Ready To Pop | Taylor Grey & More Lose Touch with Sweeping New Tracks

Also, Thomas Abban & Roosevelt let the music guide them into rich soundscapes.

Heartbreak can make you do crazy things.

Ready to Pop gets lost between delicious waves of new essential pop tracks. From dizzying synths that shock the system to vocal power that's both commanding and vulnerable, the latest lineup is sure to quench your thirst. Below, check out our latest obsessions, rated on a (slay) scale of "Super Chill" to "Shook" to "Wig Snatched."

Taylor Grey - "Back to Bite"

Taylor Grey

If you haven't gotten the memo, Taylor Grey is positioned to take pop by storm. "Back to Bite" is a fierce, uncompromising club banger that drives an empowered social message between each gummy beat. "I wish I could key your car / Or just total it," she spins hard-candied gravel on the verse. "Guess I don't have the guts 'cause I was raised right / Unlike you who never learned how to treat a woman / With basic human rights..."

Grey plays both roles as the voyeuristic onlooker and karma itself, turning the song into not only a forlorn manifesto but an underdog anthem. She sings on the second stanza, letting her exact motives to be known, "I could write a letter / To all of your ex lovers / All the future ones too / Tell them your secrets / All the signs you're cheating / But I guess this song will do."

Slay Scale: Wig Snatched

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Roosevelt - "Losing Touch"


Synths bang off each other like star-like orbs scattering 'cross the darkness and against planetary cycles. Roosevelt's voice glues each one together into a dazzling cluster, his fingertips grazing each lyric before letting them fall away like dust particles into the ether. "Call me up / Did I fail to notice from the start / Hit me up / Can we talk it out when I'm home," he pleads, the production melting around his towering shoulder blades. "It's been too long / Since I've been around in this old town / All along / I thought I'd come to terms with my past..."

He at least confronts his own flaws, which come to a fevered pitch in the gooey chorus. "I'm losing touch / Come back wherever you are / Yeah I'm losing touch / Let's go back to the start / Guess I'm losing touch / Come back wherever you are...." Then, on the second verse, he reflects on becoming trapped inside his own head, further endearing the listener to his plight. "Pull me out / Save me from the voices in my head / Take me out / To the places we used to go / It's been too long / Since I've been around in this old town / Here's a song / To the dreams we lost on the way."

Slay Scale: Shook

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Thomas Abban - "Sinner"

Thomas Abban

Angelic but brutish, Thomas Abban's "Sinner," perhaps the most remarkable entry on his new album, A Sheik's Legacy, is drenched in a distinct alternative style. It's a little bit rock, a little bit classic singer-songwriter and a whole lotta avant-garde. Ancient rhythms and strings work against each other, often feeling orchestral and larger-than-life, but the next second, the song dips into the ruins of a lost soul grappling with reality, disastrous and a bit unnerved. "Though our time was short / Memories maintain a life of a sort," he sings, digging up every skeleton bone. "And reflect all our fears / And infect all our tears..."

He continues, scrawling religious parallels, "So, baby don't you come back home / And I'll stay on my throne / Instead of feeling like a sinner in the arms of an angel..."

Slay Scale: Wig Snatched

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Jason Scott is a freelance music journalist with bylines in B-Sides & Badlands, Billboard, PopCrush, Ladygunn, Greatist, AXS, Uproxx, Paste and many others. Follow him on Twitter.

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Popdust Presents | Taylor Grey wins big at the Independent Music Awards

Winning Best New Pop Star...and Best New Pop Album!

Taylor Grey is on her way to big things. She is already a big winner. She just received two Independent Music Awards! Her Miami track won for "Best Pop Song" and her debut album, Space Case, won "Best Pop Album". While she was in the city, she got a chance to stop by Popdust Presents to give us some insight to who she really is. As would be expected, her Facebook Live interview with Brent Butler was filled with a lot of laughs and some interesting revelations.

Rising Kobalt/AWAL artist Taylor Grey has been named as two-time Nominee in the 16th annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs)

First off, Taylor is such a charming and delightful individual, with such a laid back poise. The Popdust team had a blast while she was here, perhaps her recognition is reflective of her outlook on making music. She has been writing music since she was 12 years old. Taylor shows no signs of slowing, accelerating her climb to the top. Her success at the IMA's may be a foreshadowing of her imminent celebrity status.

WATCH the 2018 IMA's Best Pop Song "Miami" Live:

Taylor had literally just stepped off the plane from LA and took a car directly to Popdust Headquarters. She made it in plenty of time to relax and practice her songs before the broadcast. The song "Intentionally" highlights the maturity in her songwriting, with the ability to communicate about the motivation behind someone's actions. Brent, who had dressed like Han Solo, had her laughing the entire interview. Everyone left the interview with a smile on their face and wishing Taylor luck at the IMA's. Popdust congratulates this up and coming talent.

WATCH "Intentionally" Live:

Popdust Presents: Taylor Grey

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Dan Victor is editor of Popdust and producer of Popdust Presents. He is also a music producer, bassist for Low Profile (live hip hop) & The Coldpress (indie rap) and front-man for Ductape Halo (indie rock). Follow on Youtube.


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#WomenCrushWednesday | Taylor Grey Interview

Balancing heartfelt emotions in her songs and college homework assignments, what can't Taylor tackle?

"I would like to think my abilities would say more about me than my choice of hair color."

Women are killing it in the music industry, and the world of song lovers couldn't be happier! In our new column, #WomenCrushWednesday, we'll feature an awesome lady whose tunes are blowing up our playlists and ask them about their musical journey.

To kick off the new year, we spoke with Taylor Grey. Part pop star, part college student, and all-around amazing individual, Grey is conquering everything she touches. In between finals and papers, she released the lyric video for her single "Poison," and we're definitely digging it. Grey spoke with us about her inspiration, her motivation to never stop going, and what she's got coming up next in her very busy schedule.

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This Space Case has beauty and brains

MUSIC | What happens when a 20 year old Stanford student, Justin Bieber's producer, and pop collide? + a never before seen slideshow from Billboard Music Awards

It's been a busy spring for Taylor Grey. The college sophomore moved into her own apartment and learned to balance a rigorous collegiate course load and work. Yup, just like any other twenty year old. But wait, did we mention that her job is traveling the world, attending her first Billboard Music Awards, completing an album and releasing visual art to accompany her singles? Ok, maybe she isn't your average young adult, but who wants to be average?

Taylor Grey stepping into the car and the Billboard Music AwardsTaylor Grey for Popdust

June 19, 2017 was the official release of Grey's debut album, Space Case. The 12 track pop album is an unintentional ode to yesteryear, when pop was synonymous with good vocals, relatable story lines, and the desire to just have a good time, and break out an eight count in low waist jeans and and a crop top with four of your best friend while hot guys in tank tops and break away swishy pants watch, even when you are hurting. When you think Space Case, think of strong messages and vocals over syrupy, sweet melodic beats. Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey sans rap remixes, Ariana Grande, and P!nk are natural comparisons when trying to describe her sound. It's no wonder then, that Josh Abraham, who worked with the latter as well as Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and others, is the executive producer of the project. With over 20 years in the industry, it's safe to say he knows a winning package when he sees it.

At the time of her album's release, Grey was (and still is) on the "Basically Happy" Tour starring Jacob Whitesides, for the second time. Taylor Grey is armed with a powerful voice, strong messages, and a team that truly believes in her. Listen to "Wild Bird" the ninth single off of the album,and you get a glimpse into Grey, her tenacity for life, and her desire to succeed. How can you not root for the girl?

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Interview: Grey with an e- because she isn't regular

Meet the singer who sounds like summer and youth, listens to NWA and lives like there is no tomorrow

Gray Hamner

It's 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time and I'm calling in to talk to Taylor Grey. The 19 year old is a college sophomore from California, and is currently enrolled at Stanford University. Yes, the Stanford. And while an accomplishment in itself, that's not why the bubbly student and I are talking. No. While, in the middle of discovering herself as a professional and a person, Grey has a successful singing career. In between studying, attending class, and hairbrush karaoke, Taylor Grey is singing duets with Brad Simpson (The Vamps), working with legendary producer Josh Abraham (P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Thirty Second to Mars and Shakira), shooting videos, finishing an album, and planning for a tour in the fall. Yeah, and you thought balancing classes and parties was a feat.

Talking to Taylor is everything listening to her music would leave you to believe, and that was refreshing. She's at that age where she knows her life experiences are valuable, but also understands she doesn't know everything. It's evident that she is enjoying the journey as she gains life experiences and discover all that the world has to offer. If her songs remind you of bright summer days and days of living without fear, wait until you hear her speak. You ever talk to a person where they are so reassured that you, in fact, start to feel the same? Talk to Taylor and you are sure that there isn't a dream that you cannot accomplish. She doesn't say so, but I can tell a lot of this has to do with her mother, someone she finds a support and an anchor. If Taylor is her mom's biggest fan, it's obvious that her mom is hers. She's been telling Taylor to "Belt it out, baby" since she was in second grade.

Gray Hamner

Though Taylor is currently undeclared at Stanford–she knows, she knows, and plans to declare a major in the next few months–she has a pretty good idea of where she wants to take the rest of her life. Taylor has learned an important lesson in life before most people, don't hide who you are, your gifts, or what you plan to accomplish. So now when people ask her around campus, "Hey, aren't you that singer girl?", the answer is yes. She loves talking to people, telling their stories, and telling hers. She also loves Broadway, tours, more NY trips, and "Angelica".Want to know more about her? Check out this list.

1.She and her mom are such Mary Poppins fans, that "Spoonfull of Sugar" instantly makes her think of her mom

2.She taught herself to play the guitar and piano

3.If Taylor could be in any Broadway musical, it would be Hamilton. She knows the whole soundtrack

4.We checked her recently played and NWA, Ed Sheeran, and Kahlid made the list

5.She wanted to be an astronaut at first, but thinks she will declare Psychology and Neuroscience as majors

6.Caroline is the name of her best friend and roommate (and yes those are two different people)

7.She's only been to NY 3 times

8.One of her first songs was written in seventh grade after her boyfriend broke up with her before a big volleyball game (she won anyway, so take that Mike!)