (drums), fashioned a toehold in pop music by means of sheer tenacity.

Opening on an orchestral riff, "Nobody Would Know" flows into a pop melody thrumming with dark potency, as Henry's woeful tones carve through the soundscape, relaying the woman's pain and regret.

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Felix Sandman Seduces Us In "Middle of Nowhere"

An emotive falsetto chorus that cries with romantic surrender.

Felix Sandman

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Meet Swedish pop singer/actor Felix Sandman, who introduces his new single "Middle of Nowhere" today on Popdust.

Sandman says, "The inspiration for 'Middle of Nowhere' came from me finally finding happiness in life after a long time of not feeling it at all. The song is sort of bittersweet, where you have found love for someone but at the same time you are scared that you are moving too quickly, and you keep hoping that the person feels the same way that you do. It's like, should I really say that, or should I not? You are stuck in some sort of limbo."

Prior to going solo and starring in Netflix's original series Quicksand, Sandman was part of Scandinavia's biggest boyband FO&O, touring the globe and accumulating more than 80 million streams on Spotify. His debut single, "Every Single Day," launched his solo career, hitting the number one spot on the Swedish pop charts and staying there for four weeks. He followed with "Imprint," which rocketed to the top of the charts and collected Sweden's Rockbjörnen award for Breakthrough of the Year.

Last year saw Sandman drop his debut album, Emotions, delivering 11-tracks saturated with a parade of emotions, including dazzling highs and dark lows, supported by a national tour with Benjamin Ingrosso.

"Middle of Nowhere" opens on an infectious laid-back pop melody topped by Sandman's delicious, velvety tenor. When the buoyant rhythm enters, the tune takes on bright layers of sonic textures sustained by soft radiant harmonies.

The chorus showcases Sandman's seductive falsetto, infusing the lyrics with surface colors brimming with cool crystalline savors.

"Hope you feel the way I feel / I'm wide awake can I call you / You don't say too much / But I know it's never enough / I hope you feel the way I feel / Cause girl / It's like I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere."

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Marco Cavax Premieres "Until I Die," ft. Oh! Wow

En vogue pop music with tight dance energy.

Photo Credit: Kamil Kwiatkowski

Italian producer Marco Cavax premieres "Until I Die" on Popdust. The track features the talents of the Swedish/UK trio Oh! Wow.

Created in Stockholm in the midst of a frigid February, the finishing touches to the song were added during the summer heat on the Italian Adriatic Riviera. The song is about the consuming power of love.

Marco Cavax, star of the Italian and European fashion club circuit, performs at deluxe venues, including Forte dei marmi, Salento, Madonna di Campiglio, Cortina, and St. Moritz. Oh! Wow is made up of Paul Aiden, Max Billion, and Markus Videsater. Prior to realizing his musical gift, Billion managed male models for couture houses like Prada, Saint Laurent, and Diesel, while Aiden worked as a busker until offered a recording contract on a street curb.

Together, Marco Cavax and Oh! Wow have accumulated more than 100 million streams on YouTube and Spotify.

"Until I Die" opens with a muscular pop groove flavored with vibrant dance energy. The thrust of the bass line booms with reverberating depth, as infectiously crowning synth colors push out fluctuating textures that create glistening sonic realms. The verses rumble with booming drive, while the bridge twinkles with hues, prior to the harmonic layers coalescing on the chorus forming a dynamic wall of sound.

The posh vocals glide on polished sensuous tones, smoldering, chic, hot-blooded, and stylishly evocative. Filtered tones infuse the music with compact intensity, tight and robotic, adding heat.

The lyrics reflect concentrated urgency focused by a singular adoration.

"I don't wanna know / What side you're on / I don't wanna know / Where you've been gone / Cause you got the world inside of your palm / All I wanna do is be in your arms … Because I just wanna be with you until I die."

"Until I Die" projects multifaceted dance pop colors pulsating with driving momentum. Marco Cavax and Oh! Wow definitely got next up.

Stream/Download "Until I Die."

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