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Cops Using Taylor Swift to Undermine Your Civil Rights

Police are trying out a new tactic to prevent videos of misconduct from going viral.

Do you get nervous around police?

Is it because they carry guns and are rarely held accountable when they harass, harm, assault, or even kill people?

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Film Lists

9 Best Nostalgic Deep Cuts to Watch On Disney+

What to Watch When You're Not Waiting for the Next Episode of "Loki"

So you finally caved and got a Disney+ account. Or maybe you finally convinced your roommate/friend/parent to give you their password.

Whether you needed access to the exclusive content to watch Beyonce's Black Is King, Taylor Swift's Long Pond Sessions, Marvel's WandaVision (no, there will not be a Season Two unfortunately), or even High School Musical: The Musical: The Series because you're regrettably into that "drivers license" song (this is a safe space, you can admit it), you have it now, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what to watch when your series binge is over.

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Yes, the rumors are true: There's another Taylor Swift album on the horizon — kind of.

Taylor Swift just announced the next album in her re-release rollout: Red. After the success of folklore, evermore, and Fearless (Taylor's Version), Taylor Swift is giving her fans exactly what they want and doesn't plan to stop soon.

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Why Is an AP Exam Asking Questions About Taylor Swift?

Is education meant to challenge students and expand their awareness, or should it just tap into their existing interests?

Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Taylor Swift.

One of these things is not like the others. In this case, we're not talking about the fact that one of these people enslaved hundreds — including several of his own children — or the fact that one of those women was a descendant of enslaved Black Americans. We're talking about the pop star.

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Taylor Swift Shares "From the Vault" Track "Mr. Perfectly Fine," Which Is Probably About Joe Jonas

The track is set to appear on Swift's upcoming re-recording of Fearless.

In the latest endeavor on her quest to rewrite her entire career history, Taylor Swift has unearthed "Mr. Perfectly Fine," a track set to appear on her upcoming re-recording of Fearless.

"Mr. Perfectly Fine" joins the Maren Morris-featuring "You All Over Me" as the most recent addition to her "From the Vault" series. The upbeat breakup tune was co-produced by Swift's usual go-to, Jack Antonoff, though its country-rock flair (complete with a key change in the final chorus) feels right in line with the Fearless era. Listen below.

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We Need to Talk About John Mayer

The legacy of misogyny and racism was alive and well at the Grammys, and his name was John Mayer

John Mayer at the Grammys 2021. Gross.

This year's Grammy Awards felt like a desperate attempt to modernize in the face of criticism and the fear of irrelevance.

While most of those attempts felt placating and performative rather than substantive, somehow this year's show was its best in years.

Summer 2020 saw the Grammys finally change the names of their "Urban" categories, which have long garnered criticism for Black artists for feeling segregated and secondary to the bigger (read: whiter), categories. However, the nominations revealed the same patterns and biases; and major artists like The Weeknd announced plans to boycott the ceremony and no longer submit their songs for consideration — joining artists like Frank Ocean, who have long voiced their disdain for the show.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the ceremony and other award shows struggling to keep viewers' attention this season, the Grammys' main bet this year was on its live performances and their ability to distract from the drama, keep its reputation, and entice fans to actually tune in.

And it kind of worked.

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