I grew up watching print magazines slowly turn into forgettable social media reels and semi-viral online articles. But their core content hasn’t changed: follow the It Girl, become the It Girl. The It Girl changes with the season, but during her time in the sun, she dictates trends and demands respect wherever she goes.

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Your Weekend Playlist: New Music To Listen To This Week

A Growing Segment

We’re back with another edition of your Weekend Playlist…a segment where I round up all of the best music released this week and share it from my ears to yours. It’s essentially a better version of Spotify’s New Music Friday because I’ve actually listened to the songs.
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Atlantic Records/Courtesy of the Artist

The last time we talked to GAYLE, her megahit "abcdefu" was just entering the top 10.

Since then, she's carved out a place as one of pop music's most distinctive and versatile young stars. In addition to a GRAMMY nomination for "abcdefu," she's continued to pump out catchy singles like "ur just horny" and "everybody hates me." The singer-songwriter has also stayed busy with collaborations, including tracks with blackbear, Justus Bennetts, and "Fantasy" with Lauren Spencer Smith and Em Beihold.

Although her music is often guitar heavy, GAYLE considers herself a pop artist who writes through a rock lens. Her latest release "don't call me pretty" is a great example of this. It's heavy enough for alternative radio and accessible enough for top 40 rotation.

And yes, Taylor Swift is a fan. After meeting at an awards show, Swift asked GAYLE to open for her on several dates of the Eras Tour.

Watch Jordan Edwards talk to GAYLE about her career and what it's like to befriend one of the biggest artists in the world.

GAYLE | It's Real with Jordan and Demi

GAYLE - don’t call me pretty (diy music video)"don't call me pretty" out now! listen: https://gayle.lnk.to/dontcallmeprettyID Follow GAYLE: Instagram: ...

For more from GAYLE follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

I love it when the rich and famous go on trial to display how vastly out of touch they are with the rest of humble society. Bone-broth-drinking, Goop-founding, avid skier Gwyneth Paltrow is social media’s current favorite spectacle. And I’m calling it: this might be the greatest celeb trial of all time. It started way back in 2016, when poor Gwyneth was simply trying to enjoy a peaceful day skiing … until she collided with another skier.

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