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On the "TFW NO GF" Documentary: The Intersectionality of White Men

When it comes to white men, intersectionality oftentimes seems forgotten.

The most popular modern documentaries oftentimes feel like a bastardization of reality TV.

Netflix's wildly successful Tiger King, for instance, crafts a spiraling narrative around the subculture of American big cat collectors, turning two of the community's most prominent players—Joe Exotic and "That B*tch" Carole Baskin—into larger than life characters. It's incredibly entertaining, but the obvious directorial influence on the subjects makes it hard to categorize as entirely truthful or non-sensationalist. Then again, Tiger King's goal isn't to inform. It's to entertain.

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Photo: Lauren Dunn

Dance-pop duo Krewella, the Pakistani-American sisters, hooks up with Yellow Claw on "Rewind."

Krewella & Yellow Claw - Rewind (Official Music Video)

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