Awards shows were once the epitome of all things Hollywood. Glamorous ball gowns and men in fresh suits, the best new singer or actor celebrated, the greats all in attendance. But how the mighty have fallen.

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Kim & Kourtney Kardashian received notices to reduce water waste amidst California's worst drought since 1800.

Deposit Photos

Updated: 9/8/2022

In a surprising twist of appears Kourtney Kardashian woke up and chose irony. Kourt has been named Boohoo's new Sustainability Ambassador....where do I begin?

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Alexa Cappelli

Alexa Cappelli quickly became a fan-favorite during her time on The Voice – and it’s no surprise why. Sitting down with her for an interview felt natural, like talking to a friend. Her music has the same effect.

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What is Yassification? How to Yassify Yourself

Yassification is the latest meme to emerge from the pop culture hellscape . But does it signify something larger?

Try explaining “Yassification” to anyone who hasn’t noticed the ridiculous illustrations whirling about social media and you’ll be hard pressed to make your translation understood.

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Essentials for Sad Girl Autumn: CBD Skincare from Burt's Bees

Don't look for us, we're upping our self care routines to the tune of Taylor Swift's "All Too Well (Sad Girl Autumn Version)"

Red Lip, Red Wine, CBD Skincare

It's officially Sad Girl Autumn according to Taylor Swift. So grab your self-care tools, skincare must-haves, and your best CBD products and get ready to soak in the feeling along with the rest of us.

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How Does Jake Gyllenhaal Sleep At Night?

Sleep more soundly than Jake Gyllenhaal

Imagine this: you're a 40 year old man.

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