Teddi Gold

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Pop singer-songwriter Teddi Gold presents her new single, "Confetti," a track from her forthcoming EP, Vol. 2, coming later this year.

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Everybody loves Disney live-action remakes.

In a world plagued by racism, disease, and a seemingly endless bounty of spiraling misfortune, at least we can all agree that Disney knocks it out of the park every time they dredge up an old, animated movie for a live-action makeover because cartoons are for babies.

Sure, some of us thought the original Beauty and the Beast was fine, but could lame, 2D Belle ever hold a candle to 3D Emma Watson? And yeah, the original Lion King was okay, I guess, but there's nobody in the world who preferred cartoon Scar's rendition of "Be Prepared" to the incredible feat of getting a real lion to sing it in the live-action remake.

Being a Disney fan can be hard sometimes, as you have fond memories of beloved childhood movies but also don't want people to make fun of you for liking cartoons. That's why, out of all the corporations in the world, Disney is undoubtedly the most selfless, willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to bring their old, outdated movies into the modern age—all for the fans.

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Teddi Gold Cuts Toxic Ties On "Figure It Out"

Celebrating the freedom of self-worth.

Teddi Gold

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Teddi Gold grew up on an island, owns a dazzling pink bodysuit she wears with white knee-high boots, and introduces her new single, "Figure It Out," today on Popdust.

Describing the song, Gold says, "'Figure It Out' is my reflection on walking away from a toxic relationship. The pain of letting someone go, but also the celebration of finding your self-worth."

Frequently likened to artists like Holy Child, Charlie XCX, and Lily Allen, she was born in Seattle but moved to the Virgin Islands when she was nine-years-old. Later, Gold and her dad and his boyfriend moved to L.A. Like one of her major influences, Patti Smith, Gold finally found her medium in music after she tried acting, poetry, and photography.

She burst onto the music scene with her debut single, "Video Games," a song about romance in a world dominated by video games, which hit Fresh Finds on both Spotify and Poptronix.

"Figure It Out" opens with swirling synths flowing into a buoyant pop melody with a contagious rhythm topped by Gold's unique voice. Gang vocals infuse the tune with vibrant colors.

A soft breakdown shifts the harmonics to dreamy savors and then ramps into lightly filtered vocals: "I've got time to save myself / Nobody else / Nobody else."

"Figure It Out" flaunts Teddi Gold's delightful knack for experimenting and blending various pop tangs into a heady concoction.

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